Tuesday, May 5, 2015

So I had been doing pretty well with my diet and exercise until about the last week or so i fell off the bandwagon, I wasn't feeling well so i missed the gym for a week, and wasn't that great with my diet either and it showed on the scale. I went up a few pounds, part of it i do fully believe is water weight and bloat because I haven't been drinking hardly any water either. so my goal this week is drink drink drink, water water water. Which my doterra citrus oils makes it a lot easier to get plain water down. Before I would have to drink mostly crystal light in order to get a gallon in a day, and i have only had crystal light once in the past several weeks! very proud of that change at least. lemon oil in my water is ok, but i have found my favorite is grapefruit. wild orange is also pretty good too, and I plan to get lime oil soon, and i just got tangerine oil so ill try those out as well. 
Last month a spent my time and money trying to get together all the components to start a candida cleanse this month so may 1st i got to start. so my feedback so far, i am still exhausted during the day and super hungry! Even though i still struggle with my energy levels throughout the day, I get up so much better in the mornings! I am a snooze button person big time for sure, and even today with no alarm set since my work canceled my shift and i could get to sleep in if i wanted and since i didn't get to bed til about 1 am i for sure thought i would sleep in, but i was p on my own by 8 am no problem. So for me that is a huge difference already because I am a night owl and not a morning person at all! I'm gonna keep it up and try to be better with my diet to support the cleanse better but I am hopeful. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

PCOS in a nut shell. 
I showed this to my husband tonight and he tried to be nice and said that at least 70% of this applied to me. But if I am being honest with myself at least 90-95% of this list is applicable to me. Some of it is periodic and some if it I can control or hide even but there are many physical and emotional effects from this disease. I feel like PCOS is being used more and more these Days, some young girl has a bad case of pms and now she has PCOS. For me this is real. I went misdiagnosed and undiagnosed door so many years. Even when the cysts first started for the 1st year, every other month I was in the doctors and they kept saying I had a bladder infection and sent me home with antibiotics. 
So today I have added to my daily suppliments. And have been doing more research and will probably be adding even more soon. 
I am now taking a prenatal multivitamin with DHS and folic acid
I am taking vitamins B12, D3, E
I am taking fish oil and glucosamine (to help my joints because of the workouts and weightlifting I've been doing)
I am taking calcium and fiber suppliments as well
and I am taking ovaboost which is supposed to help with egg quality and reproductive health.
it's a lot! Vitamins vitamins vitamins! But I obviously can't give my body what it needs on my own. 
I use lavender and tea tree oils to help with the acne and hair growth (we will see if it works) 
I've been using the lavender oil to help me sleep at night and so far that has helped some I do notice a difference with that so far. 
And I rub a mix of several essential oils on my abdomen each night as well in hopes that some or any or all of this voodoo witch doctor stuff (as my husband calls it) will help improve my chances of concieving.
next up...sleep! 
Sleep is very important to my body and my stress management and I am determined to get my sleep schedule back on track too... so goodnight ;-)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

So this post is a little on the personal side, but I am just going to keep it short ... ai have PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome ) I have had periodic cysts on my ovaries since I was 18 and all the other side effects that come along with it,.  The abnormal hair growth, the weight gain, and difficulty losing the weight, and not to mention the severe pain of the cysts when they burst.I have massive hormonal imbalances and my body is greatly affected by stress. My PCOS has been a huge obsticle for me through my adult life so far. I am now 30 and studies say a lot of times PCOS will settle out by your early 30's and I wi be the first to say that over the years the episodes have become less regular and less intense and painful. Thank goodness! But they haven't gone away completely. Smy PCOS has probably been a huge factor as to why the Hubby and I have not been lucky in conceiving as or yet after trying for over 4 years now. We have tried many different things but this year I am trying new approaches. I have worked hard to loose some weight the paste few months and I am only down 20-25 pounds, but it's progress, and I am going to keep at it. The hubby has been helping ever since he got home from 7 months way for military Trainin he has been a huge support and my gym buddy and personal trainer. I still am working on eventing my diet better which I will also continue to do. I am also trying new suppliments not just for general health but improved ovarian health .  I am also starting g to try other options as well such as essential oils and other natural health remedies. I feel a bit like I am turning into a bit of a hippie, but I am trying to take back control of my body and my disease, I am trying to do what is better for my body and that's is my goal for this year ,not juse to loose weight or eat better but rather to gain control of my body again. I am writing this because either helps make this more real to me, bUT also because even if no one reads this it does my mind and soul good to just put it all out there to be raw and honest and not keep it in to myself all the time. So this is going  to be a new year and hopefully a good one, and PCOS can kiss my ass! Lol

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Secret Santa Blog Hop!

