Saturday, June 27, 2009

Happy Anniversary to me!

ok so in honor of my 1 year anniversary tomorrow I am gonna offer a Blog candy of sorts!!! I will pick 3 random winners to each recieve a brand new, not even released yet image! SInce I am going to offer this on my store blog and on PCP as well we are going to do submissions Via email.

So all you ahve to do is send an email to put happy anniversary in the subject line, and in the body just write I want some candy! and your name. Thats it easy as that! only 1 entry per person please. this will be today and tomorrow only and I will announce the winners on monday!
thanks so much!

Cinema Saturday - Strange Brew

So since I was one of 2 winners of the Beauty and the Beast challenge over at Cinema Saturday I was invited to be a guest designer this week! I was so excitied!!! They picked a movie alled Strange Brew it's a Canadian Comedy in honor of Canada Day on July 1st. I had never heard of it so my first task was to find out about it and see if I could rent it man I called every video store around me and almost no luck one of the last ones I was going to call not the closest but still I could get there, had it, Blockbuster had it yay!!! So the hubby and I sat down and well it deffinately wasn;t a movie I would pick lol don't get me wrong it was funny in an annoying dumb drunken kind of way and well those aren;t my kinda movies but Chris loved it!!! i couldn;t get him to stop mimiking a canadian accent and saying eh!?!? for yours! ugh lol and he just kept going on about the mouse he was like you should make a mouse in the castle or a mouse in the bottle, or a mouse in a beer but he loved the little mouse lol soooo this card was 100% inspired by and for my hubby lol

Anyway this movie had this Elizabethan feel to it in parts where it shows this castle and factory atop the hills, which inspired the look of this cart with the muted tones the distressed look on the papers. I used DCWV Happily Ever After. But this was obviously a comedy kind of cheesy and funny in a drunken goofball kinda way soooooo when you open the door to this seemingly scerene and beautiful card you have the little mouse from the bottle asking "where's my free beer Eh?"

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New release today over at MSB

I know I am soooo playing catch up again! lol it's been crazy lately trying to find a job and going on interviews has kept me busy on top of desiging all sorts of new images! anyways so let me fill in a few blanks 1st off and most important is that today is release day over at Modern Sugar Blvd!!! here are some of the new images you can expect to see showing up for sale today!

This first one has a # of images used the umbrella, tanning lotion and beach ball are all sperate but I combined them to make this scene.

The next is a sentiment an eifle tower and a fashionista! all combined to make a scene

And another 3 image scene! lol I guess I was on a roll lol this one has a sentiment a scooter and a brand new doodler!

Ok no time for a little catch up! this was my creation for this weeks challenge! It;s a sketch challenge. I used 5 images a wedding cake, a bride, champagne flutes, and a stainedglass window scene and a pair of rings.
This was the challenge from the week before (sorry I didn;t get to show it off) the challenge was to use a size 10 card! and the DT was asked to use the potting shed image.
Ok and last release ugh yeah taht is how far behind I am! I mean I did the projects just never had a chance to post them. 1st is a Welcome sign that I plan to have on my front dorr for out 4th of July Party!
And next we have GI jane lol! I love supporting our troops and I thought these sentimenst I created were awesome!

Monday, June 22, 2009

I won!!!!

Oh my Goodness!!!! I Won!!!! I can' believe it! I have never won anything to do with any of my crafts or blogging so this is Super exciting!!!! So many of you commented on my Beauty an dthe beast challenge cards and I thank you for that it was great to hear that you all liked them so much, and I ended up winning the Audrey for it!! how awesome is that! and it just so happens She is one of my all time favs! yes I am 24 and I love Breakfast at Tiffany's, My Fair Lady, Funny Face, Sabrina, and some I can't recall the name off teh top of my head right now I love em all!!! So this is great! and I get to be a guest designer for this week! I am super excited about that! I can;t wait to find out what the movie will be...anyways I had to share! you can click on my Audrey to see the announcing post over at Cinema Saturday

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Desk set

I put so much work into these I can't believe I forgot to show these off!
Ok for starters I saw these paper magazine filer boxes and wanted to try one sooooooo bad and I found this great tutorial over here at sheet load of cards

it went great turned out perfect but was smaller than I wanted it fits mini cards and tags

But since I wanted something to fit my reg size cards I reworked the math and created my own pattern! he hee hee it turned out pretty good I think I later found someone else did the same I did she altered the smaller to fit A-2 size cards She has the dimensions and instructions on her blog here her name is Melinda

I was on such a run I decided I had to make more!!! lol and I found this lovely lady that sells patterns. Becky at Inking Idaho click here. (it was a little stinky cuz after buying it and making them I sooooo could have figured it out on my own lol however who really wants to take the time to do that lol and her tutorial was awesome! so i am in no way belittling it. However I feel it did waste a lot more paper than I wanted to use So I did come up with a few things on my own reworked calculations and I've gotta look at her policies and see if I share that if it's a problem so I cant do that yet but I'll update you soon, as I do have 3 new sets to show off using my modified pattern (my sis is trying to sell them to the girls in her office!)
Anyways here is teh overall view of everything
The tutorial I purchased showed me how to make the awesome chest of drawers and the 3 card filer attachement for on top of it. here is the chest of drawers I made not perfect but not bad for the 1st time
And the triple card filer to fit on top

