Monday, January 26, 2009

New toy #2

so remember the BBQ grill well like i said that was the first of 2 new toys we got last week. So 2 days after we got the grill for $100, we got......... A Washer and Dryer!!!! for only $175 (total)!!!!!

Ok Ok Ok I know a Washer and Dryer?!?! what the heck is she thinking how can that be exciting...but you know what at my last apartment the place was a piece of crap i didnt even have a dishwasher that worked!!! so when we looked for our new place the important things to us were dishwasher that works, garage for the hubby to play with his cars, patio to have a grill and table and chairs and washer dryer hookups and the place we found had everything we wanted and after 4 years of lugging my laundry to my parents house on weekends (because i visited almost every weekend) or lugging it to the laundromat when i didnt go to my parents and we lived on the second floor and the car was in an underground garage so 2 HUGE flights of steps up and down with all the laundry is tough and tiring! anyways i finally have one of my own and dont have to lug my clothes anywhere accept the garage yay for me!!!!

ok so there were some tiny probs which is how he got such a great deal but he already fixed the probs the washer has and the replacement parts are on there way for the dryer (at no cost to us mind you they were ordered through the store) but i hang a lot of my clothes anyways and lately ive been wearing winter sweaters which lay flat to dry so i can survive a few days with out a dryer....the important thing is that i actually have one.... arent they so pretty?!?!?! ok i really wanted the super nice energy efficient front loading ones in teal...but hey beggers cant be choosers and for only 175 who the heck cares!!!! later once we buy our own house we'll save up and splurge for the ones I want but for now I am happy as a clam!

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Cassie said...

giiirrrlll! yea for you! i totally get how exciting getting a washer/dryer is! i remember laundry day when i was apt living!!
thrilled for you - now you'll have more time to create!!

and love the greeting farm girls too! i've been seeing her everywhere today!!