Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Years Resolutions

Well though I am behind schedule with my posting I was by no means behind schedule in enacting my resolutions, in fact I started trying to get myself motivated and tested out the dieting and the workouts so I'd know what to expect.

Anyways like many others out there My resolution is to loose weight ultimately Id love to be back to my this self which embarassingly is over 50 pounds less than where I am. So it took a few years to pile on all these unwanted pounds and there are many reasons why but thats a whole nother story. And instead of dwelling on the past and what i did wrong I think its better to look forward to teh future and how I am going to change/fix it. So its been a slow start because like I said I started before the new year (i.e. Christmas) which of course is never successful and then add in new years disneyland and a 1 week vacation to visit my grandma so I've had a little up and down each week it seems but good news is I havent gained a single pound this whole season just lost and gained back. So now getting more serious my hubby and I are both making some huge changes!

I have opted to start weight watchers from home which means im doing the meeting thing but I am following the point plan which is proving to be easier than I thought! I really enjoy eating the smart ones meals they are actually pretty good (they taste a whole lot better than healthy choice or lean cuisine!!!)

my hubby the point thing isn't his thing but he is watching his calorie intake (which is harder than points if you ask me...but hey its better than nothing right

And workout schedule....well we are being very ambitious! Have you heard of P90X? well its a super intense at home work out system you do a workout every day and each day of the week is different its all about muscle confusion and it is HARD!!!! but it is motivating and its something i enjoy, and its something my hubby enjoys too, this is a 90 day/3 month plan so wish me luck.

So here is the plan I'm embarassed about my weight and I wont say what I weight but I want to stay accountable so my goal is to post updates once a week on improvements made.

so wish me luck!!! and if your in the same boat as me feel free to join in and comment back and update us on your status, goals and achievements.
anyways here are some starting photos from the new years eve party we went to.


Kimmie0270 said...

Lindsay - you should head over to my blog. Every Friday I post a "Diamond in the Rough" Quest post which is about weight loss. There are also weekly RAKS - scrapping/crafting goodies usually. There's a really good RAK being posted on Friday...


Hi Lindsay, good luck with you diet hunny. I shall encourage you all the way if that helps. I could do with losing a few pounds myself. I have suddenly had an attack of wanting sweet things!! too many cakes this week, so must be good next week. Oh i don't think ive been here before, i found you via the Crafting planet website . I have to say im loving your cards and those images you've used, so funky. Well see you here again soon. Hugs Linda x