I love fleur de lies (sorry if spelled that incorrectly)here is teh drawers a little open
Then I did something crazy that I will NEVER EVER so again lol it was sooooooooooooooooo hard and time consuming and it didnt turn out perfect so it just wasn't worth it, it is nice but i just wont ever do it again! lol

Then I got this tutorial over at Holly's Blog Toy's Heaven that showed this awesome mini file cabinet!
this was soooooo perfect I tend to buy those $1 stamp sets at Michaels and Joanns and well never really had a great place to store them. I had them in CD cases but this was just soooooooooooo much better lol what do you think?

ok so that was a lot!! lol I hope you enjoyed and will check out all those great sites! I had so much fun doing these and like I said I have a few more to show off, So I'll try to get that done soon! have a great evening everyone and have a happy Friday tomorrow!!!!!

Envelope album!

OMG (Oh my goodness!!!!) I completely forgot about this!!!!!!!!!I made this forever and a day ago it seems! I completely forgot to post it! (and another one too which I will get up in a few minutes) these are dated 5/27!!!! that was a week I was crafting galore!!! and then I was gonna spread out my posts and I loaded the pics I just hadnt done the text so I was going to get back to it and then post one each day and I never did Soooooooooo sad too because I love these!!!

Ok so this is an envelope album, I got the idea over here at Patti's blog
Then I got the tutorial from teh same place she did here at Paula's blog
I modified it to fit the supplies I had but it worked great!!!

here it is closed and sealed with a belly band around it

here it is opened. I hadn't added it yet at this time but I did put velcro dots to keep it closed incase something happens to the belly band

I put a little pocket down on the right hand side of the lowest pannel and sealed it with half a velcro dot and put a little 3x3 card in it for the recipient of this gift

to the left of the card pocket is a pannel for a photo or note or whatever you want

in the center panel is a layered hinged album of sorts, each of these is actually a #10 vellum envie (you can use reg envie but all I had was vellum) and to create the notches I used my circle cutters and my scalloped circle punch and reinforced the edges with a flower looking scalloped edge

each envie is covered ith the same paper on the front and back for photos to be attached (this pic has teh inserts taken out so you can see the notches with teh flower like boarders

here is with the 3 hinged pages open and it shows the back panel can be used for another photo or journaling

here are the 3 inserts these go in each envie. the tags are on both sides just circles glued together sandwiched around the inserts the inserts are also decorate on both sides the same so lots of room for photos or journaling

I hope you like this it was so much fun to make and it turned out great!!!

Paper Craft Planet

Hey everyone Sassy Studio Designs has it's own new group over at PCP!!!!
So I hope you will all join our group at
We would love for people to be able to share their projects chat and do challenges and swaps and we ar ethinking we will even try to do release parties and otehr online events through this group

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beauty and the Beast

I don;t know If I said this yet, but I LOVE Movies!!! I LOVE em! anyways I love that Cinema Saturday does crafting challenges inspired by movies! and this week they picked Disney!! which is above all always my favorite!!! This week is Beauty an dthe beast! and I was so inspired when I put the movie in that I created 4 cards!!! and I just might squeeze in a few more by the end of this week if I have time.

When you think Beauty and teh Beast one of the 1st things that come to mind is her beautiful golden dress! so I used gold vellum paper and gold ribbon and created my own

Another thing you think of is the enchanted castle. I used my cricut but instead of using solid colored papers I used different patterned papers from teh DCWV happily ever after stack (on of my fav stacks ever!) I think it gives it more of a mideival or renneisance look to it

And probably another one of the biggest things you think of, and probably the 1st thing most people think of is the enchanted rose. well in th emovie there are great stained glass windows portrayed in the begining and end and I love them so much!!! so here we go

another stained glass this was a coloring book images i photocopied and shrunk then colored then used a thick sharpie marker to giveit a stainedglass look then brushed with a this layer of clear accents the rose is from my cricut and the paper is DCWV once upon a time again

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I know I'm behind

I know I have been promising more sneak peaks and I know I am behind and I do appologize it's been taking soooooo much time trying to get the new site ready and I've been doing my grandma's scrapbook.

So I showed you all afew sneak Peaks Last week of my new images soon to be released over at the Digi Shack, well here is the full view of those 3! These will be released next monday June 15th!!! I am sooooo excited! there will be 6 new images of mine over there SO I hope you will watch and I will post the other 3 in a few days, but also check out the Digishacks Design Teams Blogs because some of them have started showing off sneak peaks too!

