Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Great Mail Day

Yesterday was such a great Mail day!
Tuesday after the labor day holiday, first day back to work, and it was one of THOSE days!
After work I was so excited to get home quick but there was a terrible accident and the freeway was backed up as far at the eye could see. normally it takes me about 30 mins to get home, well after 45 mins of sitting in bumper to bumper and seeing teh congestion ahead i used my new cellphone with navigation to check on traffic, well there is a 2 hour delay from where i was stuck, after already being stuck for 45 mins...DETOUR!! lol so i set up my navigation to give me an alternate route that said it would take 12 mins and only had a one minute delay...well sorry to tell you this, but it wasnt correct! it wasn't until another hour later until I finally got home. By the time i swung by picked up the hubby and we went tothe grocery store it was past 8 pm by the time we got home. It was really one of THOSE days. SO I was cranky and tired and hungry and thirsty....but....there was mail! 3 lovely packages arrived today filled with stamped bella images! I arranged swaps with these wonderful ladies and they were all so kind as to send me images, so I feel I owe them some credit.
The first is from Cheri (1st names only for privacy) she sent me a wonderful stack of snowbunnybellas, wreathabellas, feelabella (with 2 different sayings) and cuppacakeabella, and a Beautiful handmad card!!
Thank you Cheri! I cant wait to color in all these beautiful images!
The next is from Lynn. She sent me this wonderful stack of muahbellas, loveybellas and fashionistabellas (with sayings) and a super cute handmade card!
Thank you so much Lynn! I will deffinately put these to good use making so great cards!
And finally from Suzann this wonderful stack of cosmobellas, PMSabellas, cruiseabellas, puppybellas, and cakeabellas!
Thank you Thank you Thank you Suzann the are so wonderful! I can't wait to use them!

I had recently engaged in many many swaps and these were the first 3 to arrive and I am super super excited! I hope you all recieve yours safe and sound, and if for some reason I missed anyones swaps let me know if they dont arrive (like i said I did a LOT! lol so it wouldnt surprise me if I misplaced or forgot one somewhere along the line)
Happy wednesday everyone! the weeks half way done (the one upside to going back to work after a holiday weekend...short weeks!)

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