Thursday, November 20, 2008

Back online!

Wow I hate moving! it took so long to get everything packed, the moving day itself sucked!!!! we lived on a second floor so it took forever going up and down steps all day...and it was hot a all heck!!! so what we though would only take a few hourse took most the whole day! unload wasnt so bad we are now in a single story and were able to pull the truck in right next to the front door and we had extra hands for the unload and it only took an hour. and that whole week my husband took the car back and forth to commute to work and to bring the rest of the stuff that didnt fit in the truck and i am still here almost 4 weeks later and I am still unpacking boxes ughhh! it's getting there though. I am trying to organize everything, which is taking a long while! but its getting there slowly. I have an awesome craft room/computer room so i cant compain and i got to bring my cat over here from my parents house and i love having her company here when i am home by myself.

I did a fall craft fair the 8th of november which was a bust! i sold a few cards etc but not much. it cost me 30.00 for teh boot and i sold 36.00 in cards so 6.00 was above the cost of the booth but i wouldnt call it profit considering all i put into everything i showed at the craft fair...gas to and from i say im still in the hole. but good news is a lot of people took my card they were interested and that is better than uninterested. i think most peopel i spoke with had a hard time there. my guess is the economy, people arent buying more than they need now so they werent getting teh extra lavish things they may have been willing to purcahse a few years ago in the same situation. but i did get into 2 more upcoming holiday boutiques the first 2 weekends of december so cross your fingers and lets hope that they go better. I do still have a great stationery shop in valencia that is going to be carrying my cards on consignment! yay! now i just have to get more! theres a lovely little tea shop/boutique here in town i want to see if they will carry them, and i am going to hit up all the day spas and salons as well so wish me luck!

anyways so that is where i am at these its time to get caught up! i have already been creating so look out over the next few days you are going to see tons and tons of pics posted!

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Janna said...

I am glad that your move is finally complete and can't wait to see all that you have created!