Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Whiskey Week!

I am a big Jack Daniels Girl! my momma is a Big Jack Daniels Girl I mean we are whiskey lovin family lol. I know it may seem odd but I can do jack straight up in shot glasses or in my fave ever whiskey sours in honnor of my momma who had surgery this week on her toe lol i know silly reason lol but it has inspired me to do a week of Jack Daniels! ...well that and the fact I am almost out and I wanna go but a new bottle! lol I hate having almost empty bottles in my stash he hee
Drink of the Day 9/21/09
Day 11
Jack Daniels Lynchburg Lemonade
1 part Jack Daniels
1 part sweet and sour mix
1 part triple sec
4 parts sprite soda
pour over ice a stir do not shake. garnish with lemon slices and cherry's!
I love this! It has the components of one of my fav drinks ever...a jack 'n sours he hee (whiskey sours) but with a refreshing twist with the lemon lime soda, and teh triple sec has that citrus note to it as well that smooths thing sout as well
Drink of the Day 9/22/09
Day 12
My momma's frozen lynchburg lemonade!
1 part Jack Daniels
1 part tripple sec
2 parts sweet and sour mix
....mix in a large tupperware container and stick in the freezer! it is better to stir every once in a while it makes it more slushy like and not too icey but i dont mean like every five minutes i mean every hour or so until its ready once it is slushy and semifrozen it is perfect! scoop into a glass and enjoy with a spoon...and dont forget to garnish with that bright red cherry!
Drink of the Day 9/23/09
Day 13
Whiskey Sour ( well I did mention it was one of my all time favs earlier so I of course had to make one!)
1 1/2 oz Jack Daniels
2 oz sweet and sour mix
serve in an old fashioned glass with ice, garnish with a lemon slice and make a little sweeter and prettier take about a table spoon of the cherry juice and carefully pour across the top i love when colors blend so pretty! and this drink is simple but perfect!
so until tomorrow...Cheers!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

