Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Awesome Bella Sistah!

I have teh greatest bella sistah evah! This was an amazing Dec. package she sent me!!! and I lov elov elove it!!! I couldnt wait to try the CTMH card kit and distressing set she sent!!! and I did lol the day i got it! and I LOVE IT!!! anyways I wanted to share with you all the great gift she sent. and once i know that she recieved hers ill have to post a pic of what i sent her!

Better late than never!

So I have been driving myself crazy with all that I have been trying to do these days.
Anyways Thanksgiving is the topic of this post. I love thanksgiving and Christmas its my favorite times of the year. I love the food and spending time with family and friends. This thanksgiving was great since my husband and I moved back to Lancaster closer to my family, and we love our new place so we wanted to show it off and host a Thanksgiving with our friends. On Thursday (thanksgiving day) we spent the day with my family and had a wonderful dinner. but for Saturday it was about us and our friends that we hadnt seen much of recently. I was so excited! I even sewed my own fabric napkins and table runners in beautiful cream and gold colors. I even made handmade napkin rings from scrapbooking paper and ribbon . Unfortunately I got so caught up in the excitement of having people over and cooking the perfect meal I forgot to take photos lol the only pictures I have are of my centerpieces and the table runners.

Monday, December 1, 2008

My stamps are available for sale in both digital and acrylic stamp at my blog "Designs By Lindsay" so check it out!

My New Blogs

Hey everyone so to keep things organized I have started 2 new blogs that i will link to from this one. Anyway, I have been asked to see some of my fashion design projects so I will have a page designated to that (also to help promote the fact that i will do custom creations so prom dresses winter formals, bridesmaids or wedding etc) so if you are interested in having something specially made or just want to see what i can do you can check it out at Fashions By Lindsay ...

Also as many of you know i have started designing stamps, so Instead of having my for sale items get lost in the midst of my regular day to day blog, I have created a blog just for my for sale items so check out all my great new stamp sets! and keep an eye out for much much more to be added. (I am in the works of designing a Website, but untile I can come up with a store name and finish the designing and setup this blog will have to do. but hopefully sometime in february i should get my site up and running and there wont be a need for this blog anymore)
check it out at Designs By Lindsay

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Back online!

Wow I hate moving! it took so long to get everything packed, the moving day itself sucked!!!! we lived on a second floor so it took forever going up and down steps all day...and it was hot a all heck!!! so what we though would only take a few hourse took most the whole day! unload wasnt so bad we are now in a single story and were able to pull the truck in right next to the front door and we had extra hands for the unload and it only took an hour. and that whole week my husband took the car back and forth to commute to work and to bring the rest of the stuff that didnt fit in the truck and i am still here almost 4 weeks later and I am still unpacking boxes ughhh! it's getting there though. I am trying to organize everything, which is taking a long while! but its getting there slowly. I have an awesome craft room/computer room so i cant compain and i got to bring my cat over here from my parents house and i love having her company here when i am home by myself.

I did a fall craft fair the 8th of november which was a bust! i sold a few cards etc but not much. it cost me 30.00 for teh boot and i sold 36.00 in cards so 6.00 was above the cost of the booth but i wouldnt call it profit considering all i put into everything i showed at the craft fair...gas to and from i say im still in the hole. but good news is a lot of people took my card they were interested and that is better than uninterested. i think most peopel i spoke with had a hard time there. my guess is the economy, people arent buying more than they need now so they werent getting teh extra lavish things they may have been willing to purcahse a few years ago in the same situation. but i did get into 2 more upcoming holiday boutiques the first 2 weekends of december so cross your fingers and lets hope that they go better. I do still have a great stationery shop in valencia that is going to be carrying my cards on consignment! yay! now i just have to get more! theres a lovely little tea shop/boutique here in town i want to see if they will carry them, and i am going to hit up all the day spas and salons as well so wish me luck!

anyways so that is where i am at these its time to get caught up! i have already been creating so look out over the next few days you are going to see tons and tons of pics posted!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Be Back Soon

So I have been away a bit lately but for good reason I have been packing up my entire apartment! and arranging to move about an hour and a half away. The big move has been moved up to this weekend!!!! ahhhhh!!!! Anywho, i might be away for a week or more while i get settled in and wait to get internet connected, so be patient when i get back i have a huge bunch of stuff to show off!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

fall craft fair

halloween note pad with cover

post it note book

post it note book

3 post it note stands

back view of stands

close up #1

close up #2

close up #3

thanksgiving card #1

Thanksgiving card #2

Thanksgiving card #3

Thanksgiving card #4

Thanksgiving card #5

Thanksgiving card #6

Thanksgiving card #7

Thanksgiving card #8

So I have an upcoming craft fair and I have been working my tush off trying to get enough stuff to show. Today I worked on fall and thanksgiving items such as post it holders and cards hope you like them

Monday, October 13, 2008

Buy them now

Happy Halloween!
So they are finally available!!! A few for starters and many more to come! due to some complications with the production the halloween ones will only be available in digital form. You pay through pay pal, and then as soon as payment is recieved you will get an email with digital copies that you can print at any size that fits your project. Just send me an email with what you would like to order and I will send you a pay pal invoice.

