Monday, January 19, 2009

Christmas Party 08

My Parents own their own business and every year they do a Christmas Party this year was the most fun and interesting. My dad found this murder mystery dinner tehater that is on an old train! So wee had a HUGE hummer strech Limo to take everyone down below (near Los Angeles) where we all boarded a train and as it departed from teh station we were visitied by different actors and actresses trying to learn their story and what the plot may be. The food was also very yummy!!!
Me and My Hubby Chris in the Limo on the way to dinner

Me and Chris on the murder mystery dinner theater train

My dad Joe having a good time with one of the actresses

My mom Debbie and my sisters hubby Robert

My sister Wesley and her hubby Robert

Santa croked and fell on my mom (part of the mystery dinner theater)

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