Thursday, June 18, 2009

Envelope album!

OMG (Oh my goodness!!!!) I completely forgot about this!!!!!!!!!I made this forever and a day ago it seems! I completely forgot to post it! (and another one too which I will get up in a few minutes) these are dated 5/27!!!! that was a week I was crafting galore!!! and then I was gonna spread out my posts and I loaded the pics I just hadnt done the text so I was going to get back to it and then post one each day and I never did Soooooooooo sad too because I love these!!!

Ok so this is an envelope album, I got the idea over here at Patti's blog
Then I got the tutorial from teh same place she did here at Paula's blog
I modified it to fit the supplies I had but it worked great!!!

here it is closed and sealed with a belly band around it

here it is opened. I hadn't added it yet at this time but I did put velcro dots to keep it closed incase something happens to the belly band

I put a little pocket down on the right hand side of the lowest pannel and sealed it with half a velcro dot and put a little 3x3 card in it for the recipient of this gift

to the left of the card pocket is a pannel for a photo or note or whatever you want

in the center panel is a layered hinged album of sorts, each of these is actually a #10 vellum envie (you can use reg envie but all I had was vellum) and to create the notches I used my circle cutters and my scalloped circle punch and reinforced the edges with a flower looking scalloped edge

each envie is covered ith the same paper on the front and back for photos to be attached (this pic has teh inserts taken out so you can see the notches with teh flower like boarders

here is with the 3 hinged pages open and it shows the back panel can be used for another photo or journaling

here are the 3 inserts these go in each envie. the tags are on both sides just circles glued together sandwiched around the inserts the inserts are also decorate on both sides the same so lots of room for photos or journaling

I hope you like this it was so much fun to make and it turned out great!!!


Debby said...

Well. That is incredibly cute and clever. Love it!

Tammy said...

Super cute! What a fantastic project. Thanks so much for the link to the tutorial!

Scrubbysue said...

This is beautiful!! so professionally done!