Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Drink of the Day 9-15-09

Ok well I havent had tim eto mix any drinks the past couple days so I ran out of ones I tried (cuz I tried more than one on Friday night lol and I didnt drink the rest of the weekend or yesterday, cuz my moms cat is sick and has to stay at the vet a few days...she had jaundice, and then I went to the church for a meeting to start helping out with the youth group! yay and after that I went to work out and after that it was late but ihad to finish setting up my store and posts for today lol soooo it was a but crazy) ...anyways instead of a mixed drink how about a product review...of sorst lol
I love mikes hard lemonade and bacardi silvers and smirnoffs! I am not a beer person every beer I ever tasted was just gross!
So... Mikes Hard lemonade has some limited edition seasonal favorites out right now.
1st up they have PINK LEMONADE!!! how great is that not only does it taste yummy like pink lemonade they created it to sponsor a great cause...Breast Cancer Research! so if you love mikes and you love pink lemonade this is a must try!
2nd they have another limited edition seasonal favorite!...Raspberry lemonade! now it isn't as sweet as you would get from a reg raspberry lemonande but it is sweeter and fruitier than the reg lemonade it was very yummy!
The only prob with these 2 new beverages is they are limited edition!...I want more!!! ...that and that the hubby keeps stealing my drinks! lol he even things they tatste great! he will drink a reg mikes but he still will usually pick a beer but now he keeps drinking mine all up because he liked them sooooo much!
Now Bacardi silvers are great! they are not as heavy as smirnoff if that makes any sense?!?! they are lighter and smoother the Bacardi Silver Raz is my fav!!! but they just put out a lemonade!!! and it has a lighter taste than mikes it tatstes great but it just tastes crisper and smoother and not as heavy as say a mikes ...another one the hubby keeps stealing lol
so anyways these are all very yummy choices if you can find 'em
Thanks for stopping in today, ill have another mixed drink for you tomorrow!

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Verda said...

Thank you so much for the treat.