Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cinema Saturday - Strange Brew

So since I was one of 2 winners of the Beauty and the Beast challenge over at Cinema Saturday I was invited to be a guest designer this week! I was so excitied!!! They picked a movie alled Strange Brew it's a Canadian Comedy in honor of Canada Day on July 1st. I had never heard of it so my first task was to find out about it and see if I could rent it man I called every video store around me and almost no luck one of the last ones I was going to call not the closest but still I could get there, had it, Blockbuster had it yay!!! So the hubby and I sat down and well it deffinately wasn;t a movie I would pick lol don't get me wrong it was funny in an annoying dumb drunken kind of way and well those aren;t my kinda movies but Chris loved it!!! i couldn;t get him to stop mimiking a canadian accent and saying eh!?!? for yours! ugh lol and he just kept going on about the mouse he was like you should make a mouse in the castle or a mouse in the bottle, or a mouse in a beer but he loved the little mouse lol soooo this card was 100% inspired by and for my hubby lol

Anyway this movie had this Elizabethan feel to it in parts where it shows this castle and factory atop the hills, which inspired the look of this cart with the muted tones the distressed look on the papers. I used DCWV Happily Ever After. But this was obviously a comedy kind of cheesy and funny in a drunken goofball kinda way soooooo when you open the door to this seemingly scerene and beautiful card you have the little mouse from the bottle asking "where's my free beer Eh?"


Shari said...

You did a great job with your card!

Steph said...

i just stumbled upon your blog and saw this post. As a Canadian, let me say, Strange Brew has a cult following. lol. The Bob and Doug McKenzie characters began on a Canadian comedy show called SCTV- think of it like Saturday Night Live and then it transformed into a movie. This was all done before I was born (I'm 26) but in the past month, they've brought the characters back in a cartoon!

too funny eh?! ;)

Great blog, I'll definitely be back :)

cc22 said...