Thursday, September 10, 2009

Drink of the Day 9-10-09

Ok so I dont know if I have ever expressed this before But I love mixing Drinks! he hee Its fun to try new things, I am not a Beer person at all, and I would love to be a bartender! how fun does that sound...soooooooooo while I am working on my journey to loose weight I am also going to be teaching myself some bartending basics and recipe's (I know that it will make the weight loss harder , but I figure one shared drink a night with the Hubby is fine if I count it in my points (weight watchers) and do my workouts everyday as planned)
So I thought I would share with you some of the supre yummy drinks I find...well and let you know the yucky ones too he hee
So to start us off the 1st day I thought a super yummy one would be good
So Day 1 - Butter Nipple Shot
Use a frosty shot glass and chill your liquor before hand in order to get the layered look, or you can shake together with ice in a shker but then its just beige all teh way through
1/2 shotglass Buttershots (or butterscotch schnapps)
1/2 shotglass Irish Cream on top (pour slowly to keep in layers)

This Shot can be done quickly however it is smooth and sweet and very yummy you can even sip slowly. I honestly think this would take place of desert! It really is that decadent and yummy!
Anyway Have a great day and I hope if you get a chance to try this you will let me know what you think as well check back tomorrow for another fun Drink of the day
(the photo was found using yahoo image search)

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