Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's a Very Merry Un-Birthday!

it's release day at SSD again! I haven't personally posted on my blog in forever!
I had started a new job with very stinky hours (10-7) so there hasn't been time for me to get anything done and my weekends have been jam packed with all sorts of engagements ...not to mention my parents property was broken into ransacked..they stole tons of expensive tools as well as appliances out of his travel trailer...and my dog!!! yes they stole my new pit bull!!! we did end up getting her back..she got loose and ran right back home! thank goodness... that all happened just last weekend... and We are finally getting a house! the 1st one we were working on since dec fell through and we started working on another and we are due to close mid august! what a wonderful birthday gift that will be!

SO why the un-birthday theme...well because august 11th is my birthday, and so we decided we would do an un-birthday party today! also we just released our 1st ever digi papers!!! yay and they were alice in wonderland themed! and we have a birthday themed honey in the store too!!!

So make sure you comment on this post in order to have a chance at one of our randomly drawn prizes!!! winners will be announced on the SSD blog on monday

so as you may or may not have been aware of...I haven't been crafting at all lately! look at my last post below i mean its been 3 months since I have posted anything here so I finally got to sit a create a little last minute for this release!
1st card here features the Rapunzel Honey! isn't she fabulous! oh my goodness does she have a lot of hair! I thought it was bad having to draw it all but coloring it too oh boy! but she is gorgeous!
next I did a card featuring the Cinderella Honey
and I did color a Belle Honey and a Goldilocks Honey but didn't have time to actually make cards with them but wanted to show them off anyways
well I hope you have a wonderful Sunday! be sure to leave a comment here for a chance at one of our prizes...and be sure to stop by the party blog later I have lots of freebies going up and you can ONLY snatch them up while the party blog is open now we will chat from 4pm PST-6pmPST (7-9pm EST) but I will leave the party blog open until 8 pm PST just to give a little extra time to snatch up the freebies but that is it so you have to stop by during those hours... the party blog address will be posted on the main blog about 15 mins prior to starting

so hit up the rest of the teams blogs for more chances to win un-birthday prizes!

Lisa (link isn't working so heres the site address http:/ )
Me! (Lindsay)

Friday, April 30, 2010

It's an SSD release day again!

Happy Release Day!

This is the post to comment on to try and win a freebie.

and if you are here for the scavenger hunt item..... Run and go find a
Chunky fashionable Purse
and add it to your stack!

and be sure to stop by everyone else's blogs the list is over at the

and yay I finally had a few mins to craft...I know its a bit plain Jane but it has been so long since I have gotten to sit and craft
I did a card with Cheerful Chelsea
and I embelished a scrapbook page I was working on from my sisters wedding with Chelsea's Prom since it reminded me of my sisters wedding dress with the pick ups
Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Here's your Sign

SO I haven't had much time to craft its been hectic around here. Hubby and I have been very involved with the church youth group events lately with easter and confirmations right around the corner and all, and i got sick...again!!!!! I swear I can not catch a break! lol things keep happening lol and then packing and cleaning still hoping we'll get a closing date on our house soon! and just so much happening, but I wanted to share a lil of my current endeavor!

So I don't know if I ever mentioned my cousin Ashley, but Ashley has had some troubles in her life, she was diagnosed with ALL (leukemia) when she was 16 months old and went through bone marrow transplants and Chemo etc an dit was a long and bumpy road and this last december she celebrated her 5th "2nd Birthday" which meant she was officially "cured" it was a wonderful occasion of course! but due to the treatments she went through she had to have cataract surgery on both her eyes, she now wears bifocal glasses and has hearing aids and has speech issues (some of which could be because of her tracheotomy) so just a lil while back she got switched to a new school that has an extensive special education program where she is now learning sign language! and the improvements I have seen in these past weeks are HUGE! she is doing amazingly!
SO Chris and I always thought about learning sign language and using it when we have babies teaching them to sign so we decided this was the perfect time to make it happen, so we are! its been quite fun too so I just wanted to take a minute to share, and I hope maybe Ill get to craft soon (probably not this week because I am going to catholic youth conference in anaheim thurs fri sat and sun but we will see maybe ill have a lil time tomorrow!?!?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh Alice I must be crazy!