catching up on Drink of the Day's! 9/16 - 9/20

Sorry I have fallen behind sooo much going on! I'll catch you all up on that tomorrow after i get back home from my mom's surgery...
So for now lets catch up on the last few days worth of drink of the day
Drink of the Day 9/16/09
Day 6
Kamakazee Shots
2 oz vodka ( I like absolute in these but the sky is pretty good as well but I hate the smirnoff, you can use others like grey goose or your fav this is just my opinion)
2 oz tripple sec
1 oz lime juice (I prefer fress limes, if you do as well use just 1 lime dont worry about measurements)
add ingredients into shaker full of ice, shake well and then strain into shot glasses these measurements should give you 2-4 shot glasses worth (depending on size or shape of your glasses)
I love these shots! these were teh 1st shots I have ever had and they were sooo yummy and smooth! they should be slightly tart but not too tart and well with lime juices some brands vary in tartness bottle to bottle sometimes depending on the harvests or even the real fruits which stinks because every once in a while it will end up more tart than I liek it like I said its ok to have a little tart but it should be smooth so I always suggest take a little taste when you make your 1st batch and make sure it is too your liking if it is a little to tart or bitter add a dash more vodka and tripple sec until you are happy with it but make a mental note to yourself as to the changes. if you feel it doesnt have enough lime flavor then add a dash more until you are happy with the mixture. More often than not these measurements will be perfect however from time to time I get a batch that is more bitter than I would like and I just add a dash more the alcohols to it and it always seems to work out great!
9/17/09 Drink of the Day
Day 7
German Chocolate Cake Shots
1st take a lemon give it a little roll to release the juices and cut wedge slices out of the fruit. use a small plate or bowl and pour some regular white table sugar onto your dish.
the shots are
1/2 frangelico's Hazelnut liquor
1/2 vodka
if you liquor is kept col you can pour straight into shot glasses, otherwise pour into shaker with ice 1st. when doing this was just figure roughly 1 oz of each liquor for every 2 shots for a standard shotglass
so now here is the fun part!...have each person take a lemon wedge and dip it in the sugar coat both sides. You take the sugar coated lemon in your mouth and suck out all the juice from the lemon and all that sugar, (don't swallow!) then take your shot of the frangelico's and vodka mix (now you can swallow...if you want he hee it gets so tasty you might wanna savor it lol and that is your choice hee hee)
when the fruit juice and sugar meets the alcohol the flavors meld and you get this super jummy taste of german chocolate cake!
I am sure you could try other hazelnut liquors and it will probably work but my hubby bought me the frangelico's which is more the name brand. I like using absolute in most my shots and that is just for me i find it a smoother vodka compared to say smirnoff, smirnoff burns in my opinion lol but Absolut isnt the most pricey so its good If you have a favorite higher quality vodka you woudl rather use go for it I just give you my opinions and preferences in a drink like this the flavor is transformed into something so different that as long as it is a fairly smooth liquor it will be delish!
9/18/09 Drink of the Day
Day 8
Rum Jungle Juice!
full sized glass filled with ice cubes...(crushed ice better if you have it)
now this drink is done in layers so you must pour them in this exact order!
2 oz - midori (or melon liquor)
2 oz - Coconut rum
1 oz - Stroh (this is a butterscotch liquor but it is 160 proof which is 80% alcohol you can sub off brands of the other liquors accept i do not reccomend subbing this)
by now your glass should be mostly full so just top off with pineapple juice I would say about 1" or less of juice
now doesnt that look pretty!!!
you can garnish with fruit slices such as an orange or pinapple.
now as pretty as it is lol you dont wann adrink it that way lol the flavors will be very sperated so mix it all up and it wont be so pretty but boy will it taste yummy! be carefull with these though, they are almost all alcohol (only about 1" juice remember) so they will sneak up on you quick if you are not careful
9/19/09 Drink of the Day
Day 9
Midori Sex on the Beach
1 part midori
1 part vodka
1 part peach schnapps
1 part pineapple juice
1 part cranberry
shake with ice and then strain and serve in a tall glass with ice
....honestly...I hated it! lol I am sorry I have never had sex on the beach and I do like midori in some things like say a midori sours or the rum jungle juice, however...this drink just wasnt great I would never make it again and that is my personal oppinion and if it sounds yummy to you please feel free to try maybe you will love it, it just was not for me
9/20/09 Drink of the Day
Day 10
Jelly Doughnut Shots
1 part Chambord raspberry liquor
2 parts irish cream (bailey's)
wet the rim of your shotglass and dip into sugar (if you have a tiny ramakin this is my suggestion pour justa little of the chambord into it we dont want to waste this so thats why I said a very small dish and just enough alcohol to coat the bottom dip your shotglass in this and then in the sugar for a rasberry hint to the sugar) add your 2 to 1 mizture to the glasses and Salute! ( i always loving saying cheers in italian he hee) this one when those flavors meld and mix they really do taste like a jelly filled doughnut!
I like thes kind of drinks cold I keep my bailey's in my fridge so it is always cold or if i am using it for a party or something Istick in the freezer for the night I dont leave in the freezer as I am weary about what may happen but I do like mine very cold, because warm cream is not so yummy anyways if yours is not cold and you are like me then just shake it in a shaker with ice it will work just fine.
well that is it for today we are all caught up! and I can;t wait to share more with you! I really will try to stay on top of this daily! lol so until tomorrow... Cheers!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

oh no the freebie wasnt working so well

I dont know what happened but blogger decided it didnt like me today lol so I treid again I hope this one works better

Drink of the Day 9-15-09

Ok well I havent had tim eto mix any drinks the past couple days so I ran out of ones I tried (cuz I tried more than one on Friday night lol and I didnt drink the rest of the weekend or yesterday, cuz my moms cat is sick and has to stay at the vet a few days...she had jaundice, and then I went to the church for a meeting to start helping out with the youth group! yay and after that I went to work out and after that it was late but ihad to finish setting up my store and posts for today lol soooo it was a but crazy) ...anyways instead of a mixed drink how about a product review...of sorst lol
I love mikes hard lemonade and bacardi silvers and smirnoffs! I am not a beer person every beer I ever tasted was just gross!
So... Mikes Hard lemonade has some limited edition seasonal favorites out right now.
1st up they have PINK LEMONADE!!! how great is that not only does it taste yummy like pink lemonade they created it to sponsor a great cause...Breast Cancer Research! so if you love mikes and you love pink lemonade this is a must try!
2nd they have another limited edition seasonal favorite!...Raspberry lemonade! now it isn't as sweet as you would get from a reg raspberry lemonande but it is sweeter and fruitier than the reg lemonade it was very yummy!
The only prob with these 2 new beverages is they are limited edition!...I want more!!! ...that and that the hubby keeps stealing my drinks! lol he even things they tatste great! he will drink a reg mikes but he still will usually pick a beer but now he keeps drinking mine all up because he liked them sooooo much!
Now Bacardi silvers are great! they are not as heavy as smirnoff if that makes any sense?!?! they are lighter and smoother the Bacardi Silver Raz is my fav!!! but they just put out a lemonade!!! and it has a lighter taste than mikes it tatstes great but it just tastes crisper and smoother and not as heavy as say a mikes ...another one the hubby keeps stealing lol
so anyways these are all very yummy choices if you can find 'em
Thanks for stopping in today, ill have another mixed drink for you tomorrow!
Happy Release Day All!
I have to say Halloween is one of my fav Holidays!
I think that is the Fashion/Costume Designer in me.
When I decided to go into Fashion I wanted so bad to be in Costumingdesigning for movies would have been soooooo awesome! Instead I ended up in intimate apparel lol pajamas bras etc ...however not long before the company closed I did get a chance to go into sexy halloween costumes! It was soooo much fun! unfortunately the company had to close down before they got to produce any of them =(
And I want to say to me halooween is fun in its Comercialized form but I also respect the holiday as All soulds day or All saints day the Catholic tradition behind the holiday as well, or the mexican tradution of Dia de los muertos the day of the dead... but the costumes and trick or treaters is my fav part!
So this release was soooooo much fun to design! The only problem was I had WAY too many ideas and not enough time to make them all come into fluition.

