Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Its Back to School Release day at SSD

Sorry everyone I havent posted much lately I have been soo busy! Chris and I are trying to buy our 1st house so it has been a lot of work and time trying to search and look and all that we found one we want and boy do we want it! it is perfect! it is a block or 2 from my parents which is nice and it actually was my best friends family home growing up, I spent many a sleepovers there! how perfect would that be! so we are hoping and praying our offer is accepted this time.
So in the time that I have had to work here on the computer I have been spending it designing new images!!! and boy is there lot coming out! there will be new ones at MSB and the Digishack...and of course Sassy Studio Designs...now I cant show you waht I have been upto with the other 2 stores because it's top secret! lol but I promise you you will love them!!!
But I can show you what I have been up to at my store...because today is release day!!!
We have 10 (well 9 and 1 accessory set)new images for you today! as well as a game and challenge with prizes happening on the blog today, and join us for some chatting on our PCP page tonight for a freebie!
but without further adue....the Back to School Release!
Now head on over to Sassy Studio Deisgns for more details!

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Tammy said...

Fun Fun Fun release! This is a great set of stamps.