Tuesday, May 5, 2015

So I had been doing pretty well with my diet and exercise until about the last week or so i fell off the bandwagon, I wasn't feeling well so i missed the gym for a week, and wasn't that great with my diet either and it showed on the scale. I went up a few pounds, part of it i do fully believe is water weight and bloat because I haven't been drinking hardly any water either. so my goal this week is drink drink drink, water water water. Which my doterra citrus oils makes it a lot easier to get plain water down. Before I would have to drink mostly crystal light in order to get a gallon in a day, and i have only had crystal light once in the past several weeks! very proud of that change at least. lemon oil in my water is ok, but i have found my favorite is grapefruit. wild orange is also pretty good too, and I plan to get lime oil soon, and i just got tangerine oil so ill try those out as well. 
Last month a spent my time and money trying to get together all the components to start a candida cleanse this month so may 1st i got to start. so my feedback so far, i am still exhausted during the day and super hungry! Even though i still struggle with my energy levels throughout the day, I get up so much better in the mornings! I am a snooze button person big time for sure, and even today with no alarm set since my work canceled my shift and i could get to sleep in if i wanted and since i didn't get to bed til about 1 am i for sure thought i would sleep in, but i was p on my own by 8 am no problem. So for me that is a huge difference already because I am a night owl and not a morning person at all! I'm gonna keep it up and try to be better with my diet to support the cleanse better but I am hopeful. 

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