Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More disney layouts!

SO do you wanna see what I have to work with!?!? lol this is only day 1 at disneyland...I still havent even printed day 2 at california adventure yet lol i've got a lot of work ahead of me...but hey it was my honeymoon =)

So I decided I needed to do coverpages for each place we wnet on out honeymoon. midieval time, disnyland and california adventure. SO here is My cover page for monday 6-30-08. there are photos of mine and chris's just married pins that were given to us at disneyland, in teh middle in sparkly lettering it says Disneyland Honeymoon, below that are cut outs of sigs thet were at the front gates to do with teh year of a million dreams and in the lower right also in sparkly lettering (numbering) the date.

I also had to add additional border to this page (I started designing some pages before the wedding even happened to mak ethings easier, I use CM albums, well and around the time of my wedding they changed their pages to true 12x12 which i love! and I wanted the new mickey album to use for my honeymoon so this was a page i had already made that just needed pictures added and i had cropped the page too short to fit the old size pages from CM)

Next a Photopass photo of Chris and I with the castle in the background

Tinkerbell paid a visit to us during our photo session

Kissing amongst the castle

Details of Sleeping Beauty's Castle lol chris took the pic of the squirell

deatils of teh inside of the castle me on the phone iwth my dad while trying to raise the gate, me and a suit of armor. Chris bought both our family coats of arms so if he'll let me have it, or if not ill make a photocopy and I'll place it after this page. It was bought at the heraldry shop the one with the suit of armor out front

Chris and I trying on wedding themed minnie and mickey ears ( I think I will make this the 1st page right after the cover page what do you think?)

Next was an attempt to pull teh sword from the stone

Next was Snow Whites Scary Adventure

And then Pinocchio's Daring Journey


My Paper Adventures said...

Wow! You have quite a stack of photos to work with! Great layouts and cards! What do you use to color your images with? You get awesome coverage!

n8tvtexan said...

OH WOW! Looks like my Disney stack of photos! Love your layouts.