Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ahhhhh more Sneaky Peakies!!!!

lol so this is a first time ever Digi Shack Sneaky Peaky!!!! ohhhhhh you can't wait can you?!?!?
So Toni from teh Digishack and I worked on 6 new images that will be coming out on or before June 15th. Why do I say or before...well because we love them soooooooo much we don't know if we can stand waiting any longer lol So they will fo rsure be released the 15th, however she may sneak one or 2 in early lol but we don't know yet, your just gonna have to watch and wait and wonder and keep chacking back . I know I know I am such a tease! Tell me something I don't already know lol Anyways So I have 3 and I was gonna spread them out over the next few days, but well I am very very busy got tons of new images I am working on sooooo instead of drawing it out and making you wait I'll show you all 3 today!!! yay aren't you lucky! and like I said a total of 6 images sooo that means maybe later this week, maybe next week, only god knows when I will be posting the otehrs so keep an eye out.

Speaking of eyes, isn't this eye beautiful...well maybe I should color more carefully lol but when you zoom in so close on a pic I guess you see all the flaws

Next check out this beautiful smile!

And this, well who knows what this is lol
So be sure to check out the digi shack, and all their DT members blogs this week and you just might start seeing more sneak peaks hmmmmm who knows what bits and pieces they will all show, you just might get to see most the image if your lucky.
I hope you like what you see so far, and I can't wait to show you all my entire projects!!!
Have a great weekend!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Last sneak peek for tomorrows MSB release!

So Are you as excited for tomorrows release as I am!?!?!? so here is the last one I have to show off. its a stack of cute little dishes! So stop by MSB tomorrow to see all that is being released!!!

A second Anya entry for the I wanna be like Caz Challenge

I had so much fun with the 1st one making the rain I knew I had to try with snow too!

I wanna be like you-oo-oo

So it has been a while since I got to play with my Anya's =( so sad!
And I bought the new Rain Snow and Shine set the morning it came out at like 4am pacific time and yes I live in pacific time lol. And the ppor dears have been sitting on myshelf unused yet sooooo sad =(
So I thought I have to use them!!!! So Club Anya is having a Casing Challenge "I wanna Be like you" And the card by Caz is beautiful!!! And The greeting farm is having their summer gardner DT call out and I sooo wanted to do that too and well there just doesnt seem to be enough hours in a day these days so I combined them into 1 yay!!!! so i did the casing with the basic layout and feel of the card but the DT call out requirements was use yellow or orange or both and what is crazy is that those are my least 2 favorite colors in teh world he hee hee, but no biggy, yellow looks great with line and hot pink, two of my all time fav summer colors! sooooo mix it all up and here we go! And I know summer you don;t think rain, but here's the deal.... I live in sunny southern California in the high desert it is always very very dry and very very hot, and it's great! but maybe close to 2 weeks ago out of the blue on one of teh hotest days so far it sprinkled rain...go figure lol so it was a clear cooling rain on a hot sunny day lol

So about my card, I did a Shaker box-esque kind of card. I have teh wondow and it is raised with pop dots (but unlike a shaker card I don't have to waste a whole sheet, just enough to hold it up!)
I used my clear accents to make raindrops on teh clear window, as well and around her on teh background paper (those are hard to see in the pic) loaded up with flowers and bling and Ta-Da! I have some stamped flourishes on the background (I completely forgot I had these when I made my ever after card yesterday ) I created some of my own blingy flourishes, and some ribbon. I am very happy with how this card turned out! I hope you enjoy it as much

Dancing in the Rain

Modern Sugar Blvd. Challenge #4

this weeks challenge was pretty simple it was a you choose kinda thing. Just get creative. As a DT member we were asked to use this new image these cute whimsicle rain boots that are going to be released in the store tomorrow. So I invite youto join in and play too, pick any MSB images, any one you have anyone you like, whatever you choose, and get creative! think outside the box. Play with any colors you wish, but challenge yourself do something new you have never done before.

here is the front of my card. So what I did was teh rain boots, and i used clear accents on it to give it a rubbery dimensional look to them. Then I used my cricut to create the sun and the clouds, and then some more clear accents to create rain drops. i used a grey silver glitter card as the base to add to the gloomy rainy feel I was going for

and here is the inside I think maybe I will redo and print it out on my printer as soon as I have the time to do it.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Who wants more sneak peaks!?!?!

