Thursday, February 26, 2009

This weeks craziness

ugh OK so I am sorry I haven't been too on top of my projects or posts this week...this cold has really taken it outta of me. That and my parents are moving their company from the shop the lease to their home (when the 1st started the company they did it from the home they had 3 car garage, and they turned one into a room which they made an office and the other 2 they used as a shop for the first few years, and as the company grew they moved out into a shop they were there a few years, then they moved to a new shop which they have been at for 10 years. well every 2 years they have to renew their lease and every year their price is increased (talk about greedy) so with the economy being as it is its been hard to keep a small family run business afloat (they do refrigeration heating and air conditioning) so they decided they don't want to lay off anyone, so instead they are sacrificing for now and moving the office to their house again, and all that was in the shop is getting moved to storage connex's out on my dads property (he bought a lot of land in the desert a couple miles from their house where he planned to build his own shop so to not have to rent from someone else but its expensive you have to drill a well and get power out there and put in a septic system etc and then build the building and well none of that is cheap so it isn't happening right away) so anyways all the shop stuff will get stored on the property and well they will run it like that for a while with hopes the economy will turn back sooner rather than later) so ever since the company moved out of the house that old office became a play room, a guest room a home name it it's been used for it so needless to say we had to clear it out! well what happens with all that stuff well it goes up into mine and my sisters old bedrooms since we are both out on our own they are just guest rooms now but when we left we didn't take everything so we had to go through all that was left trash what we could, put in a garage sale pile what we could and what we were going to keep there consolidate it and store it away, so I have been having to do that, which I will happily do for my parents because I know they need the help and I love them.

Also yesterday was Ash Wednesday (yep I'm Catholic) so i had church in the middle of the day.

And I happend to get a new CM customer yay!

so yeah it's been a little crazy! but I'm going to upload some new pics right now! and maybe I can find the strength to do some new ones today and get those up tonight!

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