Sunday, September 20, 2009

catching up on Drink of the Day's! 9/16 - 9/20

Sorry I have fallen behind sooo much going on! I'll catch you all up on that tomorrow after i get back home from my mom's surgery...
So for now lets catch up on the last few days worth of drink of the day
Drink of the Day 9/16/09
Day 6
Kamakazee Shots
2 oz vodka ( I like absolute in these but the sky is pretty good as well but I hate the smirnoff, you can use others like grey goose or your fav this is just my opinion)
2 oz tripple sec
1 oz lime juice (I prefer fress limes, if you do as well use just 1 lime dont worry about measurements)
add ingredients into shaker full of ice, shake well and then strain into shot glasses these measurements should give you 2-4 shot glasses worth (depending on size or shape of your glasses)
I love these shots! these were teh 1st shots I have ever had and they were sooo yummy and smooth! they should be slightly tart but not too tart and well with lime juices some brands vary in tartness bottle to bottle sometimes depending on the harvests or even the real fruits which stinks because every once in a while it will end up more tart than I liek it like I said its ok to have a little tart but it should be smooth so I always suggest take a little taste when you make your 1st batch and make sure it is too your liking if it is a little to tart or bitter add a dash more vodka and tripple sec until you are happy with it but make a mental note to yourself as to the changes. if you feel it doesnt have enough lime flavor then add a dash more until you are happy with the mixture. More often than not these measurements will be perfect however from time to time I get a batch that is more bitter than I would like and I just add a dash more the alcohols to it and it always seems to work out great!
9/17/09 Drink of the Day
Day 7
German Chocolate Cake Shots
1st take a lemon give it a little roll to release the juices and cut wedge slices out of the fruit. use a small plate or bowl and pour some regular white table sugar onto your dish.
the shots are
1/2 frangelico's Hazelnut liquor
1/2 vodka
if you liquor is kept col you can pour straight into shot glasses, otherwise pour into shaker with ice 1st. when doing this was just figure roughly 1 oz of each liquor for every 2 shots for a standard shotglass
so now here is the fun part!...have each person take a lemon wedge and dip it in the sugar coat both sides. You take the sugar coated lemon in your mouth and suck out all the juice from the lemon and all that sugar, (don't swallow!) then take your shot of the frangelico's and vodka mix (now you can swallow...if you want he hee it gets so tasty you might wanna savor it lol and that is your choice hee hee)
when the fruit juice and sugar meets the alcohol the flavors meld and you get this super jummy taste of german chocolate cake!
I am sure you could try other hazelnut liquors and it will probably work but my hubby bought me the frangelico's which is more the name brand. I like using absolute in most my shots and that is just for me i find it a smoother vodka compared to say smirnoff, smirnoff burns in my opinion lol but Absolut isnt the most pricey so its good If you have a favorite higher quality vodka you woudl rather use go for it I just give you my opinions and preferences in a drink like this the flavor is transformed into something so different that as long as it is a fairly smooth liquor it will be delish!
9/18/09 Drink of the Day
Day 8
Rum Jungle Juice!
full sized glass filled with ice cubes...(crushed ice better if you have it)
now this drink is done in layers so you must pour them in this exact order!
2 oz - midori (or melon liquor)
2 oz - Coconut rum
1 oz - Stroh (this is a butterscotch liquor but it is 160 proof which is 80% alcohol you can sub off brands of the other liquors accept i do not reccomend subbing this)
by now your glass should be mostly full so just top off with pineapple juice I would say about 1" or less of juice
now doesnt that look pretty!!!
you can garnish with fruit slices such as an orange or pinapple.
now as pretty as it is lol you dont wann adrink it that way lol the flavors will be very sperated so mix it all up and it wont be so pretty but boy will it taste yummy! be carefull with these though, they are almost all alcohol (only about 1" juice remember) so they will sneak up on you quick if you are not careful
9/19/09 Drink of the Day
Day 9
Midori Sex on the Beach
1 part midori
1 part vodka
1 part peach schnapps
1 part pineapple juice
1 part cranberry
shake with ice and then strain and serve in a tall glass with ice
....honestly...I hated it! lol I am sorry I have never had sex on the beach and I do like midori in some things like say a midori sours or the rum jungle juice, however...this drink just wasnt great I would never make it again and that is my personal oppinion and if it sounds yummy to you please feel free to try maybe you will love it, it just was not for me
9/20/09 Drink of the Day
Day 10
Jelly Doughnut Shots
1 part Chambord raspberry liquor
2 parts irish cream (bailey's)
wet the rim of your shotglass and dip into sugar (if you have a tiny ramakin this is my suggestion pour justa little of the chambord into it we dont want to waste this so thats why I said a very small dish and just enough alcohol to coat the bottom dip your shotglass in this and then in the sugar for a rasberry hint to the sugar) add your 2 to 1 mizture to the glasses and Salute! ( i always loving saying cheers in italian he hee) this one when those flavors meld and mix they really do taste like a jelly filled doughnut!
I like thes kind of drinks cold I keep my bailey's in my fridge so it is always cold or if i am using it for a party or something Istick in the freezer for the night I dont leave in the freezer as I am weary about what may happen but I do like mine very cold, because warm cream is not so yummy anyways if yours is not cold and you are like me then just shake it in a shaker with ice it will work just fine.
well that is it for today we are all caught up! and I can;t wait to share more with you! I really will try to stay on top of this daily! lol so until tomorrow... Cheers!

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