Wednesday, March 11, 2015

PCOS in a nut shell. 
I showed this to my husband tonight and he tried to be nice and said that at least 70% of this applied to me. But if I am being honest with myself at least 90-95% of this list is applicable to me. Some of it is periodic and some if it I can control or hide even but there are many physical and emotional effects from this disease. I feel like PCOS is being used more and more these Days, some young girl has a bad case of pms and now she has PCOS. For me this is real. I went misdiagnosed and undiagnosed door so many years. Even when the cysts first started for the 1st year, every other month I was in the doctors and they kept saying I had a bladder infection and sent me home with antibiotics. 
So today I have added to my daily suppliments. And have been doing more research and will probably be adding even more soon. 
I am now taking a prenatal multivitamin with DHS and folic acid
I am taking vitamins B12, D3, E
I am taking fish oil and glucosamine (to help my joints because of the workouts and weightlifting I've been doing)
I am taking calcium and fiber suppliments as well
and I am taking ovaboost which is supposed to help with egg quality and reproductive health.
it's a lot! Vitamins vitamins vitamins! But I obviously can't give my body what it needs on my own. 
I use lavender and tea tree oils to help with the acne and hair growth (we will see if it works) 
I've been using the lavender oil to help me sleep at night and so far that has helped some I do notice a difference with that so far. 
And I rub a mix of several essential oils on my abdomen each night as well in hopes that some or any or all of this voodoo witch doctor stuff (as my husband calls it) will help improve my chances of concieving.
next up...sleep! 
Sleep is very important to my body and my stress management and I am determined to get my sleep schedule back on track too... so goodnight ;-)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

So this post is a little on the personal side, but I am just going to keep it short ... ai have PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome ) I have had periodic cysts on my ovaries since I was 18 and all the other side effects that come along with it,.  The abnormal hair growth, the weight gain, and difficulty losing the weight, and not to mention the severe pain of the cysts when they burst.I have massive hormonal imbalances and my body is greatly affected by stress. My PCOS has been a huge obsticle for me through my adult life so far. I am now 30 and studies say a lot of times PCOS will settle out by your early 30's and I wi be the first to say that over the years the episodes have become less regular and less intense and painful. Thank goodness! But they haven't gone away completely. Smy PCOS has probably been a huge factor as to why the Hubby and I have not been lucky in conceiving as or yet after trying for over 4 years now. We have tried many different things but this year I am trying new approaches. I have worked hard to loose some weight the paste few months and I am only down 20-25 pounds, but it's progress, and I am going to keep at it. The hubby has been helping ever since he got home from 7 months way for military Trainin he has been a huge support and my gym buddy and personal trainer. I still am working on eventing my diet better which I will also continue to do. I am also trying new suppliments not just for general health but improved ovarian health .  I am also starting g to try other options as well such as essential oils and other natural health remedies. I feel a bit like I am turning into a bit of a hippie, but I am trying to take back control of my body and my disease, I am trying to do what is better for my body and that's is my goal for this year ,not juse to loose weight or eat better but rather to gain control of my body again. I am writing this because either helps make this more real to me, bUT also because even if no one reads this it does my mind and soul good to just put it all out there to be raw and honest and not keep it in to myself all the time. So this is going  to be a new year and hopefully a good one, and PCOS can kiss my ass! Lol