Monday, June 1, 2009


ugggghhhh !!!! Ok I HATE bugs I mean I HATE bugs!!! ok and I am a bug spray freak!!!!

So anyways when we 1st moved into this place (we are renting) It wooked well a bit rundown as if it had been vacant a little while. The great thing though is they had just put new carpet through out and new laminate tile flooring so that's great and the had just painted. This place isn't new it's probably been around longer than I have or pretty close lol, anyways like i said it seemed to have been a little empty for quite a while, the outside was completely infested with black widows! as well as cocroaches ugggghhhhh and the garage too! and I HATE spiders the mist I mean all kinda of spiders but Black Widows teh most cuz they are poisinous!

So when we moved We got this HUGE container of bug spray and We sprayed top to bottom every knook and cranny every edge every seam I mean wew sprayed like crazy! and it worked I mean any bugs I found were Dead and those are the best kind of bugs to find! lol well then winter came and they were gone anyhow well now that it is hot out they are back, I haven;t seen black widow's yet thank goodness I hope we killed them all off, however say we get home at night and the front light comes on automatically their are coocaracha's everywhere!!! little ones mostly but all over the drive way and near the front step etc! uggghhhhh

Anyways we have sprayed like crazy all over the front step and around the front door and thankfully that has given us a barier, because they havent crossed into the house yet (they die first yay) anyways but some how and i dont know how, but some where the ones in teh garage, and these ones aren;t the little ones these ones are the big ones these ones are getting in my house! uggggghhhhhhhh we found one in the batroom in the middle of the night the other night ( I woke up with a tummy ache and went to the restroom and there it was!!!!) ugggghhh so hiubby was so sweet and got out of bed and squished it! My hero! lol anyways so we have been spraying again little by little wherever we think we need to like the garage the back patio around the doors and windows...(i now thing they are coming in from the whole around the pipes under the bathroom sink or some other whole i dont know about)

And you will never believe what happened this morning!?!?!? I get up I get dressed I am getting ready to go to the back room (my work room) but where is my cat?!?!? she always follows me out of the bedroom and when i go into the restroom in the morning she follows me in ( I think its habbit from when she lived with my mom and dad she always competed for attention with the other cat and well my cat isnt pushy so she usually lost lol so every morning she would go into the bathroom with my mom and thats when my mom would brush her lol ) so anyways she'll come in and I'll pet her and then she will run to her food bowl in the dining area and wait for a fill up on food and water, but this morning, no tahnee??? hmmmm??? so I go back in the bedroom and there is a little pile of junk right between the door and closet some stuff I need to go through (I still have boxes to go through lol just need more places to put stuff! lol) and she is sitting in the opening of the closet staring at this pile so i go what are you doing and then out of the corner of my eye i see somthing move!!!!! uggggghhhhhh!!!!! it was a big coocaracha!!!! ugggggghhhhhhhhhjh!!!! crawling in the pile (this pile has an old cell phon, a box of photo's and negatives i need to put in the craft room etc just a few misc items) so while she watched it, i went and got the bug spray and sprayed the crap out of it!!!!! we watched the thing whither and die on top of a pack of small scrapbook pages (thank goodness they were covered in plastic! so then i dumped him in the potty!!!! but sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo grossssssssssssss!!!!!!!!! it was in my bedroom!!!!!! So everything I had planned for teh day, is out the door!
I am scrubbing this place top to bottom!!! and then I am spraying the crap out of every corner with tah bug spray stuff (its the home defence stuff the non aerosol its pump action so no fumes but when i am done with that the kitty and I are going to my parents house for a few hours anyways to get away from whatever fumes there will be so sorry ladies I had wanted to show you some stuff but that will have to wait til tomorrow cuz today I am killing buggies!!!!!

PS I went into the 2nd restroom just a few mins ago and there was a spider!!! so I sprayed the heck out of that too!!! lol

ok enough ranting and raving I am gonna get to work!!! I sooooo can not live like this 2 coocarachas in the house in 1 week that is a million times too much!!!!!


Tink said...

Go get some Boric acid, its in a container, its a white powder you squirt it around the floor boards , under the sinks everywhere.. it kills them ..

Margie said...

I'm sorry for your buggy problems... but your post really cracked me up! lol!
TFS :*) I hope they all find new homes soon ;)