Sunday, October 5, 2008

I have The Greatest Bella Sistah Evah!!!

So my bellasistah Lori is the sweetest lady ever. She always brightens my days when we get to chat and When I came home last night a heavy little package was sitting waiting for me from her. Filled with sweet treats and idea books and tons of great new toys...and 2 new bellas oh i love her so much!
Anyway. take a peek at what she sent. (I sent her a package too but I forgot to take a pic before I sent it but she got hers safe and sound as well, and I hope she enjoys the little goodies i sent)
Idea books and magazines
look at all these goodies!!!
OMG she got me 2 great bellas!!!! she got me trick or treat which I wanted sooo sooooo bad! and sellabella, so i can finish up the rest of my halloween projects, and then make my sis a stack of cards (she does realestate!) also some halloween glitters, halloween colored glimmer chalks (I've never tried chalks and am so excited to try them now. and look at the beautiful black and blue card she made so pretty!
peanut M&M's yum and strawberry milkshake whoppers (cant wait to try these) some yummy smelling candles, some funky paper clips, and soem glitter glue (i love glitter!)
yummy yummy yummy she sent a bag of cherry slices I had to have one the moment I opened the box and they are soooo good! sme goldfishies (the snack that smiles back) and bunches of taffy and some great ribbon.
So a super huge thank you to Lori!

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Debby said...

You do indeed. What a haul. You are a very lucky gal!