Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Awesome Bella Sistah!

I have teh greatest bella sistah evah! This was an amazing Dec. package she sent me!!! and I lov elov elove it!!! I couldnt wait to try the CTMH card kit and distressing set she sent!!! and I did lol the day i got it! and I LOVE IT!!! anyways I wanted to share with you all the great gift she sent. and once i know that she recieved hers ill have to post a pic of what i sent her!

Better late than never!

So I have been driving myself crazy with all that I have been trying to do these days.
Anyways Thanksgiving is the topic of this post. I love thanksgiving and Christmas its my favorite times of the year. I love the food and spending time with family and friends. This thanksgiving was great since my husband and I moved back to Lancaster closer to my family, and we love our new place so we wanted to show it off and host a Thanksgiving with our friends. On Thursday (thanksgiving day) we spent the day with my family and had a wonderful dinner. but for Saturday it was about us and our friends that we hadnt seen much of recently. I was so excited! I even sewed my own fabric napkins and table runners in beautiful cream and gold colors. I even made handmade napkin rings from scrapbooking paper and ribbon . Unfortunately I got so caught up in the excitement of having people over and cooking the perfect meal I forgot to take photos lol the only pictures I have are of my centerpieces and the table runners.

Monday, December 1, 2008

My stamps are available for sale in both digital and acrylic stamp at my blog "Designs By Lindsay" so check it out!

My New Blogs

Hey everyone so to keep things organized I have started 2 new blogs that i will link to from this one. Anyway, I have been asked to see some of my fashion design projects so I will have a page designated to that (also to help promote the fact that i will do custom creations so prom dresses winter formals, bridesmaids or wedding etc) so if you are interested in having something specially made or just want to see what i can do you can check it out at Fashions By Lindsay ...

Also as many of you know i have started designing stamps, so Instead of having my for sale items get lost in the midst of my regular day to day blog, I have created a blog just for my for sale items so check out all my great new stamp sets! and keep an eye out for much much more to be added. (I am in the works of designing a Website, but untile I can come up with a store name and finish the designing and setup this blog will have to do. but hopefully sometime in february i should get my site up and running and there wont be a need for this blog anymore)
check it out at Designs By Lindsay