So I have my beautiful june bride lani, under the sea lani, and sailor girl lani

Friday, June 5, 2009

Drum roll please....

Good Morning everyone!!! and Happy Friday! So I know I mentioned on one or both of my blogs that I intended to announce and open the New Sassy Studio Designs Blog last monday on the first. Well sadly to say I mean it existed but it wasn;t quite ready to launch. I have been working my tookus off all week pulling late night trying to get everything ready to start this blog off right!!!! So Without further Adue, I present to you, My new Business Blog.... Sassy Studio Designs!!!

We are starting the blog and later today we will be offering a Free digi image as well as a DT call out So make sure you check by there this afternoon for those details.

And I am working on setting up the shopping feature for all the current digi images I sell and I am hoping that will be up and running this evening!!! so we are finally getting started yay!!!! I am sooo excited and I thank all of you for your support and helpful suggestions and voting on the name, and those of you that have been waiting patiently for this new launch!!! so go check it out!!!


Monday, June 1, 2009


ugggghhhh !!!! Ok I HATE bugs I mean I HATE bugs!!! ok and I am a bug spray freak!!!!

So anyways when we 1st moved into this place (we are renting) It wooked well a bit rundown as if it had been vacant a little while. The great thing though is they had just put new carpet through out and new laminate tile flooring so that's great and the had just painted. This place isn't new it's probably been around longer than I have or pretty close lol, anyways like i said it seemed to have been a little empty for quite a while, the outside was completely infested with black widows! as well as cocroaches ugggghhhhh and the garage too! and I HATE spiders the mist I mean all kinda of spiders but Black Widows teh most cuz they are poisinous!

So when we moved We got this HUGE container of bug spray and We sprayed top to bottom every knook and cranny every edge every seam I mean wew sprayed like crazy! and it worked I mean any bugs I found were Dead and those are the best kind of bugs to find! lol well then winter came and they were gone anyhow well now that it is hot out they are back, I haven;t seen black widow's yet thank goodness I hope we killed them all off, however say we get home at night and the front light comes on automatically their are coocaracha's everywhere!!! little ones mostly but all over the drive way and near the front step etc! uggghhhhh

Anyways we have sprayed like crazy all over the front step and around the front door and thankfully that has given us a barier, because they havent crossed into the house yet (they die first yay) anyways but some how and i dont know how, but some where the ones in teh garage, and these ones aren;t the little ones these ones are the big ones these ones are getting in my house! uggggghhhhhhhh we found one in the batroom in the middle of the night the other night ( I woke up with a tummy ache and went to the restroom and there it was!!!!) ugggghhh so hiubby was so sweet and got out of bed and squished it! My hero! lol anyways so we have been spraying again little by little wherever we think we need to like the garage the back patio around the doors and windows...(i now thing they are coming in from the whole around the pipes under the bathroom sink or some other whole i dont know about)

And you will never believe what happened this morning!?!?!? I get up I get dressed I am getting ready to go to the back room (my work room) but where is my cat?!?!? she always follows me out of the bedroom and when i go into the restroom in the morning she follows me in ( I think its habbit from when she lived with my mom and dad she always competed for attention with the other cat and well my cat isnt pushy so she usually lost lol so every morning she would go into the bathroom with my mom and thats when my mom would brush her lol ) so anyways she'll come in and I'll pet her and then she will run to her food bowl in the dining area and wait for a fill up on food and water, but this morning, no tahnee??? hmmmm??? so I go back in the bedroom and there is a little pile of junk right between the door and closet some stuff I need to go through (I still have boxes to go through lol just need more places to put stuff! lol) and she is sitting in the opening of the closet staring at this pile so i go what are you doing and then out of the corner of my eye i see somthing move!!!!! uggggghhhhhh!!!!! it was a big coocaracha!!!! ugggggghhhhhhhhhjh!!!! crawling in the pile (this pile has an old cell phon, a box of photo's and negatives i need to put in the craft room etc just a few misc items) so while she watched it, i went and got the bug spray and sprayed the crap out of it!!!!! we watched the thing whither and die on top of a pack of small scrapbook pages (thank goodness they were covered in plastic! so then i dumped him in the potty!!!! but sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo grossssssssssssss!!!!!!!!! it was in my bedroom!!!!!! So everything I had planned for teh day, is out the door!
I am scrubbing this place top to bottom!!! and then I am spraying the crap out of every corner with tah bug spray stuff (its the home defence stuff the non aerosol its pump action so no fumes but when i am done with that the kitty and I are going to my parents house for a few hours anyways to get away from whatever fumes there will be so sorry ladies I had wanted to show you some stuff but that will have to wait til tomorrow cuz today I am killing buggies!!!!!

PS I went into the 2nd restroom just a few mins ago and there was a spider!!! so I sprayed the heck out of that too!!! lol

ok enough ranting and raving I am gonna get to work!!! I sooooo can not live like this 2 coocarachas in the house in 1 week that is a million times too much!!!!!