Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ahhhhh more Sneaky Peakies!!!!

lol so this is a first time ever Digi Shack Sneaky Peaky!!!! ohhhhhh you can't wait can you?!?!?
So Toni from teh Digishack and I worked on 6 new images that will be coming out on or before June 15th. Why do I say or before...well because we love them soooooooo much we don't know if we can stand waiting any longer lol So they will fo rsure be released the 15th, however she may sneak one or 2 in early lol but we don't know yet, your just gonna have to watch and wait and wonder and keep chacking back . I know I know I am such a tease! Tell me something I don't already know lol Anyways So I have 3 and I was gonna spread them out over the next few days, but well I am very very busy got tons of new images I am working on sooooo instead of drawing it out and making you wait I'll show you all 3 today!!! yay aren't you lucky! and like I said a total of 6 images sooo that means maybe later this week, maybe next week, only god knows when I will be posting the otehrs so keep an eye out.

Speaking of eyes, isn't this eye beautiful...well maybe I should color more carefully lol but when you zoom in so close on a pic I guess you see all the flaws

Next check out this beautiful smile!

And this, well who knows what this is lol
So be sure to check out the digi shack, and all their DT members blogs this week and you just might start seeing more sneak peaks hmmmmm who knows what bits and pieces they will all show, you just might get to see most the image if your lucky.
I hope you like what you see so far, and I can't wait to show you all my entire projects!!!
Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

The sneak peeks look great!! Can't wait to see more!!

Hope you are doing well! >:0)