Saturday, January 31, 2009

Filling up the mailbox

Ok so here are the cards for mail box #1 ...anyways I have a fav to ask, I have a craft fair coming up and I want to sell these as sets, what do you think is a fair price to ask for these decorated mailboxes and the 6 cards that match them?

You've got mail #2

Ok so I decided to make another using the SU love stories kit. I still need to make cards for the bella rose one but I did get the cards made for this one

Friday, January 30, 2009

you've got mail

So have any of you seen the little tin mail boxes in the target dollar spot? so right now there is a little competition of inspiration going on at my bellaholics yahoo group. so i though I'm always up for a good challenge. so i went to buy some well they had 4 but only 2 were in good shape, so i bought the 2, so here is what I came up with for the 1st. I vered clear of valentines day references because it is so limiting plus I have a craft fair coming un in march so I want it to be something I can sell there, so I decided I want to do a stationery box with a mini pen some mini not cards and envelopes to match so i still have to create the filler but here is the mail box.

so I used SU Bella rose papers to compliment my bella stamp Mwahbella

So since I didnt want it to be specifically vday I stamped different sentiments all over the body of the mail box, and the little flag is marked for you

The front that I did not glue shut has our mwahbella and she's a savvy, sassy, sexy sistah

here is a full side view for you do you can see the paper layering the ribbon the flowers and brad etc as well as all the different sentiments all over and like i said i plan to make mini cards to match to place inside with a pen.

Pink Poison/ The greeting Farm

So you all know I bouth those images this week and made some cards using my first images from the greeting farm, well the other day Marie emailed me and told me she loved my cards and wanted to show them off on the greeting farms blog!!! how exciting is that, so today 2 of my cards are being featured at so stop on by if you get a chance!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The power of 3

Due Wednesday January 28, 2009 - The Power of 3…to the third power! What a neat suggestion from Shelly! Your creation must have 3 of something…..3 brads, 3 images, 3 colors, 3 ribbons, etc

So for the power of three what could be more fitting than 3 cards!

So for starters, lets show off our new hottie Cupid. There are 3 pieces of paterned paper used, 3 stamped images (digi stamp cupid, love heart, and swirly heart) and 3 heart brads

Next up we have our awesome new Valentini with 3 layers of paper as well 1 white and 2 patterned, 3 ribbons, 3 rows of 3 rhinestones 3 different sizes

and thridly a little more simply put we have all three of our heartfelt girls here...well this turned out a lot simpler than I planned but i guess i didn't take into consideration how much space 3 girls take up, but none the less they are chic aren't they?!?!

So did any of you join in this weeks PPS Challenge (Pink Papery Studio Challenge)? If so post up your link here and share with us. And check back later For information on this next weeks challenge (their will be candy in store for the winner next week)

First New release of 2009

You heard right We just released a whole group of new Digi images for Valentines Day!
We tried to get them out as soon as possible because Valentines Day is deffinately creaping up on us fast so stop by my design blog to check them out! maybe buy a few if you like them ;) lol
and make sure to let me know what you think of them I thrive on your feedback.
Anyways, stop by my Design blog at

This is just a glimpse chcek out my other blog to see them all

and Have a Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Crafts By Kim is hosting a Blog Candy give away!

Up for grabs is:
3 DCWV design cards
6 white doilies
Valentine Studio G clear stamp set
Friend to Friend heart stamp
Pink mini rose flowers
Magenta baubles
Card Scents in Snickerdoodle
Valentine ribbon
Red, White, and Pink Flowers
A mixture of foam hearts
She will also throw in some misc. WOJ and Magnolia stamped images
You only have until January head on over to her blog at

Monday, January 26, 2009

Pretty head lily cards

So as I showed off earlier I bought and colored some Pink Poison digi images, well then after getting some sketching and work done I decided I had to make cards with them

So excited!!!

So I have been seeing these super cute creatines using stamps by Pink Poison (now the greeting farm) So i finally decided to buy some for myself! so I bought some digi ones for starters so I could have them right away...well here are 2 versions of the 1st one all colored and ready to go, ill have to create something amazing because these are so beautiful!! anyways here they are

Creative Memories Valentines

So this weekend we did a creative Memories thing where we made Valentines Day cards. I was able to make 4 so here they are

New toy #2

so remember the BBQ grill well like i said that was the first of 2 new toys we got last week. So 2 days after we got the grill for $100, we got......... A Washer and Dryer!!!! for only $175 (total)!!!!!

Ok Ok Ok I know a Washer and Dryer?!?! what the heck is she thinking how can that be exciting...but you know what at my last apartment the place was a piece of crap i didnt even have a dishwasher that worked!!! so when we looked for our new place the important things to us were dishwasher that works, garage for the hubby to play with his cars, patio to have a grill and table and chairs and washer dryer hookups and the place we found had everything we wanted and after 4 years of lugging my laundry to my parents house on weekends (because i visited almost every weekend) or lugging it to the laundromat when i didnt go to my parents and we lived on the second floor and the car was in an underground garage so 2 HUGE flights of steps up and down with all the laundry is tough and tiring! anyways i finally have one of my own and dont have to lug my clothes anywhere accept the garage yay for me!!!!

ok so there were some tiny probs which is how he got such a great deal but he already fixed the probs the washer has and the replacement parts are on there way for the dryer (at no cost to us mind you they were ordered through the store) but i hang a lot of my clothes anyways and lately ive been wearing winter sweaters which lay flat to dry so i can survive a few days with out a dryer....the important thing is that i actually have one.... arent they so pretty?!?!?! ok i really wanted the super nice energy efficient front loading ones in teal...but hey beggers cant be choosers and for only 175 who the heck cares!!!! later once we buy our own house we'll save up and splurge for the ones I want but for now I am happy as a clam!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hubbys 1st time

Ok so my hubby has never been on an air plane...well hes walked through them and looked at them at air shows but never flew in one...ever!!! me ive been jet setting since i was a baby flying on my own as a small child and I've even flown to china and from japan (I was born in japan) anyways it wasnt so bad....a little holiday wheather delays but other than that he survived.