My Secret Santa was Karal.
Look at all the wonderful goodies she sent me!
A fun little Scrabook kit 
 and load full of Christmas goodies! (including a few Disney princess and frozen stickers, she knows me so well) and look at the adorable Christmas Cow Card she made for me.

So I used the Christmas Paper and Washi tapes to make this card and look at that image.... might that be a sneak peak for the January Release?!?! our Praying Portrait made a Beautiful Christmas Angel don't you think?

Being the boss can sometimes have it's benefits lol so as a special surprise, one random winner will be selected from the comment to win the angel portrait before she is even released to the public. So make sure to leave a little note at every stop on the hop in order to qualify. You have until Sunday night 12/21/14 at midnight PST to enter.

Hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday Season and that you all have a Merry Christmas!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Happy Release Day!
So this release was a lot of fun for me. I have to try to keep things different each release and that can be hard, and i also try to keep with the same characters so we have consistency, so we have complete lines on images, and that's fine but also it does get a bit boring after a while, you run out of ideas. and most the time I just draw digitally in the computer, Ill use the same face bases or body bases and build on those, which helps with the consistency of the images, kind of like a line of barbie dolls, different but the same. Well this release I got to put pencil to paper again and oh what a different feeling that is. most of the sketches were doodles in my school notebook....shhhhhhh dont tell my professor. and I still digitized them the same way as my other images but getting to draw on paper is just a whole different feeling. its how I started with SSD and I only went to just digital illustration after had the sassy line and honey line started. 
But enough rambling, the images are each different they are not meant to be the same which is why I called them portraits not just because they are Portraits, just faces but because they each have their own personality.

I was inspired by a halloween scarecrow makeup for the scarecrow portrait, I had also wanted it for thanksgiving. The native american was also for thanksgiving. The Sugar Skull I know was too late for Halloween or Dia De Los Muertos but I love sugar skull makeup and I pulled out some pics of myself from last years Halloween and based her on myself. butterfly Effie well was because the new hunger games movie was coming out and i always wanted to do a butterfly Effie based on her outfit in the last film but never did. and lastly praying portrait here, Was one for thanksgiving but also as we head into the holidays, or we have family or friends struggling with illnesses I find myself needing prayer a lot more and using it for others a lot more and I was just inspired by it and felt we needed a faith image in our line up.

As for my card I spent hours coloring her as its been like 2 months since I have colored anything by hand too and it was a labor of love. I am in love with this image and wanted to make her amazing. but then once she was done I couldn't figure out  what kind of card to do. I looked through every paper I own (you should see my craft room it is a pig sty now!) but none of my papers looked right they took away from her so I Kept it Simple, as prayers should often be. I used white cardstock, and black embossing powder with a sentiment stamp from The Greeting Farm. And I used pop dots to give her some dimension and bring her up off the page, and that is it.

I hope you all enjoy today's release and hop and we have challenges happening over at the SSD blog and Facebook groups, and I hope you will join in on some of them. We will also have a chat over at the party blog tonight where you can chat with some of the design team members and maybe get a sneak peak at one of Decembers images. But most of all I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving this upcoming week, and stay safe and warm with the cold weather coming in .

