Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Californias Freak Snow storm

Ok so I am waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy behind in my posts. one because my move two because the holidays and life and three i couldnt find my camera charger for a while ugh! anyways I am catching up FINALLY!
So in December we had a freak snow storm here in southern Cali. I mean I can probably count on one hand how many times we've had a good snow storm here in my life time. anyways it was beautiful!!!! it started snowing early in the morning and with as much as it had rained before it started to snow i thought no way is this going to stick and and hour two hours three hours later its still snowing and then it started to stick and then it was and inch and then two inches then 6 inches. It was an awesome day for me sitting at home getting ready for the holidays seeing this beautiful snow fall out every window. my cat even sat there and watched it most the day. My poor Hubby on the other hand didnt have it as nicely. he commutes to work on the train and because of the snow the freeways were shut down so all those commuters who drive were now forced to take the train if the wanted to get home that night and the train was packed solid!!! but the good news is he got to call out the next day and take a snow day due top freeway closures and train conditions! So we enjoyed a great day together building a snowman in our yard and just cuddling up on the couch with a big blanket watching a movie or two or three lol. anyways here are some pics from the 2 days of snow (by day 3 it was almost all gone lol)
in the am when it started snowing
about 2 hours later
an hour or 2 later
another hour or so
late afternoon
my Tahnee sleepin under the Christmas tree isnt she so cute! She sure loves Christmas trees for some reason
The next morning my Hubby got off work snow already started to melt by the time we went out =(
A snow Dinosaur the kids across the street made late last night (already started to melt too =( )

and well i'll have to steal the hubbys phone to get the rest of the pics we took of us and our snowman so ill add those a little later

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