So.... if you havent been by the Sassy Studio Designs blog to see what we have going on I suggest you make a stop by there as well as the other DT members (they are listed and linked on the SSD blog) TREAT for you today is....A Freebie!!!! (well 2 technically!)
We have a Witches Cauldron and some potion bottles!
But snatch these up while you can...they are only available until midnight PST the 16th (thats only 2 days!)
Be sure to double click the image to get a higher resolution version before saving the image
Happy Trick or Treating!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Drink of the Day 9-14-09 Vodka Daquiri

Ok so one of my all time fav drinks is a Strawberry Daquiri!
I usually make mine abit strong instead of using half a can of rum i use a whole lol...but tonight rum! Why is all the rum gone?
lol soooo anyways I decided to make up my own twist! I love freckled lemonade! and I just bought a bottle of lemoncello! mmmmm soooo since I was debating between a strawberry daquiri and a lemoncello martini I decided to do my own thing!
1 can of Frozen Strawberry Daquiri mix
1/2 can of vodka (I like absolute)
fill the blender with Ice and Blend until smooth
...pour in glass and top with about a 1/2" of lemoncello on the top and swirl in and enjoy!
it was more strawberry with a hint of lemon but it was tasty!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Drink of the Day 9-13-09

Happy Sunday Everyone!
So thanks for stopping in for my 4th Drink of the Day Has anyone had a chance to try any of the previous ones? what did you think
Well today I felt like a litte vacation so How about a Blue Hawaiian?!?!
(by the way I try these a day or 2 before my posts lol in case you are wondering he hee I am setting my posts for 12:01 am each day and somedays like sunday I don't usually Drink or just sometimes I dont feel like it lol so I try out an extra one or two on Fri or Sat so I can have one a day here on my blog lol)
Anyway, Blue Hawaiian!
1/2 oz sour mix
1 oz Blue Curacao
1 oz Vodka
1 oz Light Rum
2 oz Pinapple Juice
Shake with Ice and serve in an old fashioned glass on the Rocks
MMMM Pinapple Juice anything sign me up! he hee and the Blue Curacao wow that makes a great tropical drink! However you have to watch the ratio to other colored products too much juice the color wont look so pretty lol but it looked just fine with the 2 oz the recipe called for.
You know what I think would be a super yummy option instead of plain pinapple juice using the pineapple orange juice I'll have to try it another day but it does sound good and I am sure it would taste just fine
Well have a great rest of your weekend and...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Drink of the Day 9-12-09

It's Saturday!!!! so let's go a little nutty!!!
Todays Drink of the Day is the Nutty Irishman
1 1/2 oz Frangelica (Frangelico Hazelnut Liquior is brand name)
1 1/2 oz Irish Cream
Served on the rocks in an old fashioned glass
This is another super yummy super creamy drink that can so just be my desert!
It is best COLD so combine with ice in a shaker before pouring or keep your liquor cold
Though it was great on it's own I wasnt in teh mood for such a strong drink tonight So I also saw another version of this recipe that called for an equal part of cream, well no cream in my house =( so I just added 1 oz of 2% milk and it was just fine. I love drinks like this that you can mild down when your not in th emood for something too strong but you also have the option to leave as is when you are in the mood for something a little stronger

