Monday, December 14, 2009

It's a Club Anya Holiday Blog Hop!

So I LOVE The Greeting Farm! and especially Club Anya because Anya and Ian are my favs! especially Miss Anya and My Guy Ians!!! and I am soooooooooooooo excited for tonight! and the release scheduled for tomorrow! As I am sure many of you are who are stopping in on my blog today he hee he... SO I havent had a lot of time to craft lately but I have made sure when I did I was saving up projects for tonight!!! there were more I wanted to do but sadly didnt get to finish =( But it's ok I'll show you what I have for now!

So for starters... I am a part of a cookie exchange with some of my family and freinds this year though I have not baked my cookies yet (want them to be fresh) I did want to make cards to go with each tray. There are 12 of us participating this year so I needed 12 cards... about a week ago or so on the CA blog someone showed us how she colored her images and photocopied them to make things faster....well I combined 2 TGF digis (I cropped out the gift from the birthday ian one and placed it on the Odette image) I then colored it all in Photoshop and printed out 12 copies at the size I needed! I was so excited because it went sooooooo much fast being able to print them instead of coloring 12 of each (of course I prefer to color when I have the time to do so but since I didnt it was a great alternative!)
This is what she looked like when printed

the card is created with a combination of TGF papers and SU papers, and the sentiment was by SU as well and the flowers were primas

Here are all 12 cards lined up together.... I didnt finish the insides yet but they will each include a recipe card inside for the cookies I am making

So next up.... I love the xmas sweeties set from TGF love love love them!!!! I am trying to make all my christmas cards with them.....for starters I am trying to make them all different but as it seems I might be running out of time I might be resulting to the photocopy option he hee but for now are a few I have done so far

So teh last project I have to show off for now I did just for today!!!
Now before I show you, I want o give credit where credit is due.... Joni Did a whole series of these fabulous magazine houses and totally inspired me to do some of my own. I had a few left in my stash to play with, but I am a fairy tale kinda girl and did wizard of oz, peter pan and little red riding hood, and well I'm still waiting for further tgf fairytale images so I hadnt done any more houses =( since the 1st 3...well I decided I could do a special one just for christmas (hubby likes to have magazines in the bathroom ....wierd to me....but since thats where he likes to keep them I figured I could make seasonal ones to keep them in and hide them that will decorate teh guest bathroom as well ... when I started I thought of Gingerbread house but well as it progressed it is just a christmasy kinda house but I still love it!
So anyways like I said I wanted to give credit where it was due....this project was inspired by Joni's orginal idea but I made it my own
So we have lil santa Ian popping out teh Chimney and his sleigh waiting on the roof for him with many more houses to visit..... As Santa Ian was placing the presents under the Tree Mrs Claus Anya was ouside giving teh outside a lil something special as well!
Yes this house is in a Christmas candycane forest lol

yep those are lil lights dangling under the ice crystals and peppermint candies hanging from the bow
more peppermint candies and candycanes adorn the house along with the lights and a wreath hangs on the front door
and yep Mrs Clau Anya is all Fabulous in her Bling!

SO if you wanna join in the hop and get all the other stops head back over to the Club Anya Blog for the rest of the list

