Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's a Very Merry Un-Birthday!

it's release day at SSD again! I haven't personally posted on my blog in forever!
I had started a new job with very stinky hours (10-7) so there hasn't been time for me to get anything done and my weekends have been jam packed with all sorts of engagements ...not to mention my parents property was broken into ransacked..they stole tons of expensive tools as well as appliances out of his travel trailer...and my dog!!! yes they stole my new pit bull!!! we did end up getting her back..she got loose and ran right back home! thank goodness... that all happened just last weekend... and We are finally getting a house! the 1st one we were working on since dec fell through and we started working on another and we are due to close mid august! what a wonderful birthday gift that will be!

SO why the un-birthday theme...well because august 11th is my birthday, and so we decided we would do an un-birthday party today! also we just released our 1st ever digi papers!!! yay and they were alice in wonderland themed! and we have a birthday themed honey in the store too!!!

So make sure you comment on this post in order to have a chance at one of our randomly drawn prizes!!! winners will be announced on the SSD blog on monday

so as you may or may not have been aware of...I haven't been crafting at all lately! look at my last post below i mean its been 3 months since I have posted anything here so I finally got to sit a create a little last minute for this release!
1st card here features the Rapunzel Honey! isn't she fabulous! oh my goodness does she have a lot of hair! I thought it was bad having to draw it all but coloring it too oh boy! but she is gorgeous!
next I did a card featuring the Cinderella Honey
and I did color a Belle Honey and a Goldilocks Honey but didn't have time to actually make cards with them but wanted to show them off anyways
well I hope you have a wonderful Sunday! be sure to leave a comment here for a chance at one of our prizes...and be sure to stop by the party blog later I have lots of freebies going up and you can ONLY snatch them up while the party blog is open now we will chat from 4pm PST-6pmPST (7-9pm EST) but I will leave the party blog open until 8 pm PST just to give a little extra time to snatch up the freebies but that is it so you have to stop by during those hours... the party blog address will be posted on the main blog about 15 mins prior to starting

so hit up the rest of the teams blogs for more chances to win un-birthday prizes!

Lisa (link isn't working so heres the site address http:/ )
Me! (Lindsay)