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Mae

I've been tagged with a twist! This one is easier. Here's how it works...1. Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog. 2. Answer the five sets of five (these are easy) 3. Tag 5 people in the last section by leaving their names as well as links to their blog. 4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here are the 5 sets of five...

Things you love...
1) Being married to my best friend and love of my life, my hubby Chris
2) Family and Friends - spending time with them and growing together
3) Crafting! - scrapbooking card making stamping etc!
4) Animals/Pets - i love getting to spend time with my kitty when she jumps up on my lap for a pet and a cuddle, when i wake in teh middle of the night or morning to find she has curled up right next to me to sleep, or when she insists on helping me when I scrapbook or draw lol or when she gives me this look like come play with me (she loves to play with peacock feathers)
5) Disneyland! I went for my 21st birthday, my honeymoon and will go as much as I can

Things you don't love...
1) doing dishes!!! (I dont have a dishwasher at the moment actually havent had one for over 3 years)
2) waking up early in the morning
3) fighting with the hubby
4) the hubby not doing his chores as he promised
5) being bored with nothing to do (fortunately that rarely ever happens to me)

Songs on your iPod/Playlist...
I dont have an ipod or mp3 player etc so its the radio for me lol

Favorite Foods/Drinks...
1)Mexican food!!!! chips and fresh salsa, cheese enchiladas beans and rice, barbacoa burritos mmmmmmmmm
2) sweets!!! sugar cookies, cheesecake, flan and chocolate anything!
3) Chips and salsa lol ok i know its under mexican food but its one of my favs i thought it deserved its own recognition
4) Fresca (the black cherry kind)
5) fresh french onion soup with fresh bread mmmmm

People you are tagging...
1) candace
2) amy
3) michelle
4) susan
5) debby

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More cards for a cure

Another causeabella, I guess I missed her earlier...any I finally got my first order of MFT stamps in!!!! and one of the sets I ordered was think pink, so here are a few creations using that set (the sentiments on the causeabella cards are also from this set.

better late than never

Well as promised, some causeabellas for a cure since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I meant to put some up yesterday but didnt get a chance so here they are. (my mother just had a lump removed the other day (no worries it was fine, they only removed it because it was causing discomfort to her so better safe than sorry they decided to remove it) well anyways the center we were at in valencia is really trying to do mamograms for all women of appropriate age in this month with or without insurance and even have plans to help those who cant afford it. So i am going to meet with the director over there and see if they can display and try to sell my cards. and they would keep all the profits as a donation to their center so wish me luck! and i guess i better get back to work I have more cards to make...and I have to get back to completing my stamp designs...busy busy busy!)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

more more and more!

Well since my camping trip was canceled this weekend my hubby and I came home early (sat night) this morning we woke up early and I watched him play a soccer game with a bunch of friends, then spent the rest of the afternoon watching movies together while he worked on the computer and i worked a few feet away at my craft table. I have not been able to put down my new stamp! i was so excited to get to work with it...and I love halloween! ..Well I love ALL holidays! but Halloween just happens to be the closest in occurance.

And well I can't forget that thanksgiving is around teh corner as well. My yahoo group bellaholicsanonymous has a monthly challenge and there monthly bella babe. Well this months theme is for next months posts, is thanksgiving using Autumn colors brown and orange, and it had to include a pumpkin. So here is what I came up with.

And no I'm not done for the day yet lol... I think now it's time for a small change in pace, I think since october is breast cancer awareness month and i do love my causabella, I think I will be making some with her, and with all my new stamp designs that are starting to hit the market, I think i need to make some more samples using some of my own designs...what do you think? lol so I think its time to put in another movie and get back to my craft table! he hee he have a lovely evening everyone and look for even more posts on my blog tomorrow morning!

More Halloween Creations!

so I could not waitto use my new goodies from my bella sistah, most of all the trick or treatabella!

ok this first one i did late the other night and didn't get to add it to my blog when i did teh other halloween post it not holders and not pad holders, so here she is. It's a not pad holder with pen.

And just completed with my brand new trick or treatabella...

A not pad holder and the text next to her on the cover says "hey pumpkin"

I have The Greatest Bella Sistah Evah!!!

So my bellasistah Lori is the sweetest lady ever. She always brightens my days when we get to chat and When I came home last night a heavy little package was sitting waiting for me from her. Filled with sweet treats and idea books and tons of great new toys...and 2 new bellas oh i love her so much!
Anyway. take a peek at what she sent. (I sent her a package too but I forgot to take a pic before I sent it but she got hers safe and sound as well, and I hope she enjoys the little goodies i sent)
Idea books and magazines
look at all these goodies!!!
OMG she got me 2 great bellas!!!! she got me trick or treat which I wanted sooo sooooo bad! and sellabella, so i can finish up the rest of my halloween projects, and then make my sis a stack of cards (she does realestate!) also some halloween glitters, halloween colored glimmer chalks (I've never tried chalks and am so excited to try them now. and look at the beautiful black and blue card she made so pretty!
peanut M&M's yum and strawberry milkshake whoppers (cant wait to try these) some yummy smelling candles, some funky paper clips, and soem glitter glue (i love glitter!)
yummy yummy yummy she sent a bag of cherry slices I had to have one the moment I opened the box and they are soooo good! sme goldfishies (the snack that smiles back) and bunches of taffy and some great ribbon.
So a super huge thank you to Lori!