So how did you all like the Hippie Chic?!?! Wasn't she great!?!?!
So how about anotehr late night preview for those of you whom might still be awake, otherwise the rest of you will see it tomorrow tee hee hee.

dun dun dun (I love doing that can't you tell I have to build up suspense some how lol)
We have "I can do it" Our Miss Fix it Momma here! yay!!!
So here is the thing this is kinda 2 previews in one hmmmmmm how does that well is the image isnt she cute ( and yes she has full legs I just chopped them off for this tag) but the second preview....well do you remember me mentioning to you that I was building shelves in my craft room?!?!

So here they are!!! Ok no I did not build them from scratch, my dad built these at his old shop a long time ago and well when they gave up the shop and moved the office to tehir house, these were gonna go to storage or get scrapped (most likely scrapped lol) and well I could deffinatly use some storage and organization around here so I put dibbs in! Well the thing is my dad built these in to a specific spot and well getting them out was not easy and they kinda fell apart i mean completely colaapsed all the left shelves and well teh nails ripped right through teh wood etc. lucky me the right side stayed intact yay! and i have had those up for a few weeks now but i really needed to get teh rest done so rather than keep waiting on hubby or daddy to do it, I did it!!!
And I did a darn good job I think, it's not perfect I know and once we buy a house we will jsut have to tear these down again and rebuild them again so i figure no biggy when that time comes i will sand all the pieces and restain and varnish all the pieces and rebuild it better, but for now it works great!
SO here is teh whole view and do you see my littls tag hanging there?
here is the side i had to completely rebuild boy was it hard it was deffinately a job for 2 people and I did it all myself and it took some trial and error and some more error lol but I got it done! and now i have a place to put my second computer and the hubby even gets teh top shelfe for his display items like his model cars and star wars toys lol 9they are disney so its ok lol (its donald duck and stitch etc as diff star wars characters) I still ahve lots to do to get my shelves full and organized and my floors empty lol but it's a work in progress

so here is my tag hanging on the shelf

and here is what I wrote on the back for the hubby to see lol : WHo needs a Man when you have a power drill. told you I could do it! Linds"

My very 1st Cinema Saturday Challenge

So there is this great blog that uses Movies as inspiration for their weekly challenges... I LOVE Movies!!! lol it's the greatest thing ever!!! anyways, I have been watching them for a few weeks now and just had not had a chance to play yet =( SO this week is Ever After A Cinderella Story which is seriously one of my Fav movies!!!! I watch it so much when I craft not that I watch it it just runs and rund and runs for background noise lol So I of course had to play!
So the requirements was it was supposed to have flourishes and well I dont have any =( I think i need to go buy some more cricut carts he hee hee, but i had this great embossing folder for my cuttlebug that was a damask which is kinda flourish like so that is what I used.
Here are 2 pics one with a black background and one with a white since I used a dark silver cardstock and white and blue it made it hard to get a great photo so i did both background option
I used my cricut with the Dreams Come True cart to cute the layers of the dress. I uses a thin white metalic CS for the base of the dress and embossed it on my cuttlebug. I used the dark metalic silver cardstock as a shadow, and I used some of the bazzil blings CS to make the blue accenst. I used bunches of little pearls to bling it up. I used a frosty white vellum and hand designed the wings and then glittered them all over! (they did kind of curl while drying so i just put them through the cuttle bug with no folders but sadwiched between paper ( so i didnt get glitter all over) and tada! it was flat again! I used dimensionals to attach the wings to teh dress and the dress to the card to give it dimension. I also used the damask embossing folder on the background blue and layered white bazzils bling, and the dark silver cardstock. everything was pearly or sparkly and it is a little hard to see but it very pretty. anyways I hope you like, because I had great fun doing it! I just might have to go back and do some of their past movies as I see many of my favs listed he hee hee
you should go check them out at Cinema Saturdays

Who want's a sneaky peaky?

