Thursday, March 26, 2009

So ya wanna see the babies?

Ok so I thought I was back and done with all the doggie drama but I was wrong. Our LeeLoo got sick and it got bad so since she doesnt live with us because we don't have the room she lives at my parents house or property well when she got sick we brought her to the house because we could keep a closer eye on her since my moms office is now at the house, that and we can keep her in the shed with a heater at night and lots of benefits to help her get better. Anyway I did take her to the vet monday morning and by monday night she was worse and tuesday too ughhh I think the vet hates me because I'm annoying and called like 5 times on tuesday asking all sorts of questions. So not only have we had to shove meds down her throat because she's been a stinker and spitting them out she wasnt eating or drinking so I had to take the canned food fingers full at a time and put it in her mouth well lastnight she ate on her own yay!!! but i still havent seen her drinking so I have also had to squirt pedialyte in her mouth so far we've done about 2 bottles a day thats not enough but better than nothing I guess and she likes licking ice cubes so we've been giving her ice. Tuesday I also started taking her temp she was at 104 which is a fever for a dog then yesterday afternoon it went down to 103.6 and lastnight i took it again and it was down to 103 so we are making progress and i know this dog hates me right now and thinks I'm the bad guy but we couldnt handle it if she dies too so right now I will whatever I have to to ensure she gets better! anyways so are you ready to see all these babies I've been telling you about?!?!?
Here we have 2 of the dogs relaxing in these pop up chairs. the closest is Belle, and the one farther back is Chow
oops I guess I should have flipped this image but anyways This is Daisy when we viewed her in the viewing kennel at the pound. she stuck her nose in my lap and under my butt so i stood up and she started to push her way through my legs so I walked off of her and she climbed in the chair lol we knew then she would fit in perfect with the other dogs lol my mom got Daisy to replace buddy who passed away on saturday night we don't have any pics of buddy sadly to say
when my mom picked out daisy my hubby fell in love with this dog but the pound was closing so we didnt have time to spend with her sooooo we came back tuesday to view her and he wanted her soooo bad so we adopted her and were able to pick her up wednesday the same time my mom picked up daisy. both of them had been fixed that day, and our dog (LeeLoo (from the 5th element)) was still sooooooo drugged!!! poor baby had no clue what was happening here she is when we got her out to my parents property she just layed in the shade and rested but isnt she the cutest!!!
So my dad had to go out of town thursday and friday so Chris and I decided to stay out at the property to keep an eye on the trailor and the dogs OMG 3 dogs!!!! (chow went back home her little feet couldnt handle the rocks) anyways feeding time was crazy!!!! I went out 1st one morning and was atatcked by 3 dogs jumping all over me! trying to get attention and looking for treats. soo feeding time here we have Belle.
And here is feeding time for LeeLoo look how skinny she is
And here we having feeding time for Daisy
Next we have Daisy and LeeLoo exploring the property
and here is belle again isn's she such a happy dog!
Here is my FAV pic!!! LeeLoo climbed into chris's lap for some lovin'! he was so happy! He loves her so much! this is his first pet of his very own!
and here is miss Daisy coming to say good moring to the camera look at that smile on her!
Good morning to LeeLoo
and Belle decided to be camera shy now
So Chris and I went in the trailor to have our own breakfast and look what these lazy bums did!
and lastly here we brought LeeLoo to my parents house and took her to the vet. When chris got home we went back over for a visit and she was sleeping in a plastic chair (whats with these dogs and chairs) anyways it didnt seem very warm and with her being so sick so we had this bed mat sitting out there so we covered it with pool towels and Chris tucked her in lol and even took one of the squeeky stuffed toys and put it with her lol poor baby anyways thats all I have for now but maybe I'll try to take some more of LeeLoo today if she is doing any better


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