Have a Happy Hop!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

SO I don't think I mentioned it last post but last weekend I was out of town. I went with my church's confirmation program to chaperone and lead groups etc it was so much fun! (I love workin gwith the youth! and my hubby was part of it too and that makes it 100 times better when the one you love supports you and does this things with you!) we were in the mountains and there had been snow before we got there and it was beautiful!!! ICY lol everyone was slipping a lot, but when it came time for free time and they got to sled it was wonderful. Chris and I got to a group together and we had a small group of 4 young men and I couldnt have asked for a better group! I mean for teenaged boys that is lol they were kinda quiet in the beging but grew and opened up as we went along and though they tried to fight some rules from tim eto time overall they were a great group of boys they were just trying to be "cool" ya know how that is lol so anyways last weekend was wonderful!!!
This week has been total chaos!!! lol trying to unpack and do laundry etc from the trip....starting to pack (we are finally buying a house!!!! and hoping it to close mid jan!!!!) so since the holidays make it hard to have time to pack and move I figured I better start early! lol so I am trying to start packing things we dont need this next month like the crystal and china and book shelves etc.... also I am painting glasses for a friend for her bridesmaids gifts I need to complete by jan...I am doing 2 custom shadow boxes I was comissioned to do that I want to have done before christmas....I was just asked to sew 6-8 costumes for the church for thier philipino group my friend who is getting married her mom needs her mother of teh bride dress hemmed and her sister needs her briedsmaids dress hemmed and a lining added....I have a family and friend cookie exchange i have to start baking for next week lol ....and last weekend I was asked to do some cuts on my cricut for this weekends retreat so i have to cut out 75 suns!!! seems simple enough but its 4 layers of piecing!!!! times by 75!!! and 2 of the pieces only fit 1 per sheet and the others only fit 2 per sheet so it takes forever!!!! I literally sat all day today just cutting and gluing suns and writing all the kids names on them and I still have about 20 more to finish cutting and gluing etc lol I must be a glutin for punishment lol....and on top of all this I am trying to make my christmas a diff set of cards for my cookie exchange, plus change of address/moving cards for jan when we move so all our family and friends will know our new addy etc goodness goodness goodness!!! lol
but I think it will be ok, I think thrive on chaos lol
So I am hoping that with all that is going on I can try to squeeze in here and do a post from time to time because well that is a lot of creative work and so I hope to show some of it off to you all. so I thought I would start with a few cards I did a week or so ago and never got to take pics of ...also on mon the 14th I am playing in the TGF blog hop, so I will have bunches of TGF goodies to show off then!
but for now I still have lots of great stuff to show off...
when I saw this image at All that Scraps I had to have it!!!
I also go tthis one from all that scraps...these were both digi images and I love them! with this one I thought it was way too cute so I made an ornament with it it is double sided the same on both sides, and I will probably attach to a gift for someone this year or something but for now it is hanging out on my tree lol
So I decided to save any christmas projects I am doing using TGF images until the 14th, however I thought I could show off the other TGF projects I have been doing.... SO I bought teh dressy miss anya set teh day it came out lol but hardly got to play with it so I had colored this beauty and she just sat and sat waiting to be placed on a beautiful card so I went through my paper stash and found this perfect CTMH paper that matched her coloring exactly! so yay I finally made her a card!!!
This too was colored a while back and just sat ( sometimes when I am stressed or bored I like to color images and well sometimes I forget to do anything further with them)...this one I was so happy with I used colored pencil and odorless mineral spirits and I think it turned out pretty good it was one of the 1st I did using that technique the papers are CTMH and SU as well as the sticket accents
Now if you know me at all you know I bough tthese 2 the day they came out as well lol I love the miss anyas and my guy ians!!! they have to be my favs for sure!!! ok this one is winter but i made it over a week ago and HAD to show you he hee it is simple but I really love it! the ribbon is my fav! I love chocolate brown! and olive greens too!
ok I guess that is it for now! I will have more soon I promise though.... I altered some card display boxes and just have a few finishing touches and Ill post pics of those then as well so keep an eye out over the next few days to a week or so lots coming up!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm Back!!!

Wow I haven't posted in forever!!!
I didn't mean to be away for so long but things got crazy I had craft fairs and boutique's to prep for and attend and the holidays and Managing SSD etc so My personal stuff kinda got put on the back burner a little bit...Doesn;t mean I hadn;t been doing any crafting though So I think today I will keep the writting to a minimum and just post a ton of pics! I have some more projects too that have yet to be photographed and I hope to do that and get them up soon but I thought I should stop by and show you all what I have been up to
I did this card for a Friend of the Hubby's (he rides the train with her everyday and well her hubby passed away)

These were some halloween cards I did A Birthday Card

I was sooooo excited when the greeting farm put out their My Guy Ians you know I bought those up the 1st day!
and I finally bought some new stamps from Stamping Bella!!! and had to do some thank you cards!

I finally got to play with the show time set I had from TGF it sat there untouched for so long!
a simple bridal card with the party dress image from SSD
and I started some Christmas/winter cards!!!