Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sorry I haven't been around

Hi everyone I am so sorry I have been absent on my blog for a while now. I have been crafting I promise! and I had 2 craft fairs in there too. My sales have greatly improved since the fall which is great! anyways it's been a tough week.
So last week we got 2 new dogs! (well my mom and dad did) they adopted them from the pound and wanted to have them as guard dogs for the property. but I think that plan back fired as they were the 2 sweetest playful loving dogs you could ever want! lol So there was a girl 8 month beautiful brown shepherd mix named Belle. She had been returned =( but she knows some commands and she is a great dog. Then there was Buddy a black and white some kinda mix too about a year old and he was sooooo excited when we brought him home! he was running around everywhere!!! and playing with the chow we already had and he was great! but he had a cold (kennel caugh I guess is what its more commonly known as) so the pound had given us meds so my mom had been trying to get him to take them...oh he was sooooo stubborn!!! lol he did not like the pills! and so he started to stay clear of my mom since she was the one who was always trying to force feed his meds down his throat. and he just seemed to be getting worse he wasn't so energetic or playful just layed around a lot and we knew poor buddy was just not feeling well, so my parents took him to the vet and they gave him some meds to help with the cough (the pound gave antibiotics) and they said it just takes time sometimes it can take up to 3 weeks for them to get rid of it. Well this weekend my dad decided he was going to take his RV out to the property and stay out there for a few weeks (mostly just stay the night) but bring the dogs so they would get used to it. and get used to us. but since buddy wasnt feeling well they left buddy at home and brought Chow and Belle (yes my chow's name is Chow Chow I know how original lol but when we found her my mom wouldnt let us name her because she didn't want us getting attached because we were the house that took in the strays (it followed me home mommy and found food on the front door step and stayed lol) anyways we always tried to find teh owners of the animals we took in and sometimes we did and sometimes we didn't and when we didn;t we usually kept them. there were a few cases where the animal needed more space or maybe didnt meld with our other animals in those cases we found them loving homes as we never would want to turn an animal into the pound.) anyways, chow and belle were going to stay out at the property so buddy could stay home and get better. Chow is older and well she's not really made for the property she's spoiled so she wont be staying out there full time the property is in the desert its fenced in and has some metal storage unitls and metal building on it and that is where my parents store all their stuff and well and where all the business's stuff is going to be now that they are moving out of the shop. the office is in their home but all the tools and parts and vehicles needed to go somewhere so thats why we needed dogs out there to keep an eye on the place. So saturday they took the RV out there got it set up got the 2 dogs out there Belle was having a blast running around everywhere! So sat night my hubby and I and my uncle and his wife and kids we all went out and had a BBQ with my mom and dad (my uncle has storage units on teh property as well so he shares concern about break ins because we have had anumber of breakins over the past few years) so we want the dogs to get used to him as well. so dinner was great and we all left my dad was going to stay by himself but my mom decided to stay the night. the next morning they went hom eto get ready for church and found buddy dead. We dont know how he died it was obviously related to him being sick. maybe since he was weak and thin he just couldn't fight it off we don't know but he passed away all alone with no one home to be with him and we hope it was peaceful and painless but we truthfully dont know and we feel so guilty because there wasnt anyone with him. and we had only just got him and barely gotten to know him and now we dont even have the chance. and what makes us so mad is we took the time and money to take him to the vet and get a second check up on him to make sure hewas going to be ok.
So sunday morning was hard. my dad took it the hardest for sure like i said we all felt so guilty for not bieng around. so my dad and and my husband took buddy back to the pound.

So yesterday my mom and me and my husband all went back to the pound to look for a new dog. it was sad and we felt guilty but we needed 2 dogs for the property. so my mom found i think another shepherd/mix (i'm not for sure i'll update you once we get her) anyways she is sweet she's a lot like belle so we thought they would be a good match. so my mom adopted her and can pick her up on wednesday her name is miss pebbles lol which is deffinately going to change lol she doesnt know her name anyways so we think it should be fine. we are thinking Daisy but have a few days to decide. Well and you have to understand my husband and I are such animal lovers honestly it is so hard for me to go to the pound because I want to bring them ALL home with me and if i had the space and the money I soooooo would!! well he saw a dog he just absolutely fell in love with!! So my dad had been encouraging us to get a dog too and we can keep it at the property as well. he figured if we had a dog there we would have to come visit more which we already would but he felt we would have a more personal investment. lol anyways its funny because Chris kept saying he wanted a boy and bla bla bla and the one he liked the most was a girl! lol anyways we were there close to closing and spent so much time picking my moms dog we didnt get to spend time with the one we want so we went back to take one last look at her and she is sweet and so pretty, and well one of the other dogs in the cage with her i guess got jealous of us giving her attention that it flipped and attacked her!!! viscously bitting and attacking her. at first she was calm about it and didnt fight back she was just trying to get the other dog to stop i think but when it wouldnt she started fighting back. (the ppro 3rd dog was caught in teh middle and just kept trying to stay out of the way) we tryed yelling and rattling the cage and the one dog would just not stop so i ran out side and was yelling hello anyone we need help no one was anywhere so i ran to the front office and was like there is a dog beating the shit out of the dog we want can you get someone out there, so she called someone and i ran back and my husband had found the hose and tried it but he turned it off not on lol so he had to go back to turn it on and then cam back and had to hose them to get them to stop and not talking a quck spirt that one dog just would not stop!!! so he had to keep hosing finally the guy came andwe had just gotten the dogs to stop and he removed the bad dog and put it in its own cage and the other 2 we felt so bad they were all wet =( and scared but it was closing time and we had to go but we are going back tonight to visit with her and if all goes well she will be ready for adoption on wednesday!! so I will give you some updates and some pics probably later this week or sometime early next week.
so that is my story and why I haven't been around also because my craft/computer room is in shambles! we are doing some rearranging! lol i had metal shelf unit in here we moved to the garage but not everything that was on I want in the garage. and we are getting a built in wood setup of cabinets and drawers and a shelf unit on top of it to organize everything so i have tons of stuff everywhere!!! lol but we should get the cabinets and stuff soon and it will all be back to normal!
well I have to hit the shower but I will try to come back and post some of the few projects I have done so you can see what I have been up to

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