Friday, September 11, 2009

Drink of the Day 9-11-09

Woo Woo today is day #2
lol and today's Drink of the Day is called a Woo Woo! he hee
1 1/2 oz vodka
1/2 oz peach schnapps
2 oz cranberry juice
Served on the rocks on an oldfashioned glass or cocktail glass
Sorry no pic today couldnt find a good one, I'll be sure to set up and charge my camera and start taking my own pics
This was a tasty cocktail We enjoyed it with some cheese and crackers, and if you find it a little strong for your mood you can always add a little more cranberry juice, also 100% juice would probably be better than cranberry cocktail drink that I used since it will have a stronger cranberry taste to mellow out the alcohol.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Drink of the Day 9-10-09

Ok so I dont know if I have ever expressed this before But I love mixing Drinks! he hee Its fun to try new things, I am not a Beer person at all, and I would love to be a bartender! how fun does that sound...soooooooooo while I am working on my journey to loose weight I am also going to be teaching myself some bartending basics and recipe's (I know that it will make the weight loss harder , but I figure one shared drink a night with the Hubby is fine if I count it in my points (weight watchers) and do my workouts everyday as planned)
So I thought I would share with you some of the supre yummy drinks I find...well and let you know the yucky ones too he hee
So to start us off the 1st day I thought a super yummy one would be good
So Day 1 - Butter Nipple Shot
Use a frosty shot glass and chill your liquor before hand in order to get the layered look, or you can shake together with ice in a shker but then its just beige all teh way through
1/2 shotglass Buttershots (or butterscotch schnapps)
1/2 shotglass Irish Cream on top (pour slowly to keep in layers)

This Shot can be done quickly however it is smooth and sweet and very yummy you can even sip slowly. I honestly think this would take place of desert! It really is that decadent and yummy!
Anyway Have a great day and I hope if you get a chance to try this you will let me know what you think as well check back tomorrow for another fun Drink of the day
(the photo was found using yahoo image search)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Its another anya kinda day

...Well week lol

I havent had much time to craft lately because of the house hunting and designing lots and lots of new images for all 3 stores...but I did squeeze in a little time to finally get to use some of my new sets I hadn't even touched...they were screaming out play with with me!!! he hee
(by the way I got an amazing birthday gift a week or so ago from Jacquie...and i havent showed it off yet...I will work on taking a pic and I'll post it soon)
but for now...
I saw a few other people take grad ian and turn him into harry potter and I loved that idea! but I wanted to try something i stretched grad iams body and traced it (the lines were too thick to use on its own) ...and thats how I created these great hogwarts robes... I replaced the diploma with wands. Rons head was peter pan from the never ever set, Harry's head was grad ian shrunken down a little, and hermiony was the rain miss anya anyways with so much work on the characters I really wanted it to be all about them I had this great paper by CM with the tree and moon set the perfect back drop
So up til now I had never tried to change any of my TGF iamges because well I love them so much as they are, but I have seen such great things from people who did so I wanted to try a few things. I masked the flower in the hair of the dressy anya on the right and drew in the lines that was my 1st time ever masking something and it worked pretty well I think I might do that more often! then I drew 2 witches hats from scratch... Halloween is one of my FAV ever holidays!!

So I had gotten this set a while back and never had a chance to use it so I colored these 2 to match and I really wanted to use both on a card Chris and I love teh Pirates of the Carribean ride at Disneyland...and we love love love the blue bayou the restraunt that overlooks the ride so this card was made for him inspipred by all that...maybe this is how we should dress for halloween?!?!? lol but he is my best friend and my husband and the love of my life so i thought this was perfect!

Its Back to School Release day at SSD

Sorry everyone I havent posted much lately I have been soo busy! Chris and I are trying to buy our 1st house so it has been a lot of work and time trying to search and look and all that we found one we want and boy do we want it! it is perfect! it is a block or 2 from my parents which is nice and it actually was my best friends family home growing up, I spent many a sleepovers there! how perfect would that be! so we are hoping and praying our offer is accepted this time.
So in the time that I have had to work here on the computer I have been spending it designing new images!!! and boy is there lot coming out! there will be new ones at MSB and the Digishack...and of course Sassy Studio I cant show you waht I have been upto with the other 2 stores because it's top secret! lol but I promise you you will love them!!!
But I can show you what I have been up to at my store...because today is release day!!!
We have 10 (well 9 and 1 accessory set)new images for you today! as well as a game and challenge with prizes happening on the blog today, and join us for some chatting on our PCP page tonight for a freebie!
but without further adue....the Back to School Release!
Now head on over to Sassy Studio Deisgns for more details!