Modern Sugar Blvd. is having a HUGE release on saturday May 30th....thats in 2 days!!!!! just 2 days!!!! (lol kudos to those who get the movie reference should be 3 days but I forgot to post yesterday he hee hee) Anyways this release will be full of fun! OMgoodness We hav some flash back from the past, some new Momma's and some fun whimsy food hmmmmm doesn't that sound wanna see?!?!?!

So....let me introduce on of our new flash from the past images... A Hippie!!!!! isn't she hot?!?!?! (yes she is one of mine I and I guess I am a bit partial tee hee hee)
Anyway, I couldn't find that perfect paper I had in mind to create this card with I searched and searched for the perfect paper and no such luck, soooooo when life hands you lemons make lemonade so I did! I made the background. I bused out my Cricut and my mickey and friends cart and used Daisy's Daisies in diff sizes and colors and It was perfect!
I didn't put a sentiment well because I thought it would be too much and sometimes cards don't need sentimentsa, and I can always add one later if I wish.

So now that you have seen mine you should start clicking away at the different DT members blogs because who knows what images they will be showing off today.

Oh... PS I have 2 more previews to show off by tomorrow so check back later today and tomoorw because who know's when I will post them ;)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's a Lani Luau Kinda Day

So I announced earlier this month I was designing images for the DigiShack and I am and it is soooooo much fun! I love doing these cute little girls! and I have been wanting to play with them ever since I created them, and now I finally got the chance! yay!!!!

The 1st image I did was designed after their logo because we all know how cute she is! I did not design the original logo that was via another artist and I mean they did a great job! If I knew who the artist was I would totally plug them and give a shout out to them. So anyways I mean this one is very much similar since i did use the same pose and overall look but I tried to keep her my style at the same time and not copy that artist. (in design school we are taught you just have to change something 10 or 15% I can't recall the exact # right now but change it that much and it is a legal knockoff) and believe me that sounds terrible I know and I in no way wanted to knock off thier skills or their illustration because theirs is sooooo much better than mine is but the goal was to create a stamp image that was like the digi shack logo because well we all loved it soooo much and wanted it sooooo anyways long story short I totally give credit to teh other artist for the idea and if i find out who the artist is I will link to them later. But she was my version of their idea and she is different...and she is great!

So without further adue we have Lani on her palm leaf! and I was completely inspired by the hawaiian tradition of giving a lei and so lani here is surrounded by a ring of flowers.

Next we have Hula Lani and well I had to set the stage for the perfect hula Performance with palm trees all around.
And we have our Surfer Lani catching some of those great summer waves!

Happy Grad to my BFF Shannon

So I know I haven't been around my blog much lately but I promise I have been busy busy busy!!! I have been desiging new girls for the DigiShack, and new girls for MSB and even a few just for myself for when i finally get to launch my new store. I have been looking into my options for selling my images myself and designing a new blog. I am hoping I can set up a blog that I can sell from with a shopping cart, vs having a seperate store and seperate blog It would be great to just have one place to do it all. So I'm working on that. I have been looking like mad for a job with no success yet had a few interviews so i am crossing my fingers, and I have been working on my craft room!!! and it is sooooooo close to being done! it will be soooo nice! and as soon as it is I will show off some pics! I have also been creating I promise I promise, I have tons and tons of stuff to show off today as well as throughout the rest of this week!!! and I have been working on some Albums for my grandma. When I went to PA to visit her in Jan. I raided all her old pics, and brought home a huge 50 lb full to the brim suitcase full of photos!!!! the great thing is there are pics of my pappy when he was drafted and in korea in the military, and there are very very old pics of my great grandmother and my great great grandmother!!! I mean these are great! only prob is great grandma dies when i was young, great great grandma passed I thin before i was born or when I was a baby, pappy (or grandpa) passed a few years back, the only person who even knows who any of these peopls are are my grandma and my great great aunt (the sister of my great grandma) so these photos have beenstored in misc boxes and drawers for so long they are curled and damagedand some so discolored! so we are working on scanning all the important ones, and then putting them all in albums with page protectors so they can be enjoyed for years and years to come! its a HUGE project and I am so happy my mom is helping! so teh past few days I have been going to my parents house for a few hours everyday working on this endeavour.

