Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I finally got the Photographers Pics!!!! I can Finally start working on my scrapbook!! I just wanted to share a few of my fav images with you all of course there arer tons and tons more but i dont want to bore you all though i've probably already posted too many lol
me with my mom and dad
the girls
Chris and his mom
Chris and his dad
The boys
I Do
Now Man and Wife
our wonderful bridal party (from left to right) Shannon (best friend), Crissy (cousin), Candace (best friend), Wesley (sister), Me (bride), Chris (groom), Rusty (Chris's brother), Aaron (Chris's best friend), Andrew (Chris's cousin), Hector (chris's best friend), and our only usher Derek (Chris's cousin)
pics after the ceremony
the boys
my girls
our wonderful cake (minus the door and fire extinguishers thank goodness for my mom who thought to cover them up!)
the perfect first dance

This is the only person who made me cry the whole night (my hubby and my daddy caused me to tear up a little but I kept composed...but this guy here did me in) This is my Godfather Brian.
and this is one of my flower girls, i did have 2 but the other couldnt hang so was taken home early, this is my cousin Ashley. and She likes to move it move it!


Cassie said...

oh lindsay - you are just radiant!! so beautiful! i love being able to put a face with your name! thanks for sharing a little peak into your special day!

p.s. those murder mystery things are fun!!

Kimmie0270 said...

You look stunning! I LOVE the color for your bridesmaid dresses - what is the actual name of that color?

Valerie said...

GIRL you look beautiful! how fun your wedding looked! and everyone looked amazing! Thanks for sharing the pics!