Thursday, September 11, 2008

my designs come to life

So recently I have been working on gifts and favors and tags for some upcoming events, I feel I have fallen behind on my craft show products =( SO last night while sitting and watching gohst busters (lol hubbys fav childhood movie) and americas next top model I finally got to do a few things. I colored some preliminary print outs of my soon to be made stamps, and decided to try and make cards from them, and covered some composition books.

So here is card # 1. at first i was thinking she was too plain, but then after coloring here i think she is perfect! She doesnt have a theme, so she can be used for whatever you want. I am going to design some accessory stamps to go with her so she can be a complete set, kinda like hanna stamps. So i colored her in one of my fav color combinations pink and green! PS dont you love her jeans! one great thing I can say I learned in design school he hee he.

Here is card #2...and yes I did add the second arm to her after getting feedback on her from members of the cricut message board. But I forgot to print out the updated one, but I think she's still beautiful!

And I decided to try my hand at covering composition books for teh 1st time ever. A $.50 notbook went from ugly to beautiful with just a little paper glue and ribbon! I still have to spend time decorating and embelishing, but the basic covers are done.

This was the first I made light and colorful pastels spots with a 2 tone green stripe spine.

2 tone green stripe paper also used to line both inside covers.

Ok this one was the second and I decided to use some DCWV glitter cardstock....not a good idea! lol it turned out beautiful dont get me wrong, but because of the glitter patterns, folding around the edges, well there are some tiny tears where the glitter decided it didnt want to fold with the paper. no worries though its beautiful and was a learning experience.

The inside wa sjust lined with plain pink cardstock.

And last but not leastt is notbook # 3 I used a stack I got at target, with a brown and pink paper for the spine and and pink and brown printed paper for the covers.
and the inside was just lined with brown.


Mae said...

Great job!!! See, not too bad and they end up being a great notebook to use or give away.


Amy said...

I love the cards and notebooks... I was thinking about making some candles.... Ohhhh... I just thought of something for the halloween one with a candle....

Angie said...

I love ur images and ur cards! Congrats!!!!

dannette said...

I absolutley love those images. Looking forward to them becoming stamps to create with!
Hugs, Dannette

Debby said...

Cute notebooks and I love your designs. Can't wait to purchase them!

Kim said...

WONDERFUL work!!!!!
Hugs~ Kim

Susan said...

They're fabulous! Lindsay, I'd love to know when they'd be available. I'd love to have them! And I've got to apologize. Your bella images are on the way. They were under some scheduling I was doing at school and I just found them on Friday. I'm so sorry but I think you'll like them.

jenstamps said...

Your coloring is the texture on the jeans!!!

You did a great job on the notebooks! I love making these throughout the year for different projects I am working on.

I can't wait to see what you do with the witch!