So now that everyone is caught up on my news how about some pics!!!!
So one of my best friends of all time Shannon graduated with her Bachelors in Communication this weekend!!! and sad to say she is moving to Utah to go for her masters in phsical therapy. I am gonna miss her sooooooo mcuh! but not as much as she is gonna miss sunny California!
So I had to make her something special for her Grad.

I started with making a box out of SU card stock I did a base and a lid, and cut a window in teh lid and used a clear film in the window. I then decorated the lid with designer paper I got at Michaels. I used a great black ribbon as a belly band to hold it all closed and decorated with an S for shannon cut from my Cricut.

Then I filled it will all sorts of matching monogrammed items just for her!

First of course with any stationery set you must have some monogrammed cards right so I did 2 horizontal and 2 vertical in each color.

Then I made scalloped circle seals with her monogram on it as well glued half way to the envelope so once its sealed it looks all nice.

A magnetic note pad that coordinated, So I just made a pretty belly band on it.

I also got a 2 year planner with no set dates (you fill in your own dates) and created a cover for it and slid it right back in its protective sleeve and gave it a pretty belly band too

Then those littls note pads at michales with the pens are great! but none of teh covers matched soooooo I tore it off and created my own out of cardstock and paper, then I also had a mini calendar and note pad I glued inside with it as well. Here is the front and the inside views.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Modern Sugar Blvd. Challenge #3

So this was a multi Challenge for us. We design team members were to use the sketch, use the new cupcake image (super cute by the way) and use the colors ivory chocolate and pink (what great colors!!!!)

Anyways we hope you will play along! you dont have to do all 3 you can do 1 or any combination of 2 or if you are fealing adventurous you can do all 3 criteria!

So here is the sketch

you can find the cupcake image at the MSB store.

and here was my creation! so mine wasnt teh sketch to the T but it was inspired by, however the directionality of the print on my ribbon dictated I had to make a few changes.

So join in on this challenge and post your creation over on the MSB Blog.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And the winner is.........

The votes are in and the Poll is over and Sassy Studioes is the winner!!!!

Tonya if you would please email me with your address I have a whole bunch of goodies coming your way! including a CD off all of my digi designs from this year so far, and every time new ones are released you will recieve all of those as well throughout the rest of the year!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ohhhhh a brand new release scheduled for tomorrow!!!

So who is ready for new images!?!?!?!

I know I sure am! lol well and I even gotto play with them early teehehee!
They are being released tomorrow May 19th over at Modern Sugar Blvd.

These are just 2 of the great new images you will see. the first is a little pair of glasses. you can add them to one of your girls, or you can use them on their own, me, well when I saw them I couldn;t get Harry Potter out of my head! lol sooooooooo I thought why the heck not! lets do a silly little card with Harry Potter in mind, since the new movie will be coming out soon! SO I printed th eglasses out a little larger x3 and broke the 1st tied up the second and well after a wave of a magic wand and saying the magic spell they are magically fixed!

ok I know that was a silly little crad but it was fun! lol but next well how about a more normal crad for the everyday girls out there like me that seem to spend their lives on their PDA's or cell phones! lol either chatting with friends or taking care of business I thought this would be cute to send a friend just to let her know I am thinking of her and we'll keep in touch!

and no these are not of my design these are by one of the other amazing artists over at MSB! because there are others than just me ;)

and on a side note, mark your callendars, may 30th is the next BIG release!!!! and boy do we have a lot planned!!!! so count down with the DT and watch for sneak peeks and previews!!! in these next 2 weeks!

and from here forward you can look forward to big releases every 2nd and 4th saturday of every month!!!!

