Thursday, June 18, 2009

Desk set

I put so much work into these I can't believe I forgot to show these off!
Ok for starters I saw these paper magazine filer boxes and wanted to try one sooooooo bad and I found this great tutorial over here at sheet load of cards

it went great turned out perfect but was smaller than I wanted it fits mini cards and tags

But since I wanted something to fit my reg size cards I reworked the math and created my own pattern! he hee hee it turned out pretty good I think I later found someone else did the same I did she altered the smaller to fit A-2 size cards She has the dimensions and instructions on her blog here her name is Melinda

I was on such a run I decided I had to make more!!! lol and I found this lovely lady that sells patterns. Becky at Inking Idaho click here. (it was a little stinky cuz after buying it and making them I sooooo could have figured it out on my own lol however who really wants to take the time to do that lol and her tutorial was awesome! so i am in no way belittling it. However I feel it did waste a lot more paper than I wanted to use So I did come up with a few things on my own reworked calculations and I've gotta look at her policies and see if I share that if it's a problem so I cant do that yet but I'll update you soon, as I do have 3 new sets to show off using my modified pattern (my sis is trying to sell them to the girls in her office!)
Anyways here is teh overall view of everything
The tutorial I purchased showed me how to make the awesome chest of drawers and the 3 card filer attachement for on top of it. here is the chest of drawers I made not perfect but not bad for the 1st time
And the triple card filer to fit on top

I love fleur de lies (sorry if spelled that incorrectly)here is teh drawers a little open
Then I did something crazy that I will NEVER EVER so again lol it was sooooooooooooooooo hard and time consuming and it didnt turn out perfect so it just wasn't worth it, it is nice but i just wont ever do it again! lol

Then I got this tutorial over at Holly's Blog Toy's Heaven that showed this awesome mini file cabinet!
this was soooooo perfect I tend to buy those $1 stamp sets at Michaels and Joanns and well never really had a great place to store them. I had them in CD cases but this was just soooooooooooo much better lol what do you think?

ok so that was a lot!! lol I hope you enjoyed and will check out all those great sites! I had so much fun doing these and like I said I have a few more to show off, So I'll try to get that done soon! have a great evening everyone and have a happy Friday tomorrow!!!!!


Debby said...

Wow incredible. I'd have to test my patience on this. Did it take awhile? I really love the looks of it.

Scrubbysue said...

these are awesome!! I would LOVE something like this!

Margie said...

Holy smokes! I cannot believe that this is all made out of paper!!! It's gorgeous! I want one!!! ;) I wish I had the time to make something like this to keep me better organized!
Brilliant work! TFS :*)

Anita Hovey said...

This is amazing!!!! WOW

Shari said...

This is awesome Lindsey!