Monday, March 2, 2009

Taken Advantage

Do you ever feel completely taken advantage of?
So here is the Deal I am a fashion Designer by trade and I am out of work at the moment the design industry is tight, so I have been trying to find anything really freelancing from home preferably but whatever I can to make some money. So this company contacted me met with me and wanted me to write them a proposal on what I was looking for etc so basically when I freelance I charge $20.00/hour minimum and if they want to take my designs and produce them and make money off of them they have to buy them at an addition cost per item and depending on the item determines the price so this guy gets back to me with this fancy offer he wants me to be some officer in his company overseeing the designers bla bla bla and that I am going to start with getting 800.00 a month plus a 300.00 a month gas allowance... bla bla bla (I'd only be working 2 to 3 days a week for them (per my requirements since I wasn't going to give all my time to a company I know nothing about and I wanted to be able to still look for more work) which if i work 2 8 hour days times by 4 weeks for that 800 a month that is only like 12.5 an hour which is waaaaaay under what I usually make ok so I was being extremely generous! and so here is the deal there was way more than enough work to do but they kept not sending me what I needed and when I sent them things for approvals etc it took me a week and a half of emails saying can I get an answer and then finally text messages of the same nature to get them to respond and they were like i thought you were at a stand still? hmmmmm yeah I was...because you didn't answer your dang emails!!!! and YOU didn't get me the information I asked for! uggggghhhhh so not only that my 1st pay still has yet to arrive and it should have arrived the 20th of feb so 11 days ago so needles to say i haven't sent anything else then yesterday I get an email saying my first check is on its way but his funding had be drastically cut and they need to halt on my work and he's unsure if its temporary or permanent bla bla bla does that feel like a scam or what! then the designer I was supposed to be working with emails me and says I know he said to halt but I can't remember why but we can still meet and bla bla bla...we were scheduled to meet to work and plan out the whole line up ...and you think I'm working for free and I still haven't been payed for what I did do...I don't think so! So I told them I am not sending/giving them anything until I am paid and then they can have the work I did (they only saw some samples) uggghhhh!!! I am so angry all that time wasted and I could have been finding a job else where!

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