Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Its another anya kinda day

...Well week lol

I havent had much time to craft lately because of the house hunting and designing lots and lots of new images for all 3 stores...but I did squeeze in a little time to finally get to use some of my new sets I hadn't even touched...they were screaming out play with me..play with me!!! he hee
(by the way I got an amazing birthday gift a week or so ago from Jacquie...and i havent showed it off yet...I will work on taking a pic and I'll post it soon)
but for now...
I saw a few other people take grad ian and turn him into harry potter and I loved that idea! but I wanted to try something different...do i stretched grad iams body and traced it (the lines were too thick to use on its own) ...and thats how I created these great hogwarts robes... I replaced the diploma with wands. Rons head was peter pan from the never ever set, Harry's head was grad ian shrunken down a little, and hermiony was the rain miss anya anyways with so much work on the characters I really wanted it to be all about them I had this great paper by CM with the tree and moon set the perfect back drop
So up til now I had never tried to change any of my TGF iamges because well I love them so much as they are, but I have seen such great things from people who did so I wanted to try a few things. I masked the flower in the hair of the dressy anya on the right and drew in the lines that was my 1st time ever masking something and it worked pretty well I think I might do that more often! then I drew 2 witches hats from scratch... Halloween is one of my FAV ever holidays!!

So I had gotten this set a while back and never had a chance to use it so I colored these 2 to match and I really wanted to use both on a card Chris and I love teh Pirates of the Carribean ride at Disneyland...and we love love love the blue bayou the restraunt that overlooks the ride so this card was made for him inspipred by all that...maybe this is how we should dress for halloween?!?!? lol but he is my best friend and my husband and the love of my life so i thought this was perfect!


Gabby said...

OH SHUT UP!!! I LOVE the Harry Potter card!!! I'm such a Potter head...well...my 13 yr. old DD and I! I had to show her and she loved it too!!!

Awesome work!!!


margie c said...

OMG! OMHP!!! Holy WOW!!!
I'm gasping for air!!!
That is the coolest card EVAAA!!!
I {{heart}} Harry more than {whispering...} Edward, but don't tell anyone 'cause they'll ban me from Twilight-world ;)
What an outstanding job! You really, really did an awesome job on these!
You ROCK!!!
TFS :***) I bow to you ;)
~ margie

Georgia Ehrmann said...

What a great job you've done with these! Gotta love 'em!

the whimsical butterfly said...

Beautiful work, Lindsay! LOVE ALL 3 of these!

Cassie said...

omg! i love, love them!!! can't get over how great hermione looks!

Cassie said...

Hi Linds!
I featured you at Top Ten Creations!