Saturday, February 28, 2009

My first Ian!

So as you know I love the greeting farm! and I have done quite a few anyas and felt it was about time I had an Ian! so last week I bought Happy Chef and hadn;t gotten to create anything iwth him yet so here is my first Happy Chef creation, as well as some more spring/easter Miss Anya's

PPS Leprecaun launch update

Ok wow has it been an interesting day! so as I have been showing off some creations this week for this St. Pattty's Day image launch, Today was teh scheduled launch date! But as we all know life can happen and things sometimes dont always happen acording to plan lol so the website doesn;t have the new images yet I know I know you were waiting to see worries you don't have to wait They are up on the Pink Papery Studios Blog and until the website gets resolved you can order them via email. So check out the blog HERE

See it isn's bad news! but stop by because there are some great new images!!! also here are a some of my samples!!! ....

And don't forget we are planning another HUGE Spring Launch for next weekend!!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I love me some Miss Anya!

ok so as I am sure most of you have noticed recently I have fallen in love with these adorable stamps from the greeting farm! I just can't get enough of them!
So last week there was a challenge on th eClub anya blog called case the anya. The Challenge was to go through the greeting farms card gallery and case one of the creations submited by other crafters.

I found this amazing card by Jenn Muraoka

So here is the card I created and entered It was such a fun challenge/contest and I am really happy with how my card came out! So I also used her as one of my entries for applying to the Club Anya DT
Also last week there was another challenge on The Greeting Farms Blog it was a sketch challenge. Here is the sketch
And here is what I created using the sketch and one of the new Miss Anya Collection
So they aren't created today but they are very recent and I just hadn't gotten to post them yet. Good news is my cold is getting better I'm still a little stuffed up but I can at least breath a little now. But aren;t they great I'm really happy with them!
Well I have to finish prepping for my Realy For Life team meeting tonight (I'm our team captain this year) but I'm going to try to have some creations from today posted later tonight, so check on back if you get a chance
Happy Crafting!

This weeks craziness

ugh OK so I am sorry I haven't been too on top of my projects or posts this week...this cold has really taken it outta of me. That and my parents are moving their company from the shop the lease to their home (when the 1st started the company they did it from the home they had 3 car garage, and they turned one into a room which they made an office and the other 2 they used as a shop for the first few years, and as the company grew they moved out into a shop they were there a few years, then they moved to a new shop which they have been at for 10 years. well every 2 years they have to renew their lease and every year their price is increased (talk about greedy) so with the economy being as it is its been hard to keep a small family run business afloat (they do refrigeration heating and air conditioning) so they decided they don't want to lay off anyone, so instead they are sacrificing for now and moving the office to their house again, and all that was in the shop is getting moved to storage connex's out on my dads property (he bought a lot of land in the desert a couple miles from their house where he planned to build his own shop so to not have to rent from someone else but its expensive you have to drill a well and get power out there and put in a septic system etc and then build the building and well none of that is cheap so it isn't happening right away) so anyways all the shop stuff will get stored on the property and well they will run it like that for a while with hopes the economy will turn back sooner rather than later) so ever since the company moved out of the house that old office became a play room, a guest room a home name it it's been used for it so needless to say we had to clear it out! well what happens with all that stuff well it goes up into mine and my sisters old bedrooms since we are both out on our own they are just guest rooms now but when we left we didn't take everything so we had to go through all that was left trash what we could, put in a garage sale pile what we could and what we were going to keep there consolidate it and store it away, so I have been having to do that, which I will happily do for my parents because I know they need the help and I love them.

Also yesterday was Ash Wednesday (yep I'm Catholic) so i had church in the middle of the day.

And I happend to get a new CM customer yay!

so yeah it's been a little crazy! but I'm going to upload some new pics right now! and maybe I can find the strength to do some new ones today and get those up tonight!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sneaky Peaky #1!

Ok I hate being sick! I have hardly been able to leave my couch or bed for 2 days now, and I feel so miserable that I don't even want to craft...and that is telling you something! lol
But I promised a preview of these soon to be released St. Patrick's Day Images didn't I?

So I killed 2 birds with one stone, on Wednesday we will announce next weeks challenge well I guess it won't hurt to be early on that. Next week's challenge is to make a shaker card! (well I've never made one before lol) but I thought I should give it a try, and I had this great clover confetti. So not only is it a preview of one of our soon to be released St. Patty's Day images, It's an intro to this upcoming Challenge.

