Monday, September 14, 2009

Drink of the Day 9-14-09 Vodka Daquiri

Ok so one of my all time fav drinks is a Strawberry Daquiri!
I usually make mine abit strong instead of using half a can of rum i use a whole lol...but tonight rum! Why is all the rum gone?
lol soooo anyways I decided to make up my own twist! I love freckled lemonade! and I just bought a bottle of lemoncello! mmmmm soooo since I was debating between a strawberry daquiri and a lemoncello martini I decided to do my own thing!
1 can of Frozen Strawberry Daquiri mix
1/2 can of vodka (I like absolute)
fill the blender with Ice and Blend until smooth
...pour in glass and top with about a 1/2" of lemoncello on the top and swirl in and enjoy!
it was more strawberry with a hint of lemon but it was tasty!

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