Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Years

This year I have so many things I want to do just as I have with every year before. Be more organized, Keep my house more clean, find a new job, branch out and be more successful with my freelance endeavors, loose weight, get many plans for this year and  though I know we may never get it all I want to push for small victories this year.

So I did start this year off ambitiously. the 1st day of the year I started sticking to my diet and my sister and I decided we were going to workout twice a day for the 1st two weeks until we went to Hawaii... but I think I wore my body down because mid way through I got sick with a terrible never ending cold from hell. of which I have still yet to fully kick. It was really bad in the beginning was out of work several days held up in bed. I did recover just enough to enjoy Hawaii but each time we traveled it seemed to restart. But my mothers 50th Birthday Celebration in Hawaii was Amazing! Hubby and I had some much needed time together and even though he originally fought me tooth and nail on going, he ended up really enjoying it! To the point where he has promised me we will go back at least every 5 years to celebrate our anniversary and was talking about doing a vow renewal for our ten year anniversary. And even talking that if we could both get jobs he wouldn't mind moving there. ...If only.... But back to reality lol, So even though the point of our trip was Mom's 50th, Hubby and I will be celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary this June So we did make sure to indulge a little for ourselves, which we did. Chris Bought me a gorgeous gold and Diamond Plumeria Necklace which incidentally has 5 petals ;-) and they symbolize Love, Faith, Devotion, Hope and Charity. What a Wonderful hubby and such an amazing and special gift. And He doesn't but me Jewelry, one we can't really afford it but I mean for him to go out and get NICE Jewelry It's something REALLY special. The ONLY other Jewelry he has ever bought me was my engagement ring and our wedding bands. So It was a very special thing for him to do.  So since I got my Anniversary gift early I thought it only fair he should get the same. And he LOVES music. He taught himself ho to play guitar on my dads acoustic and he got to use his dads electric for a bit and though we have purchased accessories or fixed things up, They aren't really HIS instruments. And the 5 year anniversary is supposed to be the wood anniversary, and we were in Hawaii so I bought him a really nice Ukulele which he has already been teaching himself how to play.

Hawaii did side track my weight loss goals briefly, but not too bad. I only gained about 5 pounds back from traveling and lost it back quickly, still struggling to get rid of the last of this cold so it I am sure doesn't help because I don't work out to my full capacity but I have been working out with my sister at least a few times a week and I am sticking to my weight watchers and I am having a slow steady decrease in my weight as well as in my measurements. So, so far this year there have been Great small Victories already achieved and I am sure many many more to follow.

Since We have been back my computer died, yes my wonderful baby died. We tried several repairs to see if we could just get her back up and running but I apparently blew up/fried the motherboard so there was no saving her :-( But Chris has been working quickly to research and put together a new beast of a machine! and I was in NO WAY prepared for that kind of expense especially right after a vacation we saved up for for over a year, but we had to do what we had to do because I could not be without a computer. and I mean I have a little net book I can do some basic stuff like pay my bills or check email etc even though it may be slow and frustrating I was't without internet, but I was at risk of loosing some of my newest files and photos, and I couldn't create any new images for my store. So there have still been a few kinks in the road trying to get the new machine running and set up so I can get back to work but it is almost there! I cant wait she is going to be so fast and smooth I can wait to get to work on my next release!

In the meantime while we have been waiting on the computer we found out my mother in law and her fiance will be staying with us for about a week in march when my husbands Aunt gets married. SO nothing like that to light a fire up under Hubby's tushy ;-) that and me bearing down and cracking the whip! We have made great progress, he has been finally installing our floor molding and molding around the newly installed doors, and yes he got the last of the doors installed too. he got the last ceiling fan installed in the last room of the house the guest bedroom. we still have tons to do like paint all that molding and build the spare bed and get the spare bedroom put together, and replace the toilet in the master bath and install the lights in the master bath, and clean out the shower and put in a new shower head in the master bath so we can have at least a half finish semi functioning 2nd bathroom when we have company. And I also made my way through several file boxes and threw out a ton of stuff and got my office and financial paperwork organized and filed. Still lots to do...but I am super excited we have made such great progress already.... YAY for Small Victories!