Saturday, March 13, 2010

Here's your Sign

SO I haven't had much time to craft its been hectic around here. Hubby and I have been very involved with the church youth group events lately with easter and confirmations right around the corner and all, and i got sick...again!!!!! I swear I can not catch a break! lol things keep happening lol and then packing and cleaning still hoping we'll get a closing date on our house soon! and just so much happening, but I wanted to share a lil of my current endeavor!

So I don't know if I ever mentioned my cousin Ashley, but Ashley has had some troubles in her life, she was diagnosed with ALL (leukemia) when she was 16 months old and went through bone marrow transplants and Chemo etc an dit was a long and bumpy road and this last december she celebrated her 5th "2nd Birthday" which meant she was officially "cured" it was a wonderful occasion of course! but due to the treatments she went through she had to have cataract surgery on both her eyes, she now wears bifocal glasses and has hearing aids and has speech issues (some of which could be because of her tracheotomy) so just a lil while back she got switched to a new school that has an extensive special education program where she is now learning sign language! and the improvements I have seen in these past weeks are HUGE! she is doing amazingly!
SO Chris and I always thought about learning sign language and using it when we have babies teaching them to sign so we decided this was the perfect time to make it happen, so we are! its been quite fun too so I just wanted to take a minute to share, and I hope maybe Ill get to craft soon (probably not this week because I am going to catholic youth conference in anaheim thurs fri sat and sun but we will see maybe ill have a lil time tomorrow!?!?