Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My new Bella Sistah

I am so excited to have recently joined the yahoo group Bellaholics annonymous!
But I am even more excited to have signed up to be a part of the bellasistah swap. and this morning I finally found out who my bella sistah is.... Lori Olive!
I've already had a chance to chat with her some and she is such a wonderful and amazing woman! And I am so happy to have her as a sistah I can't wait to spoil her these next 3 months! and with all these wonderfull bella images I've been swapped I will have to start on a card or 2 to send her way!
So who else got their bella sistah? and what kind of goodies do you usually send to your sistah? (as this is my first time i'm still a little unsure)


Hulachickabella said...

I was thinkin the same thing...what do you send a stranger? I sent my first package out yesterday. I made her a Bella card and stuffed it with eyelets, snaps, ribbons, fibers and a few Bella images since she doesn't have any yet. It's her first time too so I couldn't ask her for advise! Hmmph...we'll see.

Mel =)

Jacquie said...

Wow, girl!!!! AWESOME!! Your images look fantabulous!! What a great job!! I can't even pick a favorite! Although, I do like that Minivanabella! Hehe! I forgot about that one! I have 3 kids! may have to get that someday!! Thanks for sharing, beautiful blog!! Take care!