Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to my sister

My sisters Birthday is August 29th. I tried my hand at the candle stamping technique....however without a heat gun I didnt know if it would be possible. I tried my iron thinking if I rubbed it quickly across it may have the same effect well with a round candle the iron hits almost no surface area to be effective.... so now what? hmmmmmm my blowdryer gets really hot!?!?! hmmmmm I wonder? Well it worked! ....sort of. It did well on the first bit but then i think it was too hot, and by the time it melted the whole image into the candle wax was dripping and well the candle got a bit deformed. So plan A down the drain, not a total failure just a learning experience, but what now?!?!
So I decided to just make covers for the candles and give them to my sister along with a pedicure set and a promise to take her for a pedi or massage in the next few weeks. But here are my candles I gave to my sister. (the card matched but i forgot to take a picture of it)
The complete Set

The wrapped pilar candles

The glass cased candle
Happy Birthday Wes!

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