Monday, September 8, 2008

More coloring! and a Swap page

Ok so this weekend was very busy! Between making a daiper cake for a baby shower, and some top secret crafting fro a top secret event coming up, I managed to color some of those great new bellas I was sent, and finish up a page for a disney ABC album swap I am doing. here are some pics.
I made 4 great sellabellas. ( 3 of the color combos represent local realestate agencies ;) maybe i can try and sell some of my cards tothem!)

And here are some more snowbunnybellas...i think these are my new fav! (oops top left wasn't finshed, my bad)

And last but not least 2 scissorbellas (I think i'll try to hit up some hairdressers and salons I know and see if they will buy any of my cards)

And here is my page for my swap. It is for an ABC book (disney themed of course!) my page is the back cover.

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Kim said...

Beautiful coloring and your Mickey page is so cute! Can't wait to see the decorations! ;)
Hugs~ Kim