Thursday, April 30, 2009

I need your help!!!! and I am willing to reward you for it!!!

Ok my online friends out their in computer land I sincerely need some help! I have been wanting to open my own website/online store for a while now. As some of you may know I do some illustrating for some digi stamp lines for crafting, and I would really love to be able to feature some of these things and sell them on my own as well. But I have been sooooo afraid to commit to a name because I mean one I really want it to be great! and catchy! and something that will grow with me and I wont have to change. What I mean by grow with me is i want to start with digi stamps and papers and digi scrapbook kits all designed by me! yay! but then I want to eventually be able to sell other products as well papers adhesives other stamps etc. and then once my hubby and I can grow into a bigger home and if this business grow I'd like to have a workshop in my home (like a whole guesthouse designated for this) and I want it to be an open boutique where people can shop, but I can also host crops like coffe crops or wine tasting crops or cocktail night crops or afternoon tea crops etc I love themes I love parties and I so want to bring that to people where they can craft at the same time.

I thought about the Crafty Cafe or the Scrap Room, but I don't really know what to do?!?! ugggghhhh

So this is where it gets fun....for you that is.....I am opening this up to all of you wonderful people out their in computer land!

I am holding a contest! First round come up with original fun names for me, and post them in the comment sections, you have until the end of this month, April 30th midnight pacific standard time.

I will then take my fav's and set up a poll with my top 10 (k if i can get it down to that since i am so indecisive! ugh but i will do my best!) If your name suggestion makes my top 10 list you can pick any 5 digi images or sets from my line here on my other blog no mater the price or size, your 5 favorites are yours just for helping me come up with a top ten pick of names for my future company!

Then Round 2 begins!!! yay I will open up the pole for lets say 2 weeks until friday april 15th midnight pacific standard time. The name with the highest amount of votes will win! now what might you ask do you win? well it has to me awesome and amazing don;t you think if you just helped me name my future company right.....if your name idea is picked you will win every single digi item I have on my other blog, every single image every set, the whole kit and caboodle on CD or DVD (I havent tried to burn it so I dont know how big it is yet) PLUS (oh yes we are not stopping there) .... you will get a free digi copy of every digi stamp, digi paper, digi anything I create for sale for the whole of 2009!!!!! PLUS ..oh yes their is more! I will also send you a great package of mixed products maybe some papers, some chipboard albums, some shimmer it paints some card scents some glitters..... I don't know what it will be but I PROMISE you I will make it amazing! maybe by the time we get to round 2 I can have it pulled together and get a photo up ok?!

Sooooooo, What do you think of that?!?!

So please please please put your thinking caps on, spread the word and lets see what we can come up with!

and don;t forget to stop by my design blog to see some of my images and style so you can get a feel for me and what to call my future store!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Modern Sugar Blvd.

Modern Sugar Blvd. is now OPEN!!!! Click the pic above to check out the new site
So I hadn't had a chance to announce, But I am on the new DT for Modern Sugar Blvd!!!!
Also, they are going to be carrying some of my digi stamps !!!!
SO all week long expect new previews to be shown by all the DT members (all 21 of us) and to see new Digi Stamps released each day!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Club Anya Blog Hop

Oh I have been waiting and waiting for this!!! Counting down the hours, and deliberately postponing posting anything on my blog lately so I could hoard them up and show them off tonight!

So here it is!!! my Club Anya Blog Hop entries!!!!

Many of you know I am a HUGE fan of Joni's!!! and she totally inspires me all the time, but especially with her great and unique house magazine racks!!!! So I HAD to make some of my own! some of you remember the wixard of OZ onw I made a little while back well to keep with the fairytale esque theme I have going throughout my craft space I had to do little red riding hood and of course peter pan!!! I think little red needs a woolf in her upper wondow now that i look at this house so that will have to be a later addition, but same as the wizard of oz house i did the designer wood paper using Joni's technique. And the one I am most proud of and the one that I don;t think I will ever repeat again!!! lol is my london house with peter wendy and tink. I did the brick by scoring the pattern into a brick red paper and then distressing it with brick red ink and a hint of white ink as well. It looks great! and I am so proud of it but I will never do it again!!! lol. also on this house I designed layered shutters and layered steps by hand and I added fabric to the inside to give it some soft satin curtains! and as I look at it now I think I need a little something on the side, maybe a captain hook sneaking around the bend but a little element of surprise. But I worked so hard and though I though they were done before I looked at these pictures I had to share them with you now even if they may need a little something extra now.

And just some great cards using my fav girls, the Miss Anyas!

So like this one says...It's Party Time! so get on to the next blog! I can;t wait to see everyones creations!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Finally getting caught up!

Ok I know I am sooo far behind. I keep telling myself I amgoing to post and then go oh wait let me finish this project and then well I finish the project but don't post lol.
So today is a day of catching up!
So lets start with some Pink Papery Studios Creations.

There is a new up and coming line called around the town featuring these super cute little shops cars and houses! I could't just use one I had to use them all!!!! So I had this bucket that was plain and clear and has been crying out to be altered! so we had a challenge on march 18th called home sweet home and was asked to use the house image but this was so much better than just one image.

We also had a sketch challenge among us designers on march 11th using the rainy day image

We had another sketch challenge on march 25th and this is what I came up with for that one

Our april 1st challenge was a designers choice! which was sooo hard lol so I did 2 cards

Ok so thats PPS now onto other goodies at the last crfat fair I did my covered notebooks were my best sellers! so I had to replenish my stock and make a few more so I got the new wishes and dreams paper from creative memories and it is just stunning! and I had to cover one with it. I left a photo spot on the front so the purchaser could customize it themselves

Then I had found this great orchid paper! and didn;t know what to do with it and then I remembered I have geisha Anya Digi stamp!!!! so I blew her up and colored her to match and here we go

Then when I did the fairytale shadow boxes I also did some cards to match.

And then I recently bought the Hero set from The Greeting Farm...I love it!!! so I made these girly hero cards and I have some boy ones in the making too I'll show those when I am done
And nope no more pics for now, just some news. One, I bought the new never ever set the night it came out (midnight! lol) and I have some projects in the works I can't wait to show you!
Also I got an image swap in I had been waiting on so I have a little red riding hood project coming up too!!!
Oh the puppy is doing great!!!! she has gotten soooooo much better!!! still a little caugh but so playful and sweet!
I have a PPS challenge project I will be showing off later today featuring some new easter images set to be released in the store tonight!!!
and.... lol I have spent a lot of time creating a whole slew of new images!!!! we have a paperdoll/dressup kind of set! and we have a whole line of retro girls from different eras! and they are soooooooo stinkin' CUTE!!! so keep an eye out because I will be showing some sneak peaks very very soon!!!
SO have a happy crafty day and I will be posting some more goodies later I promise!