So earlier this month we went back to pennsylvania to visit my grandma and my moms family for a week. I still have to get most the pics from my dad but the few I have for now are here. this is my great aunt margaret my sister my mom and myself.

Also while there we went to the gerome beddis grille (my family are huge steeler fans especially my mom)

we ordered mini pergouis as an appetiser... I loooooooove going back east because I loooooooove peroguise. We make them ourselves sometimes form my great grandmothers recipe passed down to her from her mother but they are time consuming!!! and not easy to make but they taste ooooooh so yummy, so to get to go to restraunts that have them on the menu is great!!

Me and my hubby

Me and my sis

My mom and my dad

So while we were there we went snow tubing and had snow every day...and as an extra special surprise my dad got him and my mom the most amaizing tickets to the big steelers game!!!! ....row B as in 2 as in right behind row 1...right on the 50 yard line on the steelers side right by all the players oh my mom was stoked she had never gone to a game her whole life and to get seats like that was amazing....those will be in the pics i get from my dad later so keep an eye out for some great close up shots of the players!

New Toy

SO this week was a big week for new toys. so right now I will show you toy #1....This one was for the hubby! he works at Lowes and found this amazing grill on clearance and we got it for only $100 !!!! so he finally got to use the BBQ tool set and apron he got as a wedding gift. We of course had to test it out the first night so picked up carne asade from villarta (my absolute fav ever!!!!) and we also did grilled zucchini and onions mmmm mmm mmmmmmmmm!!! so heres my hubby disheveled from a hard days work but excited to play with his new toy!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Years Resolutions

Well though I am behind schedule with my posting I was by no means behind schedule in enacting my resolutions, in fact I started trying to get myself motivated and tested out the dieting and the workouts so I'd know what to expect.

Anyways like many others out there My resolution is to loose weight ultimately Id love to be back to my this self which embarassingly is over 50 pounds less than where I am. So it took a few years to pile on all these unwanted pounds and there are many reasons why but thats a whole nother story. And instead of dwelling on the past and what i did wrong I think its better to look forward to teh future and how I am going to change/fix it. So its been a slow start because like I said I started before the new year (i.e. Christmas) which of course is never successful and then add in new years disneyland and a 1 week vacation to visit my grandma so I've had a little up and down each week it seems but good news is I havent gained a single pound this whole season just lost and gained back. So now getting more serious my hubby and I are both making some huge changes!

I have opted to start weight watchers from home which means im doing the meeting thing but I am following the point plan which is proving to be easier than I thought! I really enjoy eating the smart ones meals they are actually pretty good (they taste a whole lot better than healthy choice or lean cuisine!!!)

my hubby the point thing isn't his thing but he is watching his calorie intake (which is harder than points if you ask me...but hey its better than nothing right

And workout schedule....well we are being very ambitious! Have you heard of P90X? well its a super intense at home work out system you do a workout every day and each day of the week is different its all about muscle confusion and it is HARD!!!! but it is motivating and its something i enjoy, and its something my hubby enjoys too, this is a 90 day/3 month plan so wish me luck.

So here is the plan I'm embarassed about my weight and I wont say what I weight but I want to stay accountable so my goal is to post updates once a week on improvements made.

so wish me luck!!! and if your in the same boat as me feel free to join in and comment back and update us on your status, goals and achievements.
anyways here are some starting photos from the new years eve party we went to.

Secret Sistah (Santa)

So some of us Design team members wanted to do a secret santa. So since I was a bit behind on sending mine out to my secret santa I will post pics of her gift later once I know she recieved it. But I thought I could at least share what I recieved from my secret santa. Ami was my secret santa, and these are some beautiful cards she made for me, as well as a Michaels giftcard...and tell me what crafter doesnt love those!?!?!?! =) So if you have a minute stop by her blog and see what other great things she's been creating at

And last but not least my absolute Fav!!!! I love love love Rudolph!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Finally getting caught up!!!

Ok So If you don't already know I not only design stamps for Pink Papery Studio, I am also a member of their design team.

So due to drama in my life such as loosing my job moving holidays and vacation etc i hadnt ever got to post them. Now some i did do on time some i did later to catch up but im going to post them in the order that they were due since i dont recall exactly when i did which from the 1st challenge to the current.

October 15 2008 - Color Challenge: Pink Black and White I think i sold this one and dont have a pic sorry

October 22 2008 - Use the Halloween Digi Images

October 29 2008 - Use scallops ***bonus if you use the halloween digi images also***

November 5 2008 - Sparkle or glitter (we love our bling)

November 12 2008 - create a project on a bargain budget Didn't get to do this one

November 19 2008 - Diabetes awareness month use grey and red Didn't get to do this one

November 26 2008 - Week of thanksgiving creat a thank you card

December 3 2008 - in honor of a tight budget around teh holidays create a Hamemade gift Didn't get to do this one

December 10 2008 - gift tag using the colors purple, silver and white

December 17 2008 - create decorative paper using stamps

December 24 2008 - since it is Christmas eve keep it simple

December 31 2008 - use 2 or more pieces of scraps

January 7 2009 - use metalics

January 14 2009 - alter an ordinary object

January 21 2009 - use flowers