Ok SO I know I am not the only one out there that is SUPER excited about the new Alice in Wonderland Film coming out in March How do I know this... A whole new Challenge group started all inspired by Alice in wonderland!!!! The Group is called Oh Alice... their premier Challenge was an inspiration challenge, Alice gets Glam inspiration challenge inspired by this fab makeup set by urban decay!
Well I must be MAD as a Hatter because I went crazy with this one! I not only was inspired by the compact I decided to do something I have never done before for the Anyone for Anya challenge group as well.... I made a pop up scene just like the make up box!!! Oh my goodness I must have been nuts!!! not only did I do a pop up which I had never done before, I used my brand new pink cricut expression!!! I used my tinkerbell cart for the 1st time ever!!! and the whole time I have had my wonderland TGF stamp set I still to this day have never made anything with it, so there were many upon many a firsts in this project!!! and to go with the oh alice challenge there is a lot of bling and glam!

so wanna see my insanity!?!?1 ok lets get started just scroll down...
the drawer fits A2 sized cards and envelopes but because of how intense this was to do I have not had time to create cards to go in it but that is the intent of this, not a makeup gift set, but a card gift set!

The ribbons can be tucked away inside the drawer when on display even the back one because it goes through an eyelet in the back so it can disappear and make a great display piece

when you open it you see my interpretation of a mirror with silver glitter card stock and then a clear cello layer with black polka dots popped off of it and topped with a frame, the butterfly's well they are there because the caterpillar did turn into a butterfly right?!?! plus she is in a garden of sorts

the next layer to pop up are these fab flowers, these were difficult because they not only had to fold down but also in as not to be seen when the lid is closed

then pops up some bushes that match the trees in grey tones...very Tim Burton, and of course the mad hatter pops up as well

close up of the hatter and his bling, even made him have makeup like Johnny Depp's character

then Alice the mushrooms and the white rabbit can all come up!

Alice is all blinged up on her stone path surrounded by mushrooms

and yep the white rabbit is blinged out too

oh if you noticed some of the 1st pics have the rabbit back further yep...I didn't like it there so I moved him forward you se eteh final position in these last few pics!

Well thank you all for stopping in and seeing my madness! lol hope you enjoyed it! and I hope you'll stop on by the Oh Alice Challenge blog, and the Anyone for Anya Challenge blog

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Anya Challenges!!!

with not crafting in so long it's hard to get my juices back going so I thought I would try a few challenges to help get me back in gear SO this I combined 2 challenges both from the greeting farm!

I got to use one of my newest stamps!!! I am so super excited about these new pin up stamps!!!I hope they do more in this line, I'll buy every single one! I didn't have guava but I found some similar card stocks, and well I don't have many...well any accept on western sentiments but the one I had thought was so stinkin' cute especially for a pin up style image!

Monday, February 22, 2010

My 1st Anya Ink Challenge

I have never participated in the Anya Ink Challenges but have wanted to for a while SO I finally did! I used my new Anya stamps! I love love love these pin up images! I am a huge pin up girl! love em! And over at Anya Ink the challenge is a color challenge using blue grey and cream! I had just the paper for it! My Creative memories wishes and dreams papers!!! all I did was tame my cream prismacolor parker to color in the white and make it cream. I used the wishes and dreams star punch, and the wishes and dream card kit for the pop out die cuts and the sentiment on the 1st card

on this card I used the same supplies and marker on the paper, but I used a verve stamp for the sentiment

Catching up on a few things

...again! lol well it has been an interesting beginning of a new year!
from getting sick, starting a new part time job, SSD has been booming! and getting bit by a stray dog and loosing the sue of my right hand for 2 weeks
I haven't had a lot of time to craft but I have squeezed in a few small projects lately so I had a few mins so I thought Id spend them catching ya'all up on what I have been up to.

So in Jan my sister asked me for 3 baby shower cards for a group baby shower at her work, She needed a card for a mommy with a boy, a daddy having a girl and a daddy having a boy, so I made this 1st one for the mommy who was having a boy these cards were made dull size so the whole team could sign them
this next one was made for a daddy having a lil girl
and this one for the daddy having the boy
I created this card using one of the SSD image I created, I did this card for v-day and for the release which was Feb 1st ( a bit behind schedule like I said)
Also during CHA The Greeting Farm was having a relay contest and I was playing along. this was the 1st image they gave away, Merian I was super excited about this one! I think it turned out ok
This was teh 2nd image in the relay since v-day was around the corner and I had just gotten this new paper I had to use pink and chocolate!
We also had a Pink red and white challenge over at SSD a few weeks ago and I wanted to play along so I did a quick card using th eoff with your head image we had just released over at SSD
This was the 3rd image in the TGF relay, I have to admit I am not a fan of the critter crew images over there, I am partial to the anya and ians but i think this turned out pretty good? I wanted to make it baby but funky so I used my SU rockabilly them!
and just before V-day I did a few more cards featuring some TGF images, this one I used dressy Edward and Joyce, and to go with a twighlight inspired idea...the sent says forever
And I had bought flutter Anya so long ago and never used her, and this turned out soooo nice! It's hard to see but there is a lot of wonderful layering on her.