Monday, February 9, 2009

Whiff of Joy Medieval release

Oh my goodness!!! I just saw the cutest thing ever!!!! Ok I like whiff of joy but have yet to get any because well I dont have any kids to give my cards to just lots of young adults so I tend to go for a little bit sexier style, but I love me some fairytales! you couldn't imagine what a huge Disney/Princess/Fairytale fan I am!!!

So Whiff of joy is about to release a whole set of magically fun stamps! and I will deffinately be ordering them just based on the few previews I saw. you should check them out too!

Katharina is showing of some previews up until the 14th when they are released so check them out on her blog.

and just so you can see what i am so excited about here is the pic of the preview she posted!

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