Saturday, August 23, 2008

When one door closes another door opens.

So though I was sad about not being the right fit for stamping bella, I wasn't done with trying to get my way into the scraping/crafting/stamping world. So the very next day I someone who not only made beautiful cards but she scented them as well. What in ingenious idea! and not your standard I put some of my parfum on it, but scents like sugar cookies, margaritas, baby powder and dozens more! So I had to find this company. Well it turned out they had a small line of stamps as well of cute little fashionable figures. And had been looking for design team members (to create examples using their products to show photos of, as well as help increase visibility etc) anyways It was a few months past but I thought it might not hurt to ask if there were any spots opened. I also asked if they were in need of stamp designers and if I could be considered for that as well. It turnes out it is a fairly new company and she liked my artwork and would be happy to work with me!!!

I am so excited to start on this new project. I always wanted to bring my art to the world and now I can. I have a huge list of sketches I can't wait to start on!!!

So keep an eye out on me and simply sista's and card scents (

Much love!

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Martha said...

Congrats. that is great news... hopefully some of your luck will rub off on me.