this weeks MSB challenge play along and try to win free images!!!1

So once again I am behind (weekends have been booked for me and though I intend to take time to post I just hadn't been able to. and I did also intend to post early and set a time but it's just slipped my mind) SO I appologize but MSB has a weekly challenge they start every saturday, this weeks challeneg was an image challenge (use one of 3 or all three images) the images were the deer, the bird and the little girl with the bunny. I chose the deers. and I hope you will join in! if you have one of the images then play with what you've got, if not pop on over and buy one at Modern Sugar Blvd. they are very affordable and you get them instantly! create something, anything you wish with one of the images and link it to the MSB blog and you could win free digi's!!!! there will be a prize for a random winner every week, so be sure to play along!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I miss my crafting =(

So these past weeks I have not had a stitch of time to do my own crafting. I had stamp designs galore to do for both the Digishack and Modern Sugar Blvd. I also had a bunch of wood signs to paint for a music festival hosted by the carmelite center (where the carmelite nuns live) Then I had mothers day planning to do I hosted a Tea for my mom, my cousins mom, my husbands aunt (his mom lives in another state) and my sisters mother in law. I made the invites and I did tons of baking and cooking for it and then trying to catch up on all my house work...uggggghhhhh the past few months were crazy busy always had something going on all weekend long everyweekend and you know when your gone a lot and you dont put things away when you get back they pile up fast!!!! and when your not concentrating on your house because you are trying to find a job and do all these other things like stamp designing and painting signs lol well your house gets a mess!!!! lol and to top it off I have been doing some reconstruction in my craft room too so I hadn;t been able to see my craft table in weeks!

Well now that things are settled I told myself this week (or at least the first few days) are for me. For me to get my house back in order and for me to finish a few household projects I am working on and for me to do some crafting! Well I am getting there, I'm not done but I'm getting there!Ii got the bathrooms done, the bedroom almost done I still have some laundry to finish and gotta fold a ton of socks and undies all I have left now is to finish the living room and craft ok I think no one really cares about my chores lol So lets move on to teh good stuff!
I finally have projects to show off and more lines up to be finished tomorrow!
1st off we have my mothers day tea invitation I used my cttlebug on metalic paper for the bckground and I used my cricut with layered metalic papers to create the tea pots and the sentiment. I finally got to use my cricut design studio!!!! I have had it soooooooo long and have yet to be able to try it out and now I did and I love it!!!!! I so need to upgrade to the expression!!! lol I have decided with my new store/site going to be starting in the near future there are 2 things that I am going to work on saving up to buy one teh cricut expression...and a larger printer that can print 12x12 pages!!! anyway, we're moving on! lol

Next here are some mothersday cards I made for my hubby's mom, and 2 grandma's since I couldnt have them at the tea because the live too far away. and I finally got to use my bellas again!!! I havent used my bella's in soooooo long
Next I finally got to use one of my own new stamp images! yay for me! and I loved her! the lines are smooth and the girl is so sirene and i just love her big belly and the heart with her hands I really am very happy how she turned out and was super excited to play with her today

I miss my crafting =

Monday, May 11, 2009

What a Weekend!

Ok I am so sorry I am very forgetful and always crazy busy these days lol
So, some of you may have noticed there was one more of my images released on Modern Sugar Blvd on Friday, if not you should check her out! isn't she glowing?
Next, on Saturday Modern Sugar Blvd showed off their 1st challenge over on their Blog
Here is my entry and I hope you will join in on the fun!
It is a sketch and color Challenge You can get the sketch at the MSB Blog and the colors are Turquoise, Lime Green and Bright Pink how fun is that! a great was to get us in the spirit of Summer! which will be right around the bend (I think it's already started here lol! It's been in the 90's and the pool was 85 degrees!!!!)
And my Poll is going pretty good it seems Sassy Studios is in the lead! how fun!!! we have a few days left so if you havent voted please do! and if you have and wouldn't mind would you please pass the word on!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Another release today!

Modern sugar Blvd is doing a release a day all this week up until mothers day of my images. And not just any images images that honor the mama's out there! So today we have On the go Mama This sassy new mama on th ego with her bundle of joy in her arms can be yours for $3.00 over at Modern Sugar Blvd

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New images at Modern Sugar Blvd! Designed by me!!

