Thursday, March 5, 2009

Are you ready for this?!?!

Pink Papery Studios is having another release this Saturday!!! Are you excited yet.... No? oh well that must be because I haven't shown you any of the great new images that will be released..... well I guess we can easily remedy that! Here we go.....

Ok so a little while back I showed you this project as a test sample...well it is now officially one of the new digi stamps being released! here we have crafty amy! she sits at her craft table with her scents and shimmerits in front of her stamps and stamp pasd and paintrushes and pens. I zoomed in a cropped her so unfortunately you miss a few of those details but you'll get to see teh rest this saturday (of cehck out som eof teh other DT members blogs they are showing samples too!)
Next Yes this is another repeat I showed her off a little while back to help get some feedback and guess what?!?! She is now going to be another of our new Digi Stamps!!! Chatting up a storm on her cell phone
and one more repeat...this one I also showed you a little while back as a test run and she too will be joining the line up this weekend!!! we have out blushing bride here.
OK OK I know enough with the repeats you want some more new stuff right? lol ok well bhere we have one of our hot new sexy images this is our hunny bunny!!! She is a full image but I blew her up and cropped in to tone her down so she is sold as a whole image which you can use for something sexy for that special someone or maybe for a playboy themed party even, or you can crop her and make her a little more conservative. The saying I picked... well as cheesy as it sounds my hubby does call me hunny bunny lol so I thought it would be cute for his birthday (in sept lol ok so at least its done and made and I wont have to worry about it in september lol)
And the last one I have for you right now (because trust me there are more and I will be showing them off later today and tomorrow) we have our beach babe! and accessories set I layered torn paper for the dirt and sun and sky and i used the umbrella from the accessories set and placed it behind her and then I used the beach babe. I have 2 pics of the same card because the 1st shows the warmness of it in real light but its a bit fuzzy and the second shows all the detail
So thats it for now but Ill be posting more very soon!!! (there are like 10 or 12 images being released so there is lots to show!)

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Valerie said...

they are all wonderful! great job girl!