Saturday, November 22, 2014

Happy Release Day!
So this release was a lot of fun for me. I have to try to keep things different each release and that can be hard, and i also try to keep with the same characters so we have consistency, so we have complete lines on images, and that's fine but also it does get a bit boring after a while, you run out of ideas. and most the time I just draw digitally in the computer, Ill use the same face bases or body bases and build on those, which helps with the consistency of the images, kind of like a line of barbie dolls, different but the same. Well this release I got to put pencil to paper again and oh what a different feeling that is. most of the sketches were doodles in my school notebook....shhhhhhh dont tell my professor. and I still digitized them the same way as my other images but getting to draw on paper is just a whole different feeling. its how I started with SSD and I only went to just digital illustration after had the sassy line and honey line started. 
But enough rambling, the images are each different they are not meant to be the same which is why I called them portraits not just because they are Portraits, just faces but because they each have their own personality.

I was inspired by a halloween scarecrow makeup for the scarecrow portrait, I had also wanted it for thanksgiving. The native american was also for thanksgiving. The Sugar Skull I know was too late for Halloween or Dia De Los Muertos but I love sugar skull makeup and I pulled out some pics of myself from last years Halloween and based her on myself. butterfly Effie well was because the new hunger games movie was coming out and i always wanted to do a butterfly Effie based on her outfit in the last film but never did. and lastly praying portrait here, Was one for thanksgiving but also as we head into the holidays, or we have family or friends struggling with illnesses I find myself needing prayer a lot more and using it for others a lot more and I was just inspired by it and felt we needed a faith image in our line up.

As for my card I spent hours coloring her as its been like 2 months since I have colored anything by hand too and it was a labor of love. I am in love with this image and wanted to make her amazing. but then once she was done I couldn't figure out  what kind of card to do. I looked through every paper I own (you should see my craft room it is a pig sty now!) but none of my papers looked right they took away from her so I Kept it Simple, as prayers should often be. I used white cardstock, and black embossing powder with a sentiment stamp from The Greeting Farm. And I used pop dots to give her some dimension and bring her up off the page, and that is it.

I hope you all enjoy today's release and hop and we have challenges happening over at the SSD blog and Facebook groups, and I hope you will join in on some of them. We will also have a chat over at the party blog tonight where you can chat with some of the design team members and maybe get a sneak peak at one of Decembers images. But most of all I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving this upcoming week, and stay safe and warm with the cold weather coming in .

Stay Sassy and Sweet, 


Erika Horvathova said...

wow - love that hair, your coloring is fab

PashaCou said...

What a lovely card, the image is just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing her with us.

Lori aka lorib117 said...

Lindsay, these images are all amazing! Love that they are portraits and each is so different. Your card is beautiful...I'm jealous of your coloring. Thanks for releasing such great images this month.

-Lori Byrns

Mary M. said...

Your coloring is amazing. Gorgeous new images.

karalschuknecht said...

Awesome Lindsay, so beautiful and I love these portrait images.

Anonymous said...

Lindsay--You did such a great job with all of the new releases and then the coloring you did on this one is awesome. It's difficult to pick a favorite but when pushed I would always go with prayer or next month's angel! :-) Can't go wrong that direction. Hugs--Patti

Jeannean said...

I love this release! This is my very favorite image! I am glad you had fun with them too!

GregT said...

Lindsay, as usual another batch of great images. It was a nice change to have the "portraits" for this release. Your coloring is still amazing. I like that you went with a simple background with the image. Really sets the image off well.
your SSD brother

Kerrie-anne Brown said...

such stunning colouring - gorgeous make for the Hop

Hugs your Sassy Sister Kerrie x x

Felisha Jarschke said...

Her hair is so beautiful!!

Country Lady Designs said...

OMG! She is beautiful. I love the colors and the work you do is outstanding!!! Thank you so much for sharing them with us. Have a great day.