So I know I haven't been on my blog much lately but I have been a very busy bee! I was the team captain for our relay for life team, I have been painting wood signs for the Carmelite centers music festival this upcoming weekend, I have been planning a great mothers day tea, i had my 16 year old cousins confirmation and sweet 16 birthday, i had my 6 year old cousins birthday I mean it has been BUSY!! plus I am finally getting my shelving installed in my craft room and been doing some rearranging and organizing once it's down I can't wait to show it off to you guys! Also because of all the craziness my house was a pig sty!!!! so this weekend we started spring cleaning! I am about half done so Ill be done by end of this week, and we planted a little veggie garden in the little patch of dirt we have on out back patio (we live in a duplex) We planted tomatoes and jalapenos and Anaheim Chile's and another kind of Chile.

But amidst all that craziness I haven;t been crafting but I have been designing!!!
So yesterday I showed you the 1st launch designed by me at the DigiShack. and that is exclusive to them! they are the only place you can buy those images, so if you like 'em go and get 'em!

And today I wanted to show you some new images released over at Modern Sugar Blvd.! As I mentioned before I crossed over from PPS to MSB so you will see some of my old images over there as well, but the exciting stuff isn't the old images, it's the new images!!!! So without further adue..... just in time for mothers day this weekend.....

we have Blogging Mama!!!

And Baby Buggie Mama!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My new exclusive line just launched at the DigiShack!

So.....I hadn't announced it yet as I wanted to keep it a surprise but today is the day!!! The Digishack just released a brand new exclusive line of digistamps designed by me!!!! So go check 'em out at the DigiShack

Monday, May 4, 2009

Time for part 2 of the contest!

Ok all, I know I said I was going to post on sunday, but i had a tragedy happen on sat not a death but still something very sad. I took my cousin to a movie in the morning to get her out of the house for her sweet 16 surprise party, and she was admiring my ring and was like did you just clean it its so sparkly today! so i took a look and boy was it sparkly!!! minus one spot! on of the 6 small diamonds that frame the large diamond was gone, broken off!!! AHHHHH!!!!! I was sooooo upset! and we have great warrenties on it no worries, He got it at Robbins Brothers! however the closest robbins brothers was an hour and a half away, and in order for the warrenties to be upheld you had to take it in every 6 months for a check up which i did but the didnt log anything in the computer unless they do work on it sooooo you have to keep this little piece of paper that they date and sign off each time.... (i moved around the time i last had it inspected and still have boxes of paperwork everywhere still needing to go through so like i knew where it was) luckily i found it in the glovebox of my car!!! and drove teh hour and a half each way to take it in today, and it will be ready on thursday!!!!

So needless to say my little drama took up some time and i didnt get to post yet sorry, but I am now!!!!

So the winners of my top ten (even though some may have had to be changed or some are not included in the poll because they were already taken I figured you all still deserved the prize!)

1)Jan J - with Lindsay's Craft Pad (The craft Pad)
2 and 3 and 4)Tonya - with Crafters connection
and Sassy Craft studios (sassy studios)
and Creative Cafe
5)Cake Junkie - with Scrap City
6)Georgia Ehrmann - with Dream Girls
7)Dee- with Scrap Shack
8 and 9 )Valerie - with Classy Crafts
and The craft room
10) Jana - with Papercrafters Boutique

So ladies if you won pleas email me at with your selections remember you get to pic any 5 sets or images of your choice! and if you suggested more than one selected name you get 5 for each name selected (only fair right!) soooo the poll will start tomorrow morning, and will run through the 18th so remember to vote for your favortite and encourage others to come vote for theirs too!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

contest update

I have not forgotten, It is just very hard! i had all teh entries on th eblog and then some given via email. plus i have been trying to research on each and see which are taken and which are still available. unfortunately some really good ones are take. so I will anounce mylist of 10 winners who will get the prizes, but a few of the names may have been altered or excluded just because they are not available but the name was great and i loved it so i feel it should still get credit! so hopefully i will have all my research done and the list and the poll ready to post tomorrow! so keep an eye out