Stay Sassy and Sweet, 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happy Sassy Halloween!
Release Party today and I hope you enjoy what we have in store for you.
make sure to stop by the store and leave some comments on the images to qualify for the prizes

and make sure to stop by the party blog tonight to chat with the design team, and who knows what surprises may be in store for you 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Happy Release Day!
I am so sorry things were behind Schedule today We have some technical difficulties with with file sizes, but i hope you are enjoying our new release and hop! 
I was so excited to get to so Sassy's inspired by monster high dolls/characters, and I hope you love them as much as we do.
I didn't get to finish my project my stickles is still wet but I wanted to show you where I was at so far
Don;t forget the last stop of the hop is the store 
Make sure to leave a comment on the Monster Sassy Collection #1 post in order to get credit for completing the hop and to be included in a chance to win prizes.  and make sure to meet up with myself and some of the team at the party blog tonight at 6 pm PST!

Happy Hopping!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

It's Release day at Sassy Studio Designs!!!
And it's not just any release day, this release is all custom images requested by our SSD Design Team!
This is just the first batch of requested images you will be seeing at SSD. So Since I didn't get to play this week because of my schedule I decided top make this last stop of the hop extra special. And you would only know it if you made it here to my blog. If you followed the hop all the way through and commented on every stop, not only are you in to win a prize of free images, but I am going to up the anty, if you commented on every stop, comment here now and tell me what image you are dying for SSD to design. Tell me if you want a sassy or a honey and tell me the theme, and one lucky lady will get her custom image designed for ssd and receive it free once it is created! so just to give you an example of these requests...

Sheena Requested Cowgirl Jessie from Toy Story because her daughter loves her

 Sara Loves Fairies especially those that are a little dark 

Sari Requested Jane with a Monkey

Belinda requested rapunzel/tangled with flowers in her hair 

so who is next? it could be you....
And yes this does mean that SSD does custom images! 
So if you don't win and you still want a custom image done for you just email sassystudiodesigns at yahoo.com
(for personal use only and will be for sale in the store as well, and all standard angel policies and copyrights remain the same as all other SSD images)

Thank you for hopping and I cant wait to hear your ideas for new images! so start commenting.


Saturday, June 21, 2014

SentiMints Release Day at SSD

Don't you just love these Fab SentiMints Greg Designed for us?!?! and I love that they can compliment and image or stand out on their own

Now Head to the Last stop, The SSD store

Thanks SO much for joining us on this super NEW RELEASE!!!!  Have fun hopping AND if you're free this evening from 6 PM through 8 PM (PST), swing by our Party Blog for a live chat!!!  Pop in and say HELLO!!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Happy Release Day!
Are you as Excited as I am about this release!?!?!
I don't know about you but I am absolutely in love with the Disney's Frozen Movie.
I knew when it came out that I had to add to our line up with some Sassy renditions of these Beauties, and thought they took me longer than any other image I have even done because of all the patterning on their clothing and their hair I am so happy with how they turned out and I am so excited to finally get to be sharing them with you all today! 
If you started the hop at the SSD blog and went in order you are almost at the end, and I sincerely hope you enjoyed all the amazing creations from the rest of the team today. I was intending to feature and show off the Queen Elsa image but wanted to show her with the Frozen Heart Anna image. I wanted to show them together because when I designed them I wanted them to be able to be combined together so I wanted to show you how nicely they fit together back to back.

I did kind of keep my card very simple because I spend hours coloring Anna and Elsa and wanted them to be the focus, that and I was practically falling asleep at my desk trying to finish this card for today lol

The inside I just featured a sweet sentiment that I just typed up myself. I used this once before in a birthday card for my sister and thought it was so fitting for Anna and Elsa. And Coincidentally, my sister is a blonde and I am a red head and I currently have bleached bride of Frankenstein streaks that look a lot like Anna's only difference is I am the oldest ;-)

Well if you are finishing the Hop stop by the last stop at the SSD store and leave some feedback on this months release. you must comment on all the stops of the hop to be eligible for the prize give away, and don't forget we will be meeting up on the party blog tonight at 5 pm PST so be sure to join me and some of the DT, and there is supposed to be a nice surprise for those that show up, **hint**hint**hint**

so head on over to teh store and leave some feedback for your last stop on the hop here

Saturday, March 22, 2014

March Release Day!