So without further adue, Kiss Me I'm Irish Shaker Card featuring our fun loving ready to party leprechaun! She will be available for purchase first thing this Saturday February 28, 2009!!!

Big announcement!!!

ok I feel like I'm five when I say this but I feel Ucky!
lol Starting sat morning I wake up and my throat feels all closed up and my ears and nose are clogged and just feel bla. So I did my favorite thing to do when I start to feel sick....I went to Jamba Juice!!! and got a cold buster, and a swear within a few hours I was feeling better yay!
So I had a Pajama crop planned with my family and friends from 4-midnight, so everyone came over we watched movies ate tons of junk food and scrapped for hours. luckily no one stayed until midnight lol which was good because by the end of the day I was feeling worse than I started (ugh) anyways, so Sunday morning...well I just did not want to get outta bed I was achy and sore and my nose and ears and throat were all worse! So I curled up on the couch with a big fluffy pillow and a big fuzzy blanket, a bottle of nyquil and a box of tissues. My hubbys Aunt and cousin came over to hang out for a while but they had been sick too so we had a house full of ucky sick-o's lol so Chris (my hubby) and his cousin watched guy kinda shows while I taught his aunt how to use the knifty knitter looms to make a scarf (our girly stuff) and then the boys wen out and got Jamba juice!!!! (can you tell I love me some jamba juice!) so hubby brought me back another coldbuster.
Well today...lets see its like 4:30 in the morning that I am starting this blog lol so that should tell ya something. Chris usually gets up for work just after 3 am and leaves for the train station just before 4 (he commutes into Los Angeles from where we are and takes the train so he doesn't have to worry about driving or traffic, he can hang out, read a book, or do what I think he does most....sleep lol) anyways I woke up a little but fell back asleep and after he leaves the cat (tahnee) usually goes crazy and starts making these crazy meows! I don;t know if it's because he leaves, or if it's one of the neighborhood strays that comes visit at the glass door all the time that she is talking to or if she's afraid that she was left alone so I usually call out to her and she'll come in and snuggle with me on the bed until I wake up at a more normal hour (usually 8) but instead I just got up my throat and mouth were so dries out and my nose and ears clogged I just couldn't stay in bed and do nothing, so today is all about Air bourne every couple hours to jam pack my system with vitamins! tons of tissues and nyquill and probably falling asleep on the couch lol

anyways, sorry for whining but I hate feeling sick! and whats worse than be sick might you ask? ....being sick and alone!!!! =( there's no one here to take care of me =( but I have my English Breakfast tea steeping mmmmm and a comfy couch.

I just wanted to stop in and say hi I am alive (in a manner) and I do have new projects to load up once I feel a little better, and I have a huge announcement!!!!

Pink Papery Studios is getting ready to release our St. Patty's Day Images!!!!! so through out this week check in on all our design team members for previews! (I'll posy mine later today hopefully) There will be 2 St. Patrick's Day specific Images coming to the public this Saturday the 28th!

Wait Wait Wait and that is not all! We will also be releasing a whole slew of new images the week after (march 7th)
This next release will definitely include Easter images!

And I can't tell you for sure what the others are, they may include some of the sneak peaks I have been showing off these past weeks such as a bride, a crafting Amy, and some teen images. And for those of you who like the sexy ones we may have a few for you too.... but like I said I can't tell yet but I think we are looking at almost 10 images that week! So definitely keep a look out!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Miss Anya kinda day

Ok so I have been neglecting all my work all morning because I just had to make some more miss anya cards.
So I decided I better just load em up and be done for the day so I can get back to my real work i have to get some new stamp designs emailed off to amy, and I have a bunch of fashion sketches to get done as well, not to mention I have a huge pile of laundry to do and my kitchen is a mess!...busy busy busy

So I don't often place sentiments on my cards, and thats because I never know what I am going to use them for, or if I sell them at a craft fair you don;t know what people want to use them for, and by not placing sentiments on them I don;t have to make as many cards with the risk of not selling them. and I have decided at this upcoming craft fair I am going to offer free personalizations so i can add sentiments or flowers, or my fav... card scents! so anyways on to teh good stuff! ....maybe I'll use some of these to apply for the greeting farm DT...

