Sunday, October 5, 2008

more more and more!

Well since my camping trip was canceled this weekend my hubby and I came home early (sat night) this morning we woke up early and I watched him play a soccer game with a bunch of friends, then spent the rest of the afternoon watching movies together while he worked on the computer and i worked a few feet away at my craft table. I have not been able to put down my new stamp! i was so excited to get to work with it...and I love halloween! ..Well I love ALL holidays! but Halloween just happens to be the closest in occurance.

And well I can't forget that thanksgiving is around teh corner as well. My yahoo group bellaholicsanonymous has a monthly challenge and there monthly bella babe. Well this months theme is for next months posts, is thanksgiving using Autumn colors brown and orange, and it had to include a pumpkin. So here is what I came up with.

And no I'm not done for the day yet lol... I think now it's time for a small change in pace, I think since october is breast cancer awareness month and i do love my causabella, I think I will be making some with her, and with all my new stamp designs that are starting to hit the market, I think i need to make some more samples using some of my own designs...what do you think? lol so I think its time to put in another movie and get back to my craft table! he hee he have a lovely evening everyone and look for even more posts on my blog tomorrow morning!

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Carri D said...

There they are! lol wow you have done a lot. great job. I love that paterned paper!