Thank you for hopping by!
My Project for today's hop is using Latte Momma.
I reused a Crystal Light Container with lid and turned it into a little piggy bank of sorts. I also dug into my stash and used some unused cuts and pieces from an Old CM set of papers. I have such a bad habbit of hoarding paper and buying more and not using up my stash so I though the Idea of using what I already had also fit into the Recycling theme today. Not to mention the use of the Crystal Light Container, which also makes a good pencil box or marker box etc for kids I have one with Crayola Markers in it for my niece for when she wants to color over at my house. I used Ribbon also from my stash, around the lid and base to finish it off an make it look really nice

 So don't forget to keep track on your Tic Tac Toe Board.

 Your next stop will be over at Michelle's Blog 
So keep on going.
and if I am your first stop, head on over to the SSD site to get all the details and the full list

Have a Wonderful Weekend and I hope you will join us for a chat on the Party Blog at 5 pm PST tonight you never know what kind of surprises may be in store if you do

Stay Sassy,

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Thank you for stopping by today for this extra special Release we are doing at SSD. You are almost done, almost to the end and almost to a nice surprise gift for you all!

Here is my project today using Uhura Sassy and SentiMints - Space Collection

Your next stop in today's hop is the SSD Store! so I wont keep you any more. Get going on your way only 2 more stops today!

Stay Sassy, 

Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Holidays!

(Sorry It's late in the hop guys, I fell asleep last night thinking I hit post only to find out I didn't)
It's release day over at Sassy Studio Designs and hopefully you are here as part of the hop.
We have some great new images out today to celebrate this wonderful season.

This year My family and myself went Apple Picking when we were back in Pennsylvania to visit my Sick Grandmother, and we needed a recipe to go with all those delicious apples we brought home. Now I have an aunt who is diabetic and my dad and husband and really cautious of what they eat so we used splenda and I tell you what it was perfect! So I repeated the recipe for Thanksgiving as well. and I wanted to be sure as to not loose the recipe again so I made myself this perfect little recipe card featuring the Sweet as Holiday Pie Image. 

Hope your Holidays are all just as sweet!
Now continue on the hop or head back to SSD for the list.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Make a Wish

It's Release day over at SSD. Today we have a great set of sexy fun pin up takes on classic princess characters. I hope you like them as much as I loved creating them.

For today's hop I created a Card using Ariel Pinup

Ariel has always been my favorite princess and I love this adult version of her for this fun and sassy birthday card.

Your next stop on the hop is Lori 
or head to the SSD blog for the full hop list and all the details on how to win some images and chat with myself and the design team tonight on the party blog 

Just click HERE to go to the SSD Blog

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Off To Find A Wizard Blog Hop Day 1

And welcome to day one of the
Off To Find A Wizard Blog Hop!
These are are the funny, loveable and
sassy sexy characters from

Can't wait for you to see what my wonderfully talented DT came up with!
This week we made our projects using
a TIC TAC TOE Board...

You can join us this week
and have a chance to win all of these fabulous images!
You also have the chance to win an image from commenting
on the DT blogs. So the more you comment on
the more chances you have to win an image!

I am so excited to be crafting alongside my team again this release! It has been so long since I got to sit and craft. Granted I am sure I will start having more time again after June 1st since I have been laid off my job :-(... but that's okay more time for crafting and new SSD images!

So this Project I used the Tin Sassy image. I love this image and intended to do a sentiment with it but after it was done i thought it was perfect as is, more a 3 d paper art than a card. My original intention was to do something along the lines of  "Missing you from the bottom of my Heart"

I used lots of glitter cardstock and pop dots  and it is gorgeous...however because f all the glitters it was very hard to get a good photo... this one shows i used a mica glitter pen to add a sheer fine glitter to her eye makeup and shows some good detail in her hair

one last shot so you can see a little of the layering that i did. and shows the ruby red stickles i used on her lips and heart, and the smokey eye shadow i gave her

Thank you for stopping by! All the new images are in the store ready to be purchased and used to create your own pieces of art. And if you followed along the hop I am almost the last stop for the day! Now head back to the SSD blog to finish up today's hop and make sure to come back tomorrow for more.

Happy Crafting!