So now...Back to work! (real work that is lol)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cards galore!! (and some adult only creations) and this weeks PPS Challenge

So it has been a busy day yesterday and today (more so yesterday) lol anyways I have been prepping for a craft fair so i have many new projects to show, We'll start with some fun ones then at the bottom we'll show off the naughty ones ;)

So I got the geisha anya digi stamp from th egreeting farm a while back but yet to find the prefect paper and sentiment to so with her. when I came across this paper by DCWV (yes it is from on eof the christmas stacks but is still very cute) I knew i had to put a geisha with it.

and this one well as pretty as she is she is not available yet. this is a test run of a possible upcoming Pink Papery studios image...what do you think of this pretty blushing bride?

and next well today was a great day! I only just ordered my miss anya stamps the other day when they were released and they already arrived today!!! I could hardly believe it! and I couldn't wait to make something with them!!! so this is my first of what I am sure will be many to come and well I thought it was about time to start on some st pattys day easter and spring cards, so what do you think?

and yesterday I was in the mood for some bubbly! a bubble bath that is. well I can;t quite take one in my tub yet =( but hopefully soon...anyways I thought I could live vicariously through my stamps.

Caution Adult Content Advisory!
lol Ok well it;s not as bad as it sounds its just a little naughty
So I bought My Favorite Things Twisted Sentiments stamp set way back before halloween and had yet to use them which makes me sad because I love them they are so funny!
So I knew I had to use them, and well I have neglected my bella's for a while so I thought I should bust them out as well.
So here we have cravabella

and here we have cruisabella
And last but not least this weeks challenge project from Pink Papery Studios. This weeks challenge is to create a card for the boys. and to try and use either a doodle girl stamp or a between us girls stamp.
So here are 2 samples using the same PPS between us girls stamp with 2 different twisted sentiments showcased. I know they are simple but I wanted to keep them streamline and more masculine (as much as possible at least) and though they are girly I know my hubby will get a kick out of these

So I hope you will join in with us this week on the PPS challenge. Create a card for the boy or man in your life and try to use a doodlgirl image or a between us girls stamp set. If you dont have any of those sets it's alright we'de still love to see what you come up with try using any stamped image with the a femanin look/feel to it that meshed with the desired PPS images.
Happy crafting

Monday, February 16, 2009

busy weekend

So it's been a busy weekend! Fri night was spent decorating a hall for a friends wedding (my mom has a business doing that sort of thing and I help)...Oh and I chopped off over 4 inches of my hair!!! I'll have to show pics soon but they are on my dads camera so I'll get those soon and post them. then saturday getting up getting ready and then doing the brides makeup, then having to steam the maid of honors dress and do her hair because she was unprepared and I wasn't even a part of the bridal party, my sis was a bridesmaid though. Then getting a gift and going home so my hubby and I could get changed and ready and then it was wedding time. the ceremony was fine the reception was beautiful, and it was very late by the time we got out of there because we had to take down all out table clothes and overlays and chaircovers and sashes happy valentines day to me lol....well we knew in advance so we planned our Vday for sunday. We were going to go to disneyland but due to the wheather being iffy lately (it rained and snowed last week and the next day would be sunny and hot) so with not knowing what the wheather was going to do and being dead tired we decided to spend the day at home and we will go to disneyland sometime soon. so we started the morning with champagne and breakfast and then went to my friends parents house to watch the newleyweds open all their gifts. ran a few errands and then came home and we made home made white pizza it was so good!!!!!
(in case you wanna know the recipe...)
I used the ready made pilsbury pizza dough, rolled it out on a greased pan. took a jar of alfredo sauce and just layed out a thin layer. Sprinkled a layer of mozerella, some big chunks of fresh garlic, layed out fresh spinich leaves, crumbled cooked bacon, another thin layer of mozerella, and little dollops of ricotta, a sprinkle of dried oregano, and dried parsley, and fresh parmesan cheese cooked til melted (9 mins in my oven) and Ta Da!!!! it was sooooooooo good and the hubby even liked teh spinach on it!
anyways so a nice romantic dinner at home with champagne and pizza and we watched some movies and i crafted and he played computer games lol (we're young can you tell? we're only 24)
anyways so here are some cards I made tonight. one is very similar to one a made a little while back but my mom bought the last one off me so here were some new ones to restock my invenotry and more.

PS The Greeting Farm is having a DT call out I am so excited I am deffinately going to apply! I soooooooooooo soooooooooooo soooooooooooooo hope I get on that would make may day!!!! you don't even know!!! so maybe one of these cards will be one of my submissions....maybe not I dunno yet I am going to wait to get my new miss anya stamps to create some with them before I send in my application...but wish me luck!
PPS Whiff of Joy also released those super cute mideival stamps this weekend!!! I haven;t ordered them yet but I am saving up so I can buy them all!!!
Well I hope everyone had a happy Valentines day!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I bought them !! I bought them!!!

lol ok so what the heck am I talkinmg about well I bought the new Miss anya collection from the greeting farm!!! can't wait to get them!! I have yet to try their regular stamps so I am super excited (I love their digi images though!) but these ones were just released today! and are super cute! and I wish I could afford to just buy em all at once but one set at a time for now but yay they are mine now!! well when they arrive lol I hate waiting!!!! anyways I did make some thing stoday but sadly to say no time to take pics and upload them, today has been a busy day. I have a bridal shop here in town who's going to carry some of my cards on consignment and see how they do so cross your fingers! and I chopped off close to 5 inches of my hair today! hubby was sad he loves my hair long (not that its short now its just not long its medium lol) and a friend is getting married tomorrow and my mom and I did the decorating (one of my moms businesses is cahircovers and decor rentals etc) by the way it looks beautiful! I was in charge of the head table and the arch way and I will post pics soon I promise! and well I need to hit the hay cause I gotta get up early I'm doing the brides makeup tomorrow so I gotta prep and be ready so sadly to say goodnight and I probably wont have tim eto get on and post tomorrow so I will have to play some catch up on sunday.....and I tell you what on sunday I will have to give some sneaky peakies of some of our upcoming digi stamps for Pink Papery Studios, and a launch date! so if you can't wait to see what we've been working on check back sometime on sunday I dont know whan so maybe just check monday lol but you get what I'm trying to say.

sweet dreams and happy crafting!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The notebook

So it was a great movie and all though I have only seen it one and a half times lol it is not what is meant by the title, this post is all about notebooks and notpads.

This weeks PPS challenge is In the Pink! Jennifer suggested using pink bling in honor of Valentine's Day. Bonus points if you use them on a notebook or journal you create to highlight all those things you love (great idea Amy!) Try to challenge yourself by using a whimsy studio image, or a PPS valentines image. But if you don't have either please play along anyways! we'd love to see what you come up with.

Anyways, here is my contribution/sample for this weeks challenge.

This is just a standard composition book that I covered added a book marker ribbon to and decorated.
So here we are this pretty lady is wearing a chocolate brown dress blinged up with pink on her dress and earings. She is one of the new Valentines Digi images at Pink Papery Studios which is great because I was able to print her out as large as I needed for this project

I also scalloped the brown layer under the image (boy do i need to get nestabilities!!!lol PS it is a metalic brown cardstock so a little extra bling)
anyway, in each scallop there is a little pink bling
the heart she is holding is all glittered up!, and the hearts surrounding her are made with metalic pink and brown cardstocks

and to finish off the front I gave a little box to write in the name of the owner or maybe a little love note to the reciever, more metalic hearts layered, and of course more pink bling made into swirls (yeah they dont match great but i freehanded them)

and to finish off the insides I lined the inside with matching papers to the cover, and you can see the ribbon bookmark which is a different but matching ribbon to the one I used to disguise the seam on the cover, anyways a little journal box for a this book belongs to kind of thing or maybe if you put the name on the front this could be the little message to the reciever of the gift if you give it as a gift that is lol...and yes i know i need to do my nails lol

So this challenge was so much fun and I really hope you will join in. If you decided to participate you can place a comment on this post with a link to your project. and though this challenge doesnt have a prize, We will be hosting a challenge every week and from time to time we will throw in a chance to win candy so always watch out for our Pink Papery Studios weekly wednesday challenge!

Now I mentioned notpads too didn't I?!?! hmmmmm well they are not part of the challenge but I still wanted to show them off.

So target had teh sweetest little post it note pads in there seasonal bins one has a frog prince, one has XOXO, one has a conversation heart candy, and one has a cupcake how sweet!!! so I made little covers/books to keep them in with velcro closures so here they are. The 2 with stamped images are images from the greeting farm which I am madly in love with right now, I have only purchased the digi images so far, and no these weren't my stamps I got it in a swap but after seeing how cute they are I will be getting a set of my own now! =) and the 2 without stamped images features DCWV sweet stack papers. so cute!

and this notepad was also from target (featuring that frog prince i mentioned) but obviously a larger pad, so I made it a covered notpad...well semi covered lol I loved teh little frog so much that I had to keep him out, so the ribbon closure is attached to the back of the book and the front flap and ties everything nicely closed and to ad to the cuteness we had to add lots of flowers and hearts the larger layered flowers each have a heart shaped brad in the center and teh smaller flowers each have a little pink rhinestone bling in the middles don't you just love it!

So thats it for now and I hope you enjoyed, check back tomorrow for even more projects.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

are you ready for this?

More Card Filers!!! lol Ok so if youdon't already know I have a craft fair coming up next month and I am trying to prep for it. So you are seeing a lot of projects come out I know.

But when I found this new way to make teh card filers I was stoked because it is soooooooo much easier!!!

So now we have another rockstar filer. This time we did pink! here is teh front view. (by the way the little shit tags you see hanging off it are my price tags for the craft fairs)

and the side and back

and a close up on the top look at those great purple metalic star brads!

Next I had to do something a little more girly, So I have pretty head rachel from the greeting farm on my stylista card filer.
and here is the side and back....I think I may cut out the word stylista or fashionista or something like that and put it on the back so it isn't so plain, but my sis is borrowing my cricut so I have to get that back from her first.
and the day is still not over so you might be seeing even more later tonight but for now i think Im done and i'm going to go take a break and do some house work...yuck!

Getting excited1

ok as I mentioned before I have never tried Whiff of joy, but they are sooooooo cute and I am super excited for this new launch they are getting ready to release! i will deffinately be getting them all!!! anywasy I wanted to help them spread the word, so I wanted to share with you some of the preview projects their design team is showing off. I take no credit for these, but want you to see what I am sooooo excited about.

So the lady I spoke about yesterday is Katharina here is a new creation by her.
Aija has an awesome card for those knights in your life but you have to go to her blog to check it out and it is way worth it! click here
this next one is by bev
And jaqui has a number of them up on her blog
and the last i am sharing with you is from sonja
Like I said I take no credit for these, I don't even know these people personally I just absolutely adore these stamps and projects and wanted to help katharina spread the word about the new launch so please visit their individual blogs to give compliments where they are due! =)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Boosom Buddies and more

Ok so I had seen these bra and thong cards or bikini cards etc before and always wanted to try one so today I finally did! I did it a little different because of how I had ribbons and fabric wrapping around the back of the boosom part I decided to place it on a normal rectangle card instead of doing it as a shaped card as I had often seen it used, but I think the effect is close enough!

So these can be used for bossom buddy cards, support cards, Bachelorette or girls night out kind of cards or maybe even a card for the bachelor or a sexy little card for the hubby/segnificant other.

So this one is oh so sexy in zebra print and red satin

And a coordinating thong one with a little tatoo on the booty

This was more elegant for that blushing bride to be for a shower card or a bachelorette card something to give a little smile

and Oh La La how about some boa feathers! ok so this is supposed to be a starpless nighty kinda appeal but without straps it kinda looks like booty cleavage lol, so I will be adding the straps to it to complete it off or maybe a necklace

And then as promised, some Pink Papery Studios projects....but here's the catch
these aren't PPs images...yet these are ideas we are playing with and we are not sure yet what we are going to do with them

This first covered composition book has a sweet teen chatting it up on her cell phone.
What do you think? would you want some sweetteen images in the near future? do you like her style? let me know what you think.

Next this girl is our Amy, the ownder of Pink Papery studios.Though the image is cropped she is seated at a table full of card scents, stamps and shimmer it paints. We are thinking of using her as out logo girl, but would you want to see her in our stamp line too? do you like our digi options, or would you rather good old fashioned rubber stamps? what do you think? your input is always valued and we love to hear what you have to say so drop a line and let me know whats on your mind.
And lastly no stamped images at all, but rather another card filer box doesnt this box rock!?!?!?!