Thursday, September 4, 2008

I love to color!

Wow did that take a while to load all these pics! Thats what I get for waiting and doing them all at once! lol
Well like most children out there, I love to color! After going to kindergarten a whopping 5 times, I am well experienced! (I was a TA during highschool 4 of those times) lol
None the less back to school season comes around and the stores are filled with markers and crayons and I miss those long passed days where I could color all day. Which is why I because a fashion designer/illustrator lol JK... But a few years ago I did buy new crayond and markers and had nothing to color so I had to search out some coloring books lol I think I was 21 at the time and buying coloring books for myself!!! he hee he.
I do still get the urge to color now and again and do sometimes bust out the coloring books and crayons, but my new fav is coloring stamped images! Bellas of course!
This past weekend I colored some in my free time over the holiday, my best friend shannon even joined in! I love it!
And last night while watching the season premier of Americas Next Top Model (I was a bit dissapointed) I colored these beautiful bellas.

Last night - Cruisabella, loveybella, cuppacakeabella, wreathabella, cakeabella, feelabella and snowbunnybellas.

Over the labor day weekend - grumpabellas, minivanabellas, teddybellas, causeabellas, bridalpartybellas, bikahbabeabella, elizabella and imeldabella, and a few other images that were sent to me (bunny and sarah kay designs)

This Blonde Elizabella in the blue dress was colored by one of my best friends shannon.

Here are some hang tags/gift tags I have been working on as well (want to add scalloped ovals behind them and punch holes and add ribbon. - Causeabellas, stagettabellas, bubblebellas, teddybellas and expectafellabellas.


cheribella said...

Oh my gosh have you been busy!!! Awesome job though. My favorite part is the coloring. It's making them into cards that gives me problems LOL

Jacqueline Tr├ęsBella said...

WOW!!!! You have some great bellas and a lot of them too! What a great job coloring them!!!

Jacqueline aka TresBella

Meli Mitchell said...

Wow, you were certainly busy busy busy! I love to color too, so I totally understand :o)

I love how you gave some of your bellas lipstick!

Theresa said...

wow